Working with us


We go an extra mile to keep our employees covered. Being a part of WantStats Research & Media you can avail privileges pertaining to security and insurance cover for you and your family members.We have each member, covered, via the individual and family life insurance.

Nothing is more precious than independence and liberty.

Ho Chi Minh


We here offer a conducive scaffold for our employees to create their own creative niche and use their knowledge to explore all aspects of analytics. It is important that our resources understand and account for their performance while focusing on crucial areas of outcome. Our biggest duty is allowing every member of our team, the liberty to function distinctively.


We never miss a chance to unite on all occasions and birthdays. Celebrations, we believe, are times when people bond with their family and friends. Even today, when most of us are busy strengthening our careers portfolios, away from our families, WantStats Research & Media stands strong by your side, to create memories. Our FunFinity Team vouches for encouraging the exciting side of every hard worker in the company. They have been successful in highlighting how sports dodge away stress and strain.


We take up opportunities to give back to the society, what we have reaped by engaging in fruitful endeavors with the less privileged. We have always maintained that we need to pay our dues to the society and for this reason we enable extensive engagements of our employees in several activities including services through CSR and paying consistent visits to orphanages & NGOs. Our employees see life in a different light that not only helps us inspire grateful and humble behavior but also becomes positive force in making a difference.


We conduct regular meets to know and appreciate individual managerial qualities, and ensure their efforts do not go unnoticed in the battle of work. This also meets the objective of our Open Door Policy where major and minor concerns of all levels are neatly resolved. Values and ideas are constructively exchanged for the benefit of respective team members. Suggestions and formulation of strategies, are an integral part of these interactions.