Water and Wastewater Pipe Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Global Water and Wastewater Pipe Market: Information, By Material Type (Plastic Pipe, Metal Pipe, Concrete Pipe and Clay Pipe), By Application (Municipal, Industrial and Agriculture) - Forecast to 2027

ID: MRFR/CO/6525-CR | June 2019 | Region: Global | 220 pages

Please note that the assessment period of report has been updated from (2019-2024) to 2020-2027. Cordially fill the sample form for updated data

Market Overview 

Global Water and Wastewater Pipe Market is projected to touch a valuation of USD 87,394.0 Million by 2024, growing at 6.53% CAGR during the forecast period (2019–2024).

Increasing smart city projects are significantly impacting the water and wastewater pipe market growth. Governments across the countries worldwide are increasingly taking up water management projects and investing in enhancing the quality of life of people. Besides, water and wastewater pipe market trends, such as the rising need for smart living and evolving waste management technologies, drive the market growth. 

The purpose of the government water and wastewater pipe initiatives is to improve the city's livability by undertaking area-based development, retrofitting, and redeveloping slums into better-planned ones. Government initiatives and funding increase access to clean and safe drinking water and minimize the exhaustive pollution levels, thereby boosting the market growth.

COVID-19 Analysis

The COVID-19 presented unprecedented challenges to the water and wastewater pipe market. Recently, we saw that Covid-19 is very much an urban phenomenon, impacting the population living in slums and peri-urban lives. The pandemic has brought to surface various problems related to urban densification, such as the inadequate provision of safe drinking water and sanitation. 

On the other hand, industry players had to face problems ranging from obtaining raw materials and delivering end products to attracting workers from quarantines. The resin market experienced Whipsaw pricing, unexpected outages, traditional fourth-quarter discounts that never materialized, and wreaked havoc on the demand-supply dynamics. However, the market is getting back to normal post the lockdown mandates getting relaxed.

Market Dynamics

Rapid Urbanization is a Significant Market Growth Driver.

Adequate and reliable water and sanitation, including wastewater management, affordable housing, health, and sustainable environment, are basic urban life requirements. The increasing population, especially in urban areas, and the rising industrialization worldwide offer significant water and wastewater pipe market opportunities. 

The rising global demand for better housing solutions and food to accommodate the expanding population and better infrastructure in urban areas drives market growth, fostering the construction and agriculture industry. Moreover, the rising economic growth and the pressure to improve the economy further is directing governments to take up water and wastewater management projects, thereby boosting the market growth. 


Awareness for Clean and Drinkable Water

Rapidly spreading awareness for clean and drinkable water, increasing technological advances, and improving wastewater management solutions & manufacturing techniques are some of the water and wastewater pipe market trends offering significant growth opportunities. Besides, stringent government wastewater management regulations and increasing urbanization are expected to increase opportunities for water and wastewater pipe market vendors. 

Restraint & Challenges

Distorted Raw Material Supply Chain is the Only Restraint 

The market witnesses significant challenges of fluctuating prices and volatile supply of raw materials. Also, high investments required for establishing pipe production plant and wastewater treatment plant challenge the growth of the market. The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in an unprecedented decline in the sales of these pipes, reflecting the plastic industry revenues. The prices for most types of plastics have shown a declining curve over the past few months.

Cumulative Growth Analysis

Market Size to Expand at a Strong Rate 

Considering the present market scenario, it is estimated that the market share is expected to increase further during the review period, witnessing the rising sales of water and wastewater pipes. Additionally, diverse industrial application areas are expected to offer ample opportunities for the market and players. Rising usages of efficient water and wastewater treatment processes due to the increasing global water stress and industrial wastewater disposal in aquatic ecosystems would support market growth.

Segment Overview 

The water and wastewater pipe market is segmented on the basis of material type, application, and region. The material type segment is bifurcated into plastic pine, metal pipe, concrete pipe, and clay pipe. Among these, the plastic pipe segment dominates the market share due to its lightweight, flexibility, durability, and versatility. 

The segment reached a valuation of USD 48,810.8 million in 2018, which is expected to escalate to USD 72,848.1 million by 2024. At the same time, the metal segment is expected to register a 6.91% CAGR, witnessing significant growth during the forecast period

The application segment is further sub-segmented into municipal, industrial, construction, agricultural, and others. Among these, the municipal segment holds the maximum market share. In 2018, the segment created a valuation of USD 48,586.2 million, which can rise further to USD 72,112.0 million by 2024. The municipal segment is estimated to grow at a 6.81% CAGR during the forecast period.

Regional Analysis 

APAC Leads the Global Market

APAC accounts for the leading share in the global water and wastewater pipe market. The region is currently emphasizing on infrastructure development, which increases the water and wastewater pipe market size. Improving economic conditions in the region has led to the construction industry's growth and, consequently, the market growth. Moreover, the rapid industrialization and urbanization boost the water and wastewater pipe market demand in the region.

