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Instant Noodles Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027

Instant Noodles Market Information By Product Type (Cup/Bowl, Packet) Pack Size (Single Pack, Four Pack, Six Pack, Others), Distribution Channel (Store-Based, Non-Store-Based) - Global Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/F-B & N/1309-CR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 114 pages

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Instant Noodles Market Overview

The Instant Noodles Market is expected to register a high CAGR of 3.02% during the forecast period and is further projected to reach approximately USD 33,200.2 Million by the end of the year 2023. Instant noodles are popular noodles, which can be cooked very fast. It is known as the ready-to-cook noodles that include different seasonings and diverse stomach ingredients, like dehydrated vegetables, wheat flour, meat, seafood, and pork.

The Instant Noodles Market is growing due to the increasing trends in consuming convenience food items because of its huge benefits. Moreover, the overall Instant Noodles industry is projected to enhance its market value in the research timeframe due to the presence of packaging format, which is easy for the consumer to use and easy to store the noodles for a longer time. In addition, the global markets are exploring various innovative flavors of various countries and supplying them to the specific regional market, which is thriving the Instant Noodles Industry Growth. Further, the global Market is expected to generate more opportunities for the key players and the manufacturers in the research period due to the increasing demand for clean-label products.

As per the Instant Noodles Market Analysis, the originator of instant noodles is the Nissin Foods Company, which recently introduced Cup Noodles Stir Fry flavors hot garlic chicken and teriyaki chicken in Jan 2021. In 50 years of innovation celebrations, the cup noodles stir fry product line-up combines modern innovation that includes Asian-inspired recipes. In December 2019, the Company introduced Cup Noodles Stir Fry with three Asian-inspired flavours: vegetarian Sweet Chili, Korean BBQ, and Teriyaki Beef.

Covid-19 Impact Analysis

The unprecedented coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the manufacturing of instant noodles and the supply chain in the year 2020. As a result, the Global Market Revenue has been negatively impacted.

However, the market giants played an important role in combatting the pandemic and applied various strategies to enhance the Instant Noodles Market growth.

Market Overview

Major Drivers of the Market

According to the Instant Noodles Market Analysis, the global market is driving its market growth due to the increasing demand for convenience food, growing preferences for ethnic and regional flavours among consumers, and the availability of convenient packaging formats.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has mentioned that nearly 462 million are underweight, and approximately 1.9 billion people are obese worldwide. Therefore, people are becoming very health conscious and looking for innovative and new food products like instant noodles with high nutritional benefits. Hence, the growth of the Instant Noodles Market is boosting up in the forecast period.

Opportunities of the global market

In the past few years, the manufacturers have had more growth opportunities because of the introduction of instant noodles with healthy ingredients. The market giants are launching innovative and newer flavours, which are predicted to enhance the Instant Noodles Market Sizeduring during the assessment timeframe.

Further, the Instant Noodles Industry is growing opportunities due to the escalated marketing budgets in the research period. Therefore, the marketing and promotional activities are also growing on a large scale.

Market Restraints

The instant Noodles Market might experience restraints due to consumers' negative perceptions towards instant noodles.

In addition, the side effects associated with the instant noodle’s products and the stringent government regulation might hamper the growth of Instant Noodles Industry during the review period.

Market Growth challenges

As per the Instant Noodles Market Trends report, the global market might face a major challenge in the research period due to the increasing health concern among the population associated with the increased consumption of noodles.

Additionally, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak might be one of the major challenges for the Instant Noodles Market in the forecast period.

Cumulative growth Analysis

The present Instant Noodles Market Trends project high demand due to the growth of packet and cup or bowl noodles. The packet noodle segment is expected to generate an annual market growth of 64.58%, and the cup or bowl type segment is predicted to meet at 35.42% during the forecast period of 2018 to 2023.

Moreover, the European regional market is accounted to register the Instant Noodles Market Share of USD 1,268.2 million during the review period of 2023. This regional market has shown significant growth due to the intensifying convenience foods trends and the elevated preference for Asian noodle flavours.

