Global Electronic Flight Bag Market


To provide comprehensive analysis of the market structure along with forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the Global Electronic Flight Bag Market


An electronic flight bag (EFB) is an electronic information management device that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently. An EFB, electronically stores and retrieves documents required for flight operations such as operating manuals, aeronautical charts, airport information, route information and weather. The global electronic flight bag market is very dynamic in nature, and is expected to witness a growth over the forecast period. The growth of electronic flight bag market is influenced by the replacement of all paper based manuals and safety. The research and development activities by various firms, are driving the market. Furthermore, increase in spending on advancement of cockpit, and the increasing need for accuracy in flight operation manuals; have led to the emergence of Asia-Pacific as the fastest growing region


The finalized scope of research study included the following deliverables:

Market demand study for global electronic flight bag market

  • Electronic flight bag Market Competition, By Manufacturers

  • Global Electronic Flight Bag Market Production, Revenue by Regions

  • Global Electronic Flight Bag Production, Revenue, Price Trend by Types

  • Market Analysis by Type

  • Analysis for Application

  • Analysis for Region

  • Regional Demand estimation & Analysis

Industry analysis
Manufacturing Cost Analysis
Marketing Strategy Analysis
Competition Analysis and Profiling of key market players


The client approached us for conducting a study on global electronic flight bag market in February 2017. Soon, the project was taken up for execution. The client required an in-depth study of the production, consumption, import and export analysis for market segments and sub-segments, with respect to regional markets and their countries; strategic profiling of key players in the market. Moreover, the client was interested to know the competitive scenario in the market to devise its entry strategies.
Based on the clientโ€™s requirement Market Research Future research team proposed a scope that covered all these requirements. Further, the research team suggested a consultative approach, covering the global electronic flight bag market analysis based on type, application and regional market share. This would provide the client with a strong understanding of the regional market share analysis for global market, which shall help them develop their own access strategy into the market.