Information And Communications Technology

Global Diameter Signaling Market


The client required a comprehensive analysis of the market structure along with forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the Global Diameter Signaling Market


The global market of diameter signaling is growing rapidly. Growth of LTE and 4G technology and the rise in the number of pocket internet & smartphone users, are some of the key drivers of the market. 5G is on the way and a few countries such as Japan and South Korea have already started the testing of this technology. 5G will bring many benefits such as high speed internet browsing, high speed content delivery, and efficient machine to machine communication but it will have some negative impact on the current technological environment where most of the devices will become outdated, traffic will rise immensely and operators have to try hard to route the traffic on their desired platform. A study shows that diameter signaling will reach 500 Million MPS by the end of year 2020 due to the growth of M2M communication, autonomous vehicles, machine to infrastructure communication, VoLTE, VoiP and many others. The rapid proliferation of technology and its usage is leading to very high traffic on current network infrastructure and as a result, there is need for more efficient protocols.


The finalized scope of research study included the following deliverables:

Market demand study for diameter signaling

  • Global Diameter Signaling Market Dynamics & Trend analysis

  • Analysis of Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges for the market

  • Analysis for Types

  • Analysis for Applications

  • Regional Demand estimation & Analysis

Industry analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Porter’s Five forces analysis of the market
Competition Analysis and Profiling of key market players


The client approached us for conducting a study on Global Diameter Signaling Market in February 2017. The client required an in-depth study of the factors, influencing the market growth; historical and forecast revenue of the market segments and sub-segments with respect to regional markets and their countries; strategic profiling of key players in the market. Moreover, the client was interested to know the competitive scenario in the market to devise entry strategies.
Based on the client’s requirement, MRFR team proposed a scope that covered all these requirements. Further, the research team suggested a granular study covering Global Diameter Signaling Market analysis based on types, applications and regional market share. This would provide the client with a strong understanding of the regional market share analysis for global market, which shall help them develop their own access strategy into the market.