Market Segment Overview

By Product Type

The Instant Noodles Market has been classified into packet and cup or bowl based on product type segment.

Among these, the principal segment is the packet instant noodles segment, which is projected to grow by nearly USD 21,440.7 million during the forecast period of 2023. On the other hand, the cup or bowl segment is expected to hold the fastest growth at a CAGR of 3.33%in the review period because of its benefit of on-the-go eating and its convenience to use.

By Distribution Channel

The Instant Noodles Market has been categorized into non-store and store-based channels based on the distribution channel segment.

Among these, the non-store channels like e-commerce are projected to enhance the market quickly by generating the higher Instant Noodles Industry Size in the review timeframe. On the other hand, the store-based channels will witness a robust development in the research period.

By Pack Size

The Instant Noodles Market has been segregated into a six-pack, four-pack, single pack, and others in the pack size segment.

As per the Instant Noodles Market Outlook report, the four-pack size will dominate the global market segment in the forecast timeframe. The single pack and six-pack segments have followed this growing trend very relatively.

Regional Analysis

The growing regions like North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the rest of the world are the specific regional categories of the global Market.

The majority of growth has been evident in the Asia Pacific Instant Noodles Market. In 2018, this regional market dominated the global market by generating a higher Instant Noodles Industry Share of 82.15%. Further, this regional market is projected to continue the market growth at a CAGR of 3.16% in the review period. In the Asia pacific regional market, the major market is highly contributed by China. The China people have a high demand for instant noodles due to the cumulative demand for convenience foods, their large population, and rapid development. Hence, this is fueling the growth of the Instant Noodles Industry.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

The Instant Noodles Market Outlook report explains that the success of the instant noodles product is highly reliant on the contributions and efforts are given to the market. In this market, the key players have played an important role in enhancing the value of the market. These key players are:

  • Nestlé S.A. (Switzerland),

  • Unilever PLC (U.K.),

  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Japan),

  • Campbell Soup Company (U.S.),

  • ITC Limited (India),

  • Nissin Foods Co., Ltd (Hong Kong),

  • Tat Hui Foods Pte. Ltd. (Singapore),

  • Capital Foods Limited (India),

  • PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk (Indonesia),

  • Acecook Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Vietnam).

These well-known companies are working hard to launch the new products with new variants and involve the good packaging of the noodles, which boosts the Instant Noodles Market Growth on a large scale.

Recent Developments

In Jan 2021, the MAGGI Company announced an exciting range of new Paneer spice mixes in the Indian market, the MAGGI Paneer-ae-Magic. This product has aimed to deliver delicious paneer dishes within very little time. Further, the Company has added it with the spice mixes and called it MAGGI Paneer-ae-Magic spice mixes, which are now available in two different types, Kadhai Shahi Paneer.

In Jan 2021, Immi Company has added the soup into the healthy instant noodles (ramen). This low-carb and high-protein instant ramen has a sampler pack that can be tried out for flavours, and this flavour comes in three flavour varieties: Black Garlic Chicken, Spicy Beef, and Tom Yum Shrimp. These flavours are mostly plant-based. This Immi instant ramen pack is considered a much healthier level than the instant ramen standard boxes because these ramen include 850mg sodium, 31g protein, and 9g net carbs. Presently, this ramen is available online and is further planning to expand to offline platforms.

Report Overview

The Instant Noodles Market Forecast report has covered the market overview, segments, dynamics, covid-19 analysis, regional analysis, competitive analysis, and recent developments to analyze the global market performance.

As per the Instant Noodles Industry Forecast report, regions like Europe and the Asia Pacific increase the demand for instant noodles by consuming healthy instant noodles.

Segmental Table

By Product Type

  • packet

  • cup or bowl

By Distribution Channel

  • non-store channels

  • store-based channels

By Pack Size

  • six-pack,

  • four-pack,

  • single pack,

  • others

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Instant noodles market CAGR would be 3.02% during the forecast period.

Instant noodles market valuation would be USD 33200.2 million by 2023.

The cup segment would dominate instant noodles market.

The packet segment would dominate the instant noodles market.

The Asia Pacific would dominate instant noodles market.