Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Research Global Report - Forecast till 2027

Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Research Report: Information by Type (Armored and Unarmored), Integrated Sensors (Radar, Camera and others), Aircraft Type (Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing) and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/A&D/2387-CR | August 2019 | Region: Global | 134 Pages         

Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market

Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Size Valued at USD 6 Billion, market Grow at a CAGR Of 4% by 2020 -2030


By Type Armored Unarmored
By Integrated Sensors Radar Camera Others
By Aircraft Type Fixed Wing Rotary Wing

Key Players

  • AVIC
  • Airbus S.A.S
  • RUAG Groupt
  • Boeing
  • Textron Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Leonardo S.p. A
  • Dassault Aviation
  • Saab AB
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd
  • BAE Systems plc
  • Thales Group
  • Embraer S.A.
  • Harbin Aircraft Industry Co. Ltd


  • Increasing the requirement for maritime patrol aircraft’s
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Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Overview 

Maritime patrol is a crucial aircraft for nations that have long coastlines. The modern age maritime patrol comes with high-end capabilities. Also, they are an essential asset to the naval forces. It is a technology that comes with plenty of features such as sensors that enable anti-ship warfare, anti-submarine warfare and idea monitoring applications. The cost of maritime patrol aircraft is increasing due to the massive market demand. Some of the countries are obtaining the features of maritime patrol aircraft in their existing fleets.

However, the demand for maritime patrol aircraft is continuously increasing. The growing concerns of terrorism and border threats are simultaneously propelling the demand for this market. The durability features and applications of the maritime patrol aircraft are wide. The casa maritime patrol aircraft is becoming popular. During the forecast year 2025, the maritime-patrol market growth is immense. As per the maritime-patrol aircraft market analysis, the overall growth rate is estimated at 5.05% in 2025. The extreme competition in the market is offering more product developments. 

Covid Analysis 

Covid 19 has caused unexpected damages to several global markets. During the pandemic, many governments have cut down the total spending on defence goods. Due to the economic downturn, there is a halt to defence purchases. It is affecting the demand for the maritime patrol market. The maritime-patrol market has slowed down production.

Also, there is a serious issue in the supply of maritime patrol aircraft’s during this situation. The decreased production and supply chain issues are significant challenges during the pandemic. However, the maritime surveillance aircraft is a cost-efficient alternative for large maritime patrol aircraft. Due to economic difficulties, many countries are purchasing surveillance drones. It ultimately saves the market from massive losses. The growing preference for maritime surveillance drones will fuel the market demand. Moreover, the post covid 19 market trends look positive. 

Market Dynamics 

Crucial Market Drivers 

The regional conflicts are increasing the requirement for maritime patrol aircraft’s. Recently, the borders threats and growing concerns of terrorism are increasing the spending on defence goods. Many countries are equipping their military base with maritime patrol aircraft’s. The conflicts between nations are expected to increase in the upcoming years. Due to this, the maritime surveillance market is witnessing massive demand. The rise of global threats and terrorism are the crucial drivers of the maritime patrol market.

Replacing the existing aircraft is a common thing in the military. Upgrading the aircraft with new features is essential in this sector. The aircraft replacement due to ageing is propelling the growth of the maritime patrol aircraft market. The maritime patrol is the latest high-end aircraft for a navy base. Replacing the existing aircraft with the latest maritime patrol aircraft is a crucial demand driving factor. Recently, UK maritime patrol aircraft replacement has increased the profitability of the market. The aircraft replacements by huge nations are continuously stirring the overall demand and profitability of the market. As maritime aircraft are efficient and high capacity aircrafts most of the vendors prefer purchasing them. The governmental decision to equip the navy base with powerful aircraft is another crucial driver for this market. 

Market Growth Opportunities

The marine operations are assumed to increase during the forecast period. Marine deliveries and operations will grow in the upcoming years. It is due to the more supportive government rules regarding marine operations. The supporting policies will encourage more marine tasks. It will ultimately create growth opportunities for maritime patrol aircraft.

The governmental programs that support marine aircraft are the crucial factors that create market growth opportunities. In the forecasts year 2023, there is going to be plenty of aircraft programs. The rapid technological developments in defence goods are another factor that offers market growth opportunities. The technological developments are encouraging the navy sector to adapt to the latest aircraft versions. In the forecast year, most of the regions will adopt maritime surveillance aircraft or large maritime patrol aircraft’s. It will expand the overall market in the upcoming years. 

The market restraints 

The defence sector is prone to rapid technological advancements. There are constant upgrades in the military and defence based goods. These upgrades are essential to equip the base with the latest and high-end technologies. However, the constant upgradations in the maritime patrol aircraft technology are a restraint to this market. Many vendors find it difficult to keep up with technological developments. It is expensive to upgrade and replace aircraft. The high-cost involvement and dynamicity of technology is can hinder the overall market growth. Also, this factor can affect the profitability of the market in the forecast period. Further, there is a continuous change in the governmental policies regarding the application of maritime aircraft. It is another restraint in the market. 

The market challenges 

The maritime patrol aircraft involves high investment. It is a massive investment for any nation. The high initial investment is a barrier to market growth. Due to the high cost, the demand for the product may decline in the future years. Some of the nations may choose cost-effective alternatives of the maritime patrol aircraft. Also, the maritime patrol aircraft is a sophisticated technology. Expensive raw materials are used in the production. The complexities in the production and the prolonged production cycle are another challenge in this market. Moreover, the availability of technical support is fewer for the aircraft. These challenges can decline effect on the market demand and profitability in 2025. 

Cumulative growth analysis 

The market growth of the maritime patrol aircraft market is descent. The growth trends are positive for the market. There are plenty of crucial market drivers that continue to fuel the growth. The increasing concerns of terrorism and global threats are the primary reasons for market demand. The technological advancements and increasing marine operations provide market growth opportunities. However, there are plenty of limitations in the market. The high initial cost is the first and foremost restraint. It affects the market demand from significant end users. It is a restraint that can have adverse effects on the market. 

Value Chain Analysis 

North America holds the largest maritime patrol aircraft market share. It is a region well known for its well-equipped navy base. In North America, the adoption rate of maritime patrol aircraft is happening at an exponential pace. The governmental policies supporting marine operations are the crucial drivers for the market. Also, the US defence base is the major contributor to the market. North America will reach the highest demand in 2025. Also, the profitability and market growth will be maximum during the forecast period. The key players are making plenty of new product upgrades. It will ultimately enhance the overall market growth. 

Market segment 

By type 

  • Unarmed 

  • Armoured 

By engine type 

  • Turbo carft airpcarft 

  • Jet engine aircraft 

Integrated sensors 

  • Cameras 

  • Radars 

By applications 

  • Surveillance 

  • Situational awareness 

  • Reconssiance 

By aircraft type 

  • Rotary wing 

  • Fixed-wing 

Regional analysis 

The maritime patrol aircraft market is fragmented into Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. The Asia Pacific is a crucial market. There are plenty of growth opportunities and demand drivers in this region. The border tensions and terror attacks are the crucial reason for more demand. Further, the ageing of the existing fleet is another factor that is fuelling the market growth in this region. Also, the Australian maritime patrol aircraft market demand is massive.  Thailand, South Korea and India are the countries that have a massive demand for maritime patrol aircraft. Europe is another region that has a high demand for maritime patrol aircraft. The demand from soviet maritime patrol aircraft is immense.  Moreover, the market growth opportunities are massive that benefits the global market. During the forecast period, these regions will reach high profitability. 

The key players of the maritime patrol aircraft are 

  • AVIC

  • Airbus S.A.S 

  • RUAG Groupt

  • Boeing 

  • Textron Inc.

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Leonardo S.p. A

  • Dassault Aviation

  • Saab AB

  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd

  • BAE Systems plc

  • Thales Group

  • Embraer S.A.

  • Harbin Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd

Recent Developments 

The maritime patrol aircraft manufacturers are offering technical support services. They are partnering with the servicing companies to offer quick and reliable support for the maritime patrol aircraft technical issues. 

The key players of the market are planning to expand their market in the Asia Pacific region. They have established ties with the navy base to provide them with reliable maritime patrol aircraft. 

The key players of the market are approaching more governments that require aircraft for marine operations. It is an initiative that them to introduce new generation maritime patrol aircraft. 

Report overview 

  • Market overview highlights 

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The maritime patrol aircraft market can rise at 5.05% CAGR by 2025.

By 2025, the maritime patrol aircraft market can value high.

Textron Inc. (US), Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd (Japan), RUAG Group (Switzerland), and Dassault Aviation (France) are some reputed companies in the maritime patrol aircraft market.

Globalization to support maritime patrol aircraft market expansion.

APAC maritime patrol aircraft market can rise exponentially.