North America Holds Second Highest Share in Global Market 

North America accounts for the second-biggest share in the global market. Factors such as widespread awareness and the massive demand for clean water, and increasing construction and renovation activities drive the market growth. Additionally, the strong presence of notable industry players offering efficient solutions and the early uptake of advanced waste management solutions influence the water and wastewater pipe market share. The US dominates the regional market, followed by Canada, due to the leading water and wastewater pipe market vendors in these countries. 

Europe to Hold a Considerable Market Share 

Europe derives a considerable share in the global water and wastewater pipe market. Government initiatives & funding in clean water projects increase the market size. Simultaneously, factors such as increasing smart city projects and elevated investments by various governments in the region propel market growth. Europe Countries such as U.K, Germany, Norway, and France account for leading shares in the regional market due to increasing water & wastewater management plans.

Competitive Landscape

Players Focus on Product Development to Gain Impetus

The water and wastewater pipe market appears extremely fragmented, considering the presence of established manufacturers. Eminent players seek opportunities to integrate across the extensive value chain while focusing on expanding production capacities, R&D investments, and M&A activities to gain additional impetus. They deliver reliable products, substantially investing in developing adept technologies and products.

List of Key Companies 

  • Saint-Gobain Group (Germany)

  • Aliaxis Group SA/NV (Belgium)

  • Mexichem S.A.B. de CV (Mexico)

  • Tyman plc. (US)

  • Tenaris (US)

  • CEMEX SAB de CV (Mexico)

  • Future Pipe Industries (UAE)


  • China Lesso (China)


  • National Pipe & Plastics (US)

Mexichem S.A.B. de CV (currently known as Orbita) is a Mexican company engaged in manufacturing chemicals and petrochemicals products and solutions used in agriculture, construction, and industrial sectors. Orbita also specializes in the production of PVC pipe systems, plastic accessories and connections, as well as geo-systems, such as geo-drains and geo-textiles, among others. 

Recent Developments

January 09, 2021 – Energy Ministry Iran announced that its Tehran wastewater network project is 90% complete and is anticipated to come online in 2022, enhancing water quality and quantity in the capital. Pipe-laying operations have been undertaken in most rapidly expanding capital districts to connect households, businesses, and industrial sectors to the wastewater network.

December 09, 2020 – Concrete pipe manufacturer Indian Hume Pipe Co Ltd. announced receiving a project worth Rs 550 crore (Approx USD 8 BN) for providing water supply schemes in 550 villages in Uttar Pradesh State. The company has also confirmed getting a letter of acceptance (LOA) from the State Water and Sanitation Mission and Rural Water Supply Department (SWSM), Government of Uttar Pradesh, for providing water supply schemes. 

September 28, 2020 – Researchers from RMIT University announced the development of an eco-friendly zero-cement concrete that can eliminate corrosion. Pipes made with this concrete can withstand the corrosive acidic environment found in sewage pipes while greatly reducing residual lime that leaches out, contributing to fatbergs.

August 10, 2020 – Chevron Phillips Chemical (CPChem) announced the successful completion of its first commercial-scale polyethylene production using advanced recycling technology. The production of circular polyethylene from recycled mixed-waste plastics paves the way for a new product range, Marlex® Anew™ Circular Polyethylene. 

February 06, 2020 -- Northwest Pipe Company, a leading engineered pipeline system water infrastructure provider, announced the acquisition of Geneva Pipe Company, Inc., a concrete pipe and precast concrete products manufacturer. 

This acquisition expands Northwest's water infrastructure product capabilities, adding additional reinforced concrete pipe capacity and a full line of precast concrete products such as storm drains & manholes, catch basins, vaults, and curb inlets. It also enables the company to make innovative products that extend the life of concrete pipe and manholes for sewer applications.

Report Overview 

The report features unique and relevant factors estimated to significantly impact the water and wastewater pipe industry during the review period. This detailed and considerable amount of information can help industry players understanding the market better. The report elaborates on the historical and current trends boosting the water and wastewater pipe market growth. Additionally, the COVID-19 impact on the water and wastewater pipe market is also included in the report.

Segmentation Table

By Material Type

  • Plastic Pipe

  • Metal Pipe

  • Concrete Pipe

  • Clay Pipe

By Application

  • Municipal

  • Industrial

  • Agriculture

By Region 

  • North

  • America

  • Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • Rest of the World (RoW)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Water and wastewater pipe market is projected to grow at a 6.53% CAGR between 2013-2024.

Water and wastewater pipe market is predicted to touch USD 87, 394.0 million by 2024.

The Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the water and wastewater pipe market.

The municipal segment will lead the water and wastewater pipe market.

Increase in water & wastewater treatment applications and growing construction industry are the key factors driving the water and wastewater pipe market.