Drone Analytics Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2030

Drone Analytics Market Research Report: Information by Type (On-Demand and On-Premise), Solution (End-to-End Solutions and Point Solutions), Application (Geolocation Tagging, Thermal Detection, Aerial Monitoring, Volumetric Calculations, Ground Exploration, 3D Modeling and others), Industry (Construction, Mining and Quarrying, Agriculture and Forestry, Insurance, Utility, Oil Gas, Transportation, Telecommunications, Scientific Research and others) and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East Africa and Latin America) - Forec

ID: MRFR/A&D/6442-HCR | December 2022 | Region: Global | 133 Pages         

Drone Analytics Market

Drone Analytics Market Size is expected to reach USD 14.2 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 28.30% during 2022-2030.


By Type On-demand On-premise
By Solution End to end solutions Point solutions
By Application Geolocation tagging Thermal detection Aerial monitoring Volumetric calculation Ground exploration 3D modeling Others
By Industry Construction Minning & quarrying Agriculture and forestry Insurance Utility Oil & gas Transportation Telecommunications Scientific research Others

Key Players

  • Airware in the US
  • Aerovironment Inc in the US
  • Eagle aerial system inc in the US
  • Dronedeploy in the US
  • Delta drone in France
  • Esri in the US
  • PrecisionHawk inc in the US
  • Viatechnik LLC in the US
  • Pix 4D SA in France
  • Kespry in the US
  • Options in the US
  • HUVRdata in the US
  • DJI in china
  • 3D robotics in the US
  • Sentera inc in the US


  • Increasing Demand For Drone Analytics In A Commercial Application
  • Increasing The Growth Of The Drone Analytics Market
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Drone Analytics Market Overview

Drone Analytics Market Size is expected to reach USD 14.2 Billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 28.30% during 2022-2030.

Drone analytics save money while ensuring employee safety, which is tough to find in other technologies. The key advantage of the drone is real-time information, which is driving market growth, and the market will exhibit a high growth rate over the projection period. All of these factors will contribute to the size of the drone analytics industry. The increasing capital investments for the development of new and improved drone software have directly impacted the expansion of the drone analytics market. However, mounting concerns about cybersecurity and data security and the costly expenses of acquiring precise data are posing significant barriers to the rise of drone analytics.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, sometimes known as drones, can be remotely controlled by a pilot or by preprogrammed plans or automation systems that allow them to fly autonomously. Using drone analytics, farmers can profit from real-time information about big swaths of land. Several new start-ups and established agriculture firms significantly invest in agriculture drones and the software required to evaluate raw data.

COVID 19 analysis

The lockdown availability of raw materials was lessened as the production was shut down. But in several countries, due to the pandemic effect, many businesses started using drones to deliver commodities to the people. Many people also used the drone for security purposes as they were not allowed to go out because of the shutdown. Delays in activities and development of raw materials affect the market growth in the pandemic. The government of many regions ordered the lockdown and shutdown, affecting many small and high-end market players. Market players are trying their best to cope with the situation and come out stronger. The Drone Analytics Market Growth will increase in the forecast period.

Chief variable existing in the market

Key market drivers

The advancement of new and advanced software and technology is increasing the market's growth. The increasing demand for drone analytics in a commercial application is also increasing the growth of the drone analytics market. The use of drones in many applications is also flourishing the market's growth. Different industries like agriculture, infrastructure, energy, construction, telecommunication, and many others are demanding drones for inspection and surveillance, which enhances the market's growth in the forecast period. The Drone Analytics MarketAnalysisshowcases the drivers that will increase the CAGR of the market.

Market challenge

As the market grows, there are no highly skilled experts, which can be a serious market challenge. There are no very minimum skilled professionals. For the operation of drone analytics, there is a serious need for highly skilled professionals required. Otherwise, this could be a serious challenge for the drone analytics market.

Opportunities in the global market

The advancement of technology in recent times is increasing the market's growth. The advanced and complex drone software, the addition of IoT in drones, and the usage of autonomous drones by various agencies increase the market's growth. They will experience a high growth rate in the forecast period. It could increase the Drone Analytics Market Value.


The concern is growing for security purposes, and cyber security concerns are a key restrain for the market. The high-cost requirement to gather data also acts as a key restrain for the market. Day by day, cybercrime is increasing; causing a threat to the people, and the drone analytic market has no cyber security improvement, which is a main restrain. It can restrict the growth of the market in the forecast period. The business should follow the Drone Analytics Market Trends to keep the market away from restrains.

Cumulative evaluation of the market

The drone analytics market provides recent developments, several regulations, market share, and various challenges, drivers, restraints that affect the market's growth. Various types of segments and ranges are investigated in this report to showcase the growth of the drone analytics market. All factors have been investigated properly and showcased in the report. All the positive and negative impact factors are also mentioned in the report.
Forecasts are also used to gather necessary information.

Overview of the main market segment

By type

The Drone Analytics Market is divided into on-demand and premise based on the segment type. The on-demand segment registered the highest CAGR in 2018 and helped in the market's growth in the forecast period. As the on-demand segment is more flexible and customized and the services are based on the pay-as-you-go model, the segment will also register high demand in the future.

By solution

The market is segmented into end-to-end solutions and point solutions based on solutions. The end-to-end solution is expected to help the market grow in the forecast period, and it also made the highest CAGR in 2018. The end-to-end solution segment consists of hardware and software along with resources. This segment will increase the market growth because of the organizational visibility and enhanced efficiency, and most importantly, the reduced cost. 

By application

The Drone Analytics Market is infuriated based on application into Geolocation tagging, Thermal detection, Aerial monitoring, Volumetric calculation, Ground exploration,3D modeling, and Others. In 2018 the 3D modeling market grew, and the market experienced the highest CAGR. Mining, quarrying, agriculture, and forestry also use 3D modeling.

By industry

Based on the industry, the market is segmented into Construction, Minning and quarrying, Agriculture and forestry, Insurance, Utility, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Telecommunications, Scientific research, and Others. The agriculture and forestry segment experienced high growth in 2018 because of the use of drones by several regions. In the US, farmers are using drones and thinking of using drones to monitor their farms and use them for safety purposes. As recently the construction industry using a drone to monitor different sites, the construction will showcase a high growth rate shortly. The information that industries get using drones helps industries communicate and make decisions. 

Regional analysis

The market is divided into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the middle east and Africa, and Latin America. As the adaption of drone use in many industries like agricultural and forestry and oil and gas increased in North America, the region increased the market's growth rate. As china is manufacturing lightweight and low-cost drones, the Asia Pacific region is experiencing a high growth rate in the forecast period. The increased construction activities in India and China also increased the market growth of the region Asia pacific. Drone analytics providers in India are also enhancing the growth of the market. Drone Analytics Market Outlook shows different regions that will enhance the market's growth.

Competitive intensity in the main market

The drone analytics market has been growing with a good growth rate as the demand for new and advanced technologies increases. For security and monitoring purposes, several industries are adapting to the drone analytics market, increasing the market's growth. Every sector is trying to keep an eye on, monitor, and use surveillance for different purposes, which is important for the market's growth. Several businesses are hoping to the market to gain some profit through it. The newcomers will also enhance the growth of the market. The drone analytics market solves the purpose of many companies who cannot gather information or keep the information or are unable to monitor. Many new market players are helping the market to gain growth in the forecast period, and some of the key players who are enhancing the Drone Analytics Market Share are

  • Airware in the US

  • Aerovironment, Inc. in the US

  • Eagle aerial system, inc. in the US

  • Dronedeploy in the US

  • Delta drone in France

  • Esri in the US

  • PrecisionHawk, inc. in the US

  • Viatechnik LLC in the US

  • Pix 4D SA in France

  • Kespry in the US

  • Options in the US

  • HUVRdata in the US

  • DJI in china

  • 3D robotics in the US

  • Sentera, inc. in the US

Recent market development 

Feb 2022 Garuda Aerospace Private Ltd. has announced plans to raise more than $30 million to cover its capital expenditure requirements for manufacturing high-quality agricultural drones. They intend to invest Rs. Two hundred fifty crores in drone technology and R&D, as well as production operations, to compete effectively with global businesses. Through drone applications, they will also invest in artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve crop yield. The goal is to improve crop protection skills to quadruple farmers' income.

Feb 2022 In conjunction with Sitemark, a Belgian AI-analytics company, H3 Dynamics has unveiled a new Robots-as-a-Service solution for autonomous solar farm monitoring. H3 Dynamics' DBX drone-in-a-box robots are combined with Sitemark's visual and thermal analytics in this new collaboration to automate and expand remote monitoring tasks in large solar farm projects. Total, Bouygues, EDF, Engie, and Orix have audited over 30,000 ha of solar PV parks in 35 countries using Sitemark's technology. The DBX robot (video), was created to be permanently deployed to monitor solar farm construction progress, identify solar panel degradation, and provide on-site security.

Report overview

Several factors affect the growth of the drone analytics market. The increased use of advanced technology and betterment for the company increases the market's growth. The various benefits of drone analytics are increasing the growth of the market. There is several benefits the drone analytics offer, like less project cost, which can save a lot of money. As the safety and security of many businesses are getting hampered, the drone analytics market can help secure the safety of data and employees. Several types of researches and developments are used in the report to showcase different factors affecting the market. Each information is provided with full research to showcase perfect information about the drone analytics market. certain key industrial segments affect the market greatly, and those are mentioned below

Key industrial segment

By type

  • On-demand

  • On-premise

By solution

  • End to end solutions

  • Point solutions

 By application

  • Geolocation tagging 

  • Thermal detection

  • Aerial monitoring 

  • Volumetric calculation 

  • Ground exploration

  • 3D modeling 

  • Others 

By industry 

  • Construction

  • Minning and quarrying

  • Agriculture and forestry 

  • Insurance

  • Utility

  • Oil and gas

  • Transportation

  • Telecommunications

  • Scientific research 

  • Others

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

PrecisionHawk, Inc. (U.S.), VIATechnik LLC (U.S.), Esri (U.S.), Kespry (U.S.), Optelos (U.S.), Pix4D SA (France), HUVRdata (U.S.), and DJI (China) are likely to bolster the market in the forecast period.

A 28.30% CAGR is estimated to promote progress in the market in the future.

The North American market is estimated to take the top position in the market in the impending period.

The market is estimated to seize an ascending income level in the forecast period.

The upsurge in the financing of advanced drone software is estimated to advance the market in the forecast period.