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Global Building Information Modelling Market


To provide comprehensive analysis of the market structure along with forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the global Building Information Modelling Market


The global market of Building Information Modelling is revolutionizing building design and construction industry. It helps in various aspects such as project planning and decision-making support, management support, and information sharing. The adoption of BIM by any firm or organization, offers optimal cost effective solutions with nominal capital investment. Features such as calculation of required material quantity in advance and prediction of lifecycle of the project are some of the cost benefits, which drive the market of BIM. The study shows that BIM helps improve the accuracy of cost estimates by 3% and helps reduce the time taken to generate cost estimates by 80%. These benefits of BIM help analyze the proposed project, simulate and enable improvement and innovative solutions in terms of structural design and fire protection. The study also infers that the leading regions of the world for BIM adoption are North America and Western Europe, followed by high growth in the Asia Pacific region. One of the key factors influencing adoption of BIM in these markets – especially in North America and Western Europe – is the fact that public organizations, such as the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), require the use of BIM on their building and facilities management projects.


The finalized scope of research study included the following deliverables:

Market demand study for Building Information Modelling

  • Global Building Information Modelling Market Dynamics & Trend analysis

  • Analysis for Product

  • Regional Demand estimation & Analysis

  • Country wise Service Level Information

  • BIM Management

  • Customization & Tech support

  • Outsourcing

  • Others

Industry analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Market Entry Strategies
Product Bench Marking.

Following existing relations, the client approached us for conducting a customized study on Global Building Information Modelling Market in January 2017. Within a week, the project was taken up for the execution. The client required an in-depth study of the factors, influencing the market growth; historical and forecast revenue of the market segments and sub-segments with respect to regional markets and their countries; strategic profiling of key players in the market. Moreover, the client was interested in the service level information of Building Information Modelling that includes the BIM Management, Training, Customization & Tech Support and Outsourcing. The client was interested to know the competitive scenario in the market and was detail oriented in terms of its outsourcing services that include type of installing, project size with reference to the applications, along with the in-depth analysis of the local player in the region, to devise its strategies.

Based on the client’s requirement Market Research Future research team proposed a scope that covered all these requirements. Further, the research team suggested a consultative approach, covering Global Building Information Modelling Market analysis based on product and regional market share. This would provide the client with a strong understanding of the regional market share analysis for Global Market, which shall help them develop their own access strategy into the market.