Savory Ingredients Market Research Report – Forecast to 2027

Savory Ingredients Market Research Report: Information by Type (Yeast Extract, Starch, Protein, Monosodium Glutamate, and Nucleotides), Source (Natural and Synthetic), Application (Food and Feed) and Region – Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/F-B & N/1286-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 110 pages         

Savory Ingredients Market

The savory Ingredients market size is expected to reach $11,284.3 million in 2027 from $7,204.0 million in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 7.73% from 2020 to 2027.


By Type Yeast Extract Starch Protein Monosodium Glutamate Nucleotides
By Source Natural Synthetic
By Application Food Feed

Key Players

  • Koninklijke DSM N.V. (Netherlands)
  • Ajinomoto Co. Inc. (Japan)
  • Kerry Group plc (Ireland)
  • Tate & Lyle plc (UK)
  • Givaudan S.A. (Switzerland)
  • Symrise AG (Germany)
  • Sensient Technologies Corporation (U.S.)
  • Vedan International (Holdings) Limited (Hong Kong)
  • AngelYeast Co. Ltd. (China)


  • Natural flavors
  • Changing consumption pattern
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Savory Ingredients Market Overview:

Foodstuffs enhanced with flavours are due to the addition of savory ingredients. These ingredients are used as food additives that enhance the flavours of the food and improve the quality. Savory ingredients even increase the shelf-life period of the food and prevent it from spoilage due to external factors. The use of savory ingredients in food has been useful for many decades, which led to the development of the Savory Ingredients Market. These ingredients are highly preferred in food industries. Therefore, these industries act as a key driver for the Savory Ingredients Market Growth. 

Savory ingredients are known for enhancing the aroma, making food delicious, and increasing the authentic taste of the food items. Examples of most preferred savory ingredients are yeast extract, starch, protein, nucleotides, monosodium glutamate, and others. These ingredients are used in bakery items, savory snacks, seafood, meat, dips, and soups. Savory ingredients are even used in pet foods. Therefore, using savory ingredients in these food items greatly enhances market growth. 

The rise in consumption of bakery products and savory snacks for breakfast and lunchtime is propelling the Savory Ingredients Market Size. People of today’s generation mostly prefer convenient methods in their busy schedules, which led to the demand for ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food items. These instant-read food items contain savory ingredients; therefore, the increased usage of these products is promoting the market value.

The wide of these ingredients is due to their natural aids, cost-effective property, and use as thickening agents. Savory ingredients are considered natural and nutritious compared to other flavouring products. This factor is enhancing the Savory Ingredients Market Value. The growth measure's demand is rising new growth opportunities for the market.

The growing demand for healthy and nutritious food products was noticed, including products with natural and clean labels is propelling the market. Advancements in technology to improve distribution networks in various countries have led to substantial growth opportunities for savory ingredients. Moreover, increased focus on R&D activities fetches innovations in diverse applications in several categorized products. Therefore, due to these growth factors, the Savory Ingredients Market will reach a healthy CAGR and a strong USD value during the forecast period.

COVID-19 Analysis

The pandemic has badly affected the economy of almost every market in different ways. The Savory Ingredients Market Analysis even faced tough conditions due to the pandemic's effect when the food industry's production was halted due to the strict lockdown guidelines. The operation and manufacturing units where food products are processed were closed for a long period which simultaneously reduced the demand for savory ingredients. But the rise in awareness of nutritious food which contains natural stabilizing and flavouring agents will propel the Savory Ingredients Market Share in the future years, and the market will get back into demand. The post-pandemic economic results of the market are expected to reach a good growth rate, and it is estimated to register a healthy CAGR in the review period.

Chief Factors Existing in The Market

  • Key Market Drivers

The chief drivers of the Savory Ingredients Market are driving the growth factors of the market; they are the reasons the growth measures are accelerating at a rapid speed. The growth of food industries worldwide is one of the major driving factors. The rise in bakery food, snacks, ready-to-eat, and cook stuff is driving the market. The increased demand for nutritious food is rising the of natural savory ingredients.

  • Market Challenges

The Savory Ingredients Market has faced challenging factors during its growth. The pandemic was a challenging situation for the market, which made its face challenging factors like a financial crisis, but soon, the market recovered from it.

  • Market Opportunities

The Savory Ingredients Market has got widespread opportunities due to its high demand and the progress of demand to continue in the future years. The savory ingredients have various properties; they can be used as emulsifiers, thickening agents, stabilizing agents for seasoning, and enhancing the aromatic flavour of the food items. These properties are setting huge opportunities for the Savory Ingredients Market.

  • Market Restraints

The Savory Ingredients Market is facing restraining factors that are hampering the market's growth. Synthetic savory ingredients can be harmful to health, acting as a constraint for the market. 

Cumulative Evaluation of The Market

The Savory Ingredients Market is showing a sound growth rate due to major growth factors and key drivers. The drivers act as a factor to propel its growth value at the global level. The growth factors are setting open opportunities for the market in the future years. The COVID-19 pandemic has set challenging factors for the market; it has affected the economy and resulted in revenue loss. Amid the COVID-19 effect, the market will reach its value successfully. The growth limiting factors are hindering the market value, but the key player's strategies are to lift the market at the global level.

Market Segmentation

The Savory Ingredients Market Size is segmented based on type, source, and application segment.

  • By Type

The market is sub-segmented into yeast extract, starch, protein, nucleotides, monosodium glutamate, and others in the type segment. Among the above sub-segments, monosodium glutamate registers the highest growth rate due to its wide preference as a thickening and stabilizing agent in the food industry. Other ingredients are also used in different food products like bakery and savory snacks, soups, noodles, meat, etc.

  • By Source

The market is natural and synthetic based on the source segment. The natural segment is estimated to hold the largest market share of the market due to the rise in awareness of health concerns.

  • By Application

The market application segment is segmented into food and feed. The food segment is anticipated as the dominating segment. 

Regional Analysis

The market is geographically distributed into major regions worldwide, such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other countries. Among the above region, North America is noticed to witness the highest growth rate by holding half of the Savory Ingredients Market Share. Europe is also estimated to reach a good growth value followed by North America.

The Asia Pacific Market is ready to register a good CAGR value due to increase per capita disposable income in developing countries like India and China, were ready to eat and ready to cook items. The rise in consumption of noodles and sauces is even rising the Savory Ingredients Market Trends in this region. 

The other regions of the world are noticing a decent growth rate due to the development of various food industries.

Competitive Intensity Within the Market

The key players of the Savory Ingredients Market Outlook are taking their responsibilities to flourish the market at the global level. They target the rising opportunities to help the market grow steadily without external disturbance. Here is the list of key players boosting the Savory Ingredients Market Trends.

  • Koninklijke DSM N.V. (Netherlands)

  • Ajinomoto Co. Inc. (Japan)

  • Kerry Group plc (Ireland)

  • Tate & Lyle plc (UK)

  • Givaudan S.A. (Switzerland)

  • Symrise AG (Germany)

  • Sensient Technologies Corporation (U.S.)

  • Vedan International (Holdings) Limited (Hong Kong)

  • AngelYeast Co. Ltd. (China) 

Recent Market Development

  • Solina, the Leading European Producer of Savory Ingredients Solutions for the Food Industry, has announced its acquisition of Asenzya, Formerly Foran Spice Company. Asenzya is now focusing on culinary and innovation development to enable the company to approach custom seasoning blends and solutions and, from beginning to end production, to show immense dedication to the highest quality standards. This acquisition will allow Asenzya to provide multiple plant location options to the customers and widely expands the capability offerings.  

Report Overview

The overall report of the Savory Ingredients Market shows the growing demand for these ingredients in the food industry. The growth factors, key drivers, and the opportunities to accelerate the market. The major segments of the market are mentioned in detail, and the geographical distribution is stated briefly in the report. The prominent players are boosting the global market from various regions. Further developments will help the Savory Ingredients Market succeed worldwide. Hence, the market is estimated to reach a good CAGR value.

Key Industrial Segments

By Type

  • Yeast extract

  • Starch

  • Protein 

  • Nucleotides 

  • Monosodium glutamate and others

By Source

  • Natural

  • Synthetic

By Application

  • Food

  • Feed 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The major segments of the market are type, source, and application.

The North American region holds the highest market share of the market.

The intended audience of the market is Savory Ingredients manufacturers and dealers, processed food manufacturers, research institutes and organizations, and importers and exporters.