Sun Care Products Market Research Report -Forecast by 2030

Sun Care Products Market Research Report: Information by Type (Sun Protection Products, After Sun Products) Form (Creams & Lotion, Gels, Powder, Sprays) End-Use (Skin Care, Hair Care) Distribution Channel (Store and Non-Store) - Global Forecast 2030

ID: MRFR/CR/5334-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 90 pages

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Sun Care Products Market Overview

As per the MRFR reports, the global sun care products market will record a healthy CAGR of over 3.45% during the review timeframe ending in 2027.

Sun care products refer to basic skincare products which offer protection to the skin. With the emergence of skin problems and allergies due to sun rays, the market is trying its best to launch innovative products which can save the skin from harsh sunburn or problems. Sun care products are the most profitable segment of the skincare products market. The global sun care products market has registered enormous growth in the last few years. The market's growth is mainly attributed to the increasing awareness among people regarding skin and hair worldwide. Furthermore, governments and organizations' changing lifestyles and several initiatives are also projected to boost the demand for these products over the forecasted era. On the other hand, the loss in all seasons other than summer and the ban imposed by numerous governments across the globe are likely to impede the market's growth over the coming years.

COVID 19 Analysis

As the pandemic has affected many businesses, it affected the business very severely. Many companies are still trying to cope up with the losses they have faced. COVID made much business suffer because of the loss. Due to the lockdown amendment in many countries, most companies faced many issues as only necessities were allowed in the lockdown period. As the situation is getting better, many companies are trying their best to recover from the losses. The skincare market does not face many losses as cosmetics were also available in the lockdown period. But skincare products market faced a lot due to lockdown; people were not allowed to go out; hence the use of sun care products got minimized, which affected the market growth. The sun care products market share is dependent on the market growth.

Chief Variable Existing in the Market

  • Key Market Drivers

The skin and body can get damaged due to continuous exposure to the Sun; many kinds of skin issues like cancer, sunburn, and aging can harm the skin. Due to growing awareness regarding skincare and UV rays, the market tends to double in the forecast period. Several initiatives by governments and organizations increase awareness about sun care, which will shortly drive the market. Market drivers are responsible for the sun care products market growth.

  • Market Challenges

Making eco-friendly and free from any harmful products could be a challenge for the market; also, sun care products more than one is a challenge for the market as the demand for products with more SPF is increasing. The sun care products market analysis shows that these challenges can affect the market.

  • Opportunities in the Global Market

As the market is experiencing growth, the growing usage of skincare products and spreading awareness about them will fuel the market. It could be a great opportunity for many new players to invest in the sun care products market. Through newcomers, the market value will increase.

  • Restrains

The sun acre products are only required in summer and holidays, which could be a major restrain for the market as it will experience loss in all other seasons. Many products are producing numerous hazards to the environment. The government of many places is planning to ban those products production as eco-friendly products are growing in the market. 

Cumulative Evaluation of the Market

The quality of different skincare products various types could help in the market's growth during the forecast period. Many opportunities and variables are invested in producing a proper and accurate sun care products market report. Different market drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities are mentioned in this report with perfect research. It can impact the sun care products market either positively or negatively. The sun care products market is growing, and it is assumed that it will grow in the upcoming period and experience profit. The key players working with the market should understand and keep all the factors in mind. all the sun care products market trends are followed properly here.

Overview of the Main Market Segment

  • By Type

Based on the type of segment, the sun care products market is divided into sun protection products, after-sun products, self-tanning care products, and others. The sun protection segment holds maximum market growth as the body requires protection from sun rays. And the sun protection helps people use that before going out on Sun to protect themselves which increases the market's growth. The product should be used every two hours to protect the skin from further damage.

  • By Form

The sun care products market segment is categorized into creams and lotions, gels, powder and sprays, and others based on form. The lotion and creams experience more growth as we, as a skincare product, always use cream-based products, so the use of cream and lotion is in demand. Spray type is also experiencing moderate growth due to the easy portability of the spray bottle and easier application.

  • By End-user

Based on the segment end-user, the sun care products market is divided into skincare, haircare, and others. The skincare product holds the maximum market growth because of the sun care products market as skincare products are used by everyone. 

  • By Distribution Channel

Based on the market segment distribution channel, the market is infuriated into stores and non-store, supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, and others. The hypermarket segment will increase the growth rate as consumers prefer buying all the products from a particular place because of discounts and availability. But due to the pandemic situation, many people are trying online marketing, which will increase the market growth in the forecast period. Pandemic has made people buy products online, which have increased online marketing in recent times.

Regional Analysis

The sun care products market is spread in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other parts. Europe is further divided into Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and other parts of Europe for the market's growth. Asia Pacific region is categorized in India, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and other parts of Asia pacific. North America is again infuriated into Mexico, the USA, and Canada. 

All the regions increase the growth of the market in the forecast period. The sun care products market forecast shows that it will grow shortly in different regions.

Competitive Intensity in the Industry 

In recent times as the skincare market is growing, the sun care products market is experiencing growth. As the market's customer base rapidly due to concerns about your skin-related problems, the market is experiencing growth. Due to sudden awareness among people and lifestyle change influences the market growth. New markets are entering the business to magnify the industry's competitive intensity and help the industry grow in the forecast period. Many key players are increasing the growth of the market. 

  • Beiersdorf AG, Germany

  • Johnson and Johnson, US

  • Groupe Clarins, france

  • Coty Inc, US

  • Loreal, France

  • Shiseido Co. Ltd, Japan

  • Bioderma Labroteries, france

  • The Estee Lauder Companies Inc, US

  • Unilever, UK

Recent Development 

  • February 2022- Everyday Humans is expanding in the skincare market by introducing a post-sun oil-based cleanser and exfoliator combo, Ease Up PHA Watery Oil Cleanser. The products are used to remove impurities, residual makeup, and SPF and help fight against photoaging symptoms caused by sun damage. It is made using green fig extract, lactic acid, mandelic acid, a tri acid complex of PHA, sodium PCA, and ceramides.

  • December 2021 - Kao Corporation has announced the relaunch of its sun care brand, Allie, with a series of new 'ocean safe' products with recent sunscreen regulations deployed to maintain the marine ecosystem.

  • July 2021- Johnson & Johnson has recalled five aerosol sunscreen products due to the carcinogen benzene. The move occurred after an online pharmacy discovered traces of benzene in several sunscreen products

Report Overview

The overview of the sun care products market has been mentioned here in the report. Several factors present influence the market. Many types of strategies and research and developments are used to fetch information. Here mentioned information is written with keeping in mind the different factors that will affect the market. The report mentions all the factors affecting the market to give a clear view of the sun care products market. Whatever information is provided in the report, like drivers, opportunities, and many key players, increases the market growth. The information is fetched from different research and mediums to produce a proper and accurate report. The main industrial segments are mentioned below.

Key Industrial Segments

By Type

  • Sun protection products 

  • After-sun products

By Form

  • Creams and lotions

  • Gels

  • Powder

  • Sprays

By End-User

  • Skincare

  • Haircare

By Distribution Channel

  • Store 

  • Non-store

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The main drivers of the sun care products market are the growing demand for skincare products because of the awareness regarding skin protection.

The key restraints of the sun care products market are the usage of different chemicals in the skincare products, which are hazardous to health and the surrounding