Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Global Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Market: Information by Type (Vitamin {Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Multivitamins, others}, Mineral {Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Multi-minerals, Others} and Blends), End User (Men, Women and Unisex) Distribution Channel (Store-Based {Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, Specialty Stores, Others} and Non-Store-Based) and Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/F-B & N/7344-CR | March 2020 | Region: Global | 111 pages

Please note that the assessment period of report has been updated from 2019-2025 to 2020-2027. Cordially fill the sample form for updated data.

Multivitamin And Mineral Supplements Market Size:

In today’s world, dietary supplements are important to combat malnutrition, which is also faced by  obese and overweight people due to their inadequate eating habits. Nutritional and vitamin supplements are easily accessible and do not require a prescription to be purchased on the market. Nutritional supplements include collagen capsules, antibiotics, amino acids , enzymes and polyphenols . With the rise of the working class, it has become more difficult to get all the nutrients just by a balanced diet. This is driving the market for nutritional and vitamins supplements as people order products to achieve their nutritional goals. These supplements abound in grocery stores and supermarkets which also form the main segment of the market, and are expected to grow at a normal growth rate of 2% -3% over the 2019-2025 forecast.

Overview Of The Market For Vitamin And Mineral Supplements:

According to the World Health Organization, malnutrition is one of the biggest challenges in global health. About 155 million children under the age of 5 suffered from malnutrition in 2016, a statistic that has not been mitigated since. To combat this problem requires a consistent infusion of essential vitamins and nutrients into the body of young children. This was a basis for the market of nutritional and vitamins supplements, which according to the analyst of Industry. Had an estimated market size between $ 52-billion to $ 56-billion in 2018. The market is also expected to grow at a remarkable growth rate of 6.6% during the 2019-2025 forecast. Geographically, North America leads the market for nutritional and vitamins supplements with a regional share of 34% -38% in 2018, due to the Agriculture and Food Organization’s dedicated efforts to eradicate malnutrition among children in the United States and the world.

Impact Of Covid 19 To Vitamin Supplements Market Revenue:

COVID-19 and other diseases of the respiratory tract. In the case of patients with COVID-19, various foods rich in fiber and protein, including bread, cookies and rolls, were developed by the Indian Research Institute. For example, to enhance children’s immunity, supplement company Avida Health has launched a functional chocolate food in Singapore. A nutritional focus on the immune system can help minimize the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic and other infections. Therefore, it is expected that the implementation of dietary supplements in the lifestyle will drive the growth of the market of mineral and vