Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Prognosticated To Escalate With a Staggering CAGR :

April, 2023, Research report on “Global Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Research Report - Forecast to 2032” – Market Analysis, Scope, Stake, Progress, Trends and Forecast to 2032.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market – Overview

Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market Size is USD 6.04 billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.00% during the forecast period (2023 - 2032).

The global maritime patrol aircraft market is growing with the rapid pace. According to a recent study report published by the Market Research Future, The global market of maritime patrol aircraft market will grow at a rapid pace over the forecast period. The market is forecasted to witness slow but steady growth by 2032, which will be a surplus growth at a moderate CAGR during the projected period (2023 -2032).

Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), is also identified as a patrol aircraft or patrol bomber. Maritime patrol aircraft consists of long range, high endurance and field-based patrol aircraft. The rise in marine security threats and growing competition among major contractors and sub-contractors, will propel the growth of the global maritime patrol aircraft market. With the increasing territorial and underwater threats, the government is majorly capitalizing in the defense sector to combat tensions and address sovereign security matters. With the growing competition, contractors are focusing on acquisitions and joint ventures with the big players in this market. Also, the manufacturers are incorporating different methods to grasp different segments of customers ranging from larger economies such as Taiwan and Singapore to smaller nations with restricted resources such as Brunei due to the rising demand for effective investigation providers and sensor providers.

The global MPA market is extremely competitive and expanded due to the presence of a large number of well-established global and regional vendors across the globe. Some of the challenges for vendors experience are growing competition, rapid developments in technology, and regular changes in government rules and guidelines. Moreover, to gain an additional advantage over their competitors, these vendors largely focus on key areas such as in-house manufacturing competences, global occurrence, the variety of product offerings, research and developmental investments, and strong client support.

One driver for MPA market is South China Sea dispute. China's expansion of its sea borders toward the Southeast Sea is forming gaps among the nations, a territory that has long been unclear by these nations. International law specifies that every country is pleased to use its own ocean borders and is not allowed to go in the territorial region of other nations without authorization. Though, China is building up mock islands in the South China Sea and claiming that it has sole power over most of this sea. Although the claim is not documented officially, the construction activity has gained international, consideration due to the strategic nature of the area under argument. Bordering countries to china like Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, and Vietnam and other countries like the U.S., India, and Australia are worried that China's actions will affect their trade routes through the sea. Moreover, industry experts have estimated that the area has substantial reserves of oil and gas. These growing pressures are driving the acquisition of highly advanced ISR stages such as MPA.

Replacement of ageing military aircraft, augmented internal and external security threats, and innovation strategies are the major factors driving the growth of the global maritime patrol aircraft market. The maritime patrol fixed-wing aircraft segment is predictable to account for the maximum market share in the forecast years. Rise in the number of MPAs due to the transformation of airborne defense and crime units, will gear-up the global expansion of special mission military aircraft market. North America market has arisen as the leading region in terms of value, followed by Europe. Enormous funds, and rising asset in the R&D are some of the main drivers, which support the market growth for MPA.

Key Players:

Airbus SAS (France), Boeing (U.S.), Lockheed Martin (U.S.), Saab Automobile AB (Sweden), BAE Systems Inc. (U.K), Embraer S.A. (Brazil), Harbin Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd (China), Leonardo S.p.A (Italy), Thales Group (France), and Orbital ATK Inc. (U.S.) and others are some of the prominent players profiled in MRFR Analysis and are at the forefront of competition in the global maritime patrol aircraft market.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

  • January, 2018: Boeing Corporation had announced that they will provide the U.K armed forces with the Poseidon P-8A maritime patrol aircraft.

  • February, 2018: The introduction of the new maritime patrol aircraft Swordfish' by SAAB had helped bringing a new level of operational confidence in the global maritime patrol aircraft market.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft Market – Segmentation

The global maritime patrol aircraft market is segmented in to 4 key dynamics for the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding;

Segmentation by Type                                                    : Armored & Unarmored

Segmentation by Aircraft Type                                     : Fixed-wing, Rotary-wing

Segmentation by Integrated sensors                              : Radar, Camera and Others

Segmentation by Regions                        : Comprises Geographical regions - North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America.