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We believe in showcasing our achievements, which is a reflection of hard work and extensive research, often in the form of case studies in order for our clients to understand the market better and ensure effective market strategy.

Global Diameter Signaling Market

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REQUIREMENT:  The client required a comprehensive analysis of the market structure along with forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the Global Diameter Signaling Market BACKGROUND OF STUDY:The global market of diameter signaling is ...


Our Corporate Finance consulting work links corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to help executives and their teams create value. We also help companies improve their investor relationship management and prepare for, and respond to, the approach of activist investors.


We have regularly secured projects with diverse client requirements such as the detailed analysis of the consumer behavior and their buying pattern for various sensitive skin related dermatology products, a comprehensive understanding of Middle East & Africa Air operated double diaphragm pumps market along with their target markets and market entry strategies, and so on.

While a European agrochemical giant, in an attempt to explore options to expand its fertilizers product portfolio, wanted to ascertain the market for magnesium sulphate, as an agrochemical product and estimate its demand in other industrial applications, the global oil & gas giant British Petroleum planning to expand its chemical business segment and their core product line into peroxyacetic acid, was looking for detailed market study on the global market for peroxyacetic acid, in terms of value and volume and its demand in different applications and regions.

In a bid to understand the Pricing Analysis of spices in metro cities in India for our client, we have successfully analyzed more than 100 distributors based across the cities on different key parameters. The parameters included their geographical reach (distribution radius covered), lead time, branding & promotional activity undertaken, cost margins, and consumer’s buying behavior patterns. A similar study on the supply chain analysis within the aerospace industry, has been delivered for the global aircraft MRO market. The study also included detailed market structure along with forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of this market.

Our meticulous and diligent efforts to deliver a client-specific study is entirely directed towards two basic agendas, client expectation estimation and synergistic approach employment to deliver solutions. We excel in gauging the client expectations and formulate the ‘problem statement’ that is being faced by them. Post formulation of a problem statement, we corroborate our precise insights from a number of credible sources as well as industry expertise to chalk out definitive conclusions & plan-of-action (PoAs) for our client. Our long standing understanding of the market has enabled us to look at every problem statement as a unique objective and draw out the most effective solutions for the client.

Generic market estimation methods that are being practised, have been explained.

Customers provide valuable inputs regarding the quality of the product, its packaging to the pricing and promotions. We finalize a forecast model for gaining thorough understanding of the market and then conduct analysis and forecasts based on the insights from industry experts in relevant regions, along with data collected from paid and credible data sources. To understand the problem statement, we analyze the consumers’ ideas on the basis of the most preferred goods by users. We use one to one interaction with end users, send questionnaires to reference groups, and interview various specialists, for knowing brand preferences within peer groups. We then analyze the data and prepare a perceptual map of the consumer preferences considering the parameters, which comprising products with their differential pricing and the level of benefits..

We draft the scope of work and propose a consultative approach to address the specific requirements of clients. The research scope defines the nature and the level of research for the given market. The study includes a closer look and holistic understanding of the industry with market along with recommendations on lucrative market pockets. The recommendations culminated with market entry strategies for the target market are, then finalized.

This would provide the client with a strong understanding of the share analysis for global and regional market, which shall help them develop their own access strategy.We also acquire a multifold approach while walking our clients through the market demand. We conduct a detailed Supply chain analysis of the market, which includes both upstream as well as downstream supply sides. This would provide the client with a strong understanding of the regional supply chain dynamics for this market, along with a basic framework to develop their own supply chain. The pricing and trade analysis for the market is also included in the scope, so as to provide a meticulous view of the existing regional market competition.

In order to arrive at a substantial conclusion, we analyze the five years trend of financials of key players in the concerned market along with their segmental revenue. Major micro and macroeconomic factors, situation analysis, value chain and supply chain integration of different manufacturers are taken into account to identify the market growth direction. We also conduct analysis of R&D activities and production capacity of manufacturers, end-user industries, bottlenecks and challenges faced by companies along with upcoming market trends.We understand the pain areas and setbacks and cherry pick all the prevalent influencers of the market and predict their subsequent effect on the competitive scenario.

We do understand that every problem statement is unique and our approach is based on the requirements of the clients.

In every single case we have delivered on every requirement by identifying the current and potential growth opportunity through comprehensive data provided along with information to build up go-to-market strategy and entry routes to the market, and by providing premium insights of market dynamics and bringing an understanding of the distribution network, production capacity and sales of various brands through different distribution channel. This helps clients be in a better position to evaluate the market potential and re-position their brands, targeting the right audience through a diverse set of distribution channels. It enables them for making rational decisions as it enlightens them of the operational capacity and cost of various distributors.

Our research study conclusions provide clients with a deeper view of the market and its segments.

They helped clients, plan their market access strategy based on the customer and consumer behaviour provided in the report. Further, it also helped us understand the limitations of the market to avoid them in the future.

Research findings help in strategizing the key targets markets. They often compel companies to relook some of the ground level parameters of its strategy, such as target production capacity, and key targets markets.

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