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Global Magnesium Sulfate Market – Forecast till 2027


A European agrochemical giant was exploring options to expand its fertilizers product portfolio. One of the options was to add magnesium sulfate to its existing nitrate–based fertilizers product line. The company wants to ascertain the market for magnesium sulfate, as an agrochemical product as well as its demand in other industrial applications.


The client, a European agrochemicals market leader, was looking to expand its agricultural products offering. It already had a well-developed and established nitrate based fertilizers products line, for which it was the key market player. Since the company was looking into possibilities to expand its product line, one of the options was ‘magnesium sulphate,’ a chemical, which has not only profound application in the fertilizer market, but also has considerably high demand in other industries such as pharmaceuticals, and the healthcare.


The company required a detailed market study to determine the demand for magnesium sulfate. They also required an in-depth understanding of the alternative applications of the chemical as well as their regional demand. MRFR suggested a scope that included both these requirements along with some major additions. While discussing with the client, we understood that the client would also require the market demand for different product forms of magnesium sulfate, namely heptahydrate, anhydrous, and monohydrate. We also suggested a detailed supply chain analysis of the magnesium sulfate market, which included both upstream as well as downstream supply sides. This would provide the client with a strong understanding of the regional supply chain dynamics for this market, along with a basic framework to develop their supply chain. Moreover, pricing and trade analysis for the chemical was also included in the scope, which shall provide an accurate view of the existing regional market competition.

The finalized research scope for the client requirements included the following deliverables:

Market demand study for magnesium sulfate

  • Trend Analysis

  • Analysis of Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges for the Market

  • Demand estimation & Analysis for Product Types

  • Demand estimation & Analysis for Applications in Different Industries

  • Regional Demand estimation & Analysis for Product Types

Industry Analysis

  • Supply Chain Analysis of the Upstream as well as Downstream Market

  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of The Market

Pricing and Trade (Import/Export) Analysis for the Market

Competition Analysis and Profiling of Key market players


The research study conclusions provided the client with a deeper view of the market as well as its applications. The research findings compelled the company to relook its some of the ground level parameters of its strategy, such as target production capacity, and key targets markets.