Artificial Intelligence Impacts The Manufacturing Sector The Most

By Aarti Dhapte, 28 July, 2023

Adapting artificial intelligence in different sectors is supposed to take up most jobs, encouraging workers to switch jobs or upgrade their skills. With the recent employment outlook published by the OECD in 2023, however, workers have explained that artificial intelligence (AI) has significantly helped through changes in the tasks they perform at their workplace and work performance.

The changes that come with artificial intelligence directly impact the quality of work done by employees in various sectors. For example, artificial intelligence helps carry out complex tasks that imply job satisfaction and safety in specific jobs. According to the report by OECD, artificial intelligence will impact the labor market affecting every sector and occupation. Another view of the report, while AI may worsen the role of employees in some industries, it can also improve the job quality in other sectors. Based on the various surveys conducted by OECD, the employers believe that the manufacturing sector will be affected the most with the help of artificial intelligence in a positive way. In the manufacturing sector, AI can help workers with disabilities carry out work efficiently by using AI-powered assistive devices to aid workers with speech and hearing. Also, for non-native workers, AI can assist them with writing and speaking through the translation process in real-time.

As per the survey findings, employers from various sectors added that workers with lower digital skills are expected to be harmed due to changing technologies and AI systems that may prove more challenging.

Artificial Intelligence Impacts The Manufacturing Sector The Most

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