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Universal basic income


A universal basic income (UBI) or a basic income (also called unconditional basic income, basic income guarantees, Citizen’s income or universal gr...

04 August, 2017 Life Sciences


GST and Its Impact on Food Personal Care Product Prices in India

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is based on the concept of “one nation, one market, one tax.” It is basically an indirect tax which will dismantle all...

26 July, 2017 Information and Communications Technology

Online shopping scenario

Online Shopping Trends 2015-2016

The proliferation of digital technology and high smartphone penetration has led to increase in online shopping during 2015-2016. Consumers are taki...

26 July, 2017 Consumer and Retail

D mart sales

D-Mart: - An Emerging Profitable Retail Business in India.

D-Mart is not backed by any business tycoon such as Ambani, Birla, Biyani or Goenka, it is owned by media shy investor Radhakishan Damani. Radhakis...

26 July, 2017 Consumer and Retail

Local marketing strategy

Needs of Local Marketing

Has capability of taking retail sector to the next level. Local Marketing is an art of allowing a company to develop a repeat customer base in the ...

24 July, 2017 IT & Security

Ssn774 virginia class submarines

The SSN774 Virginia Class Submarines Maintain the Underwater Suprem...

The Virginia Class Submarine (SSN 774 Class) is a nuclear-powered multi mission attack submarine that provides the US Navy with the capabilities to...

24 July, 2017 Industrial Automation & Equipment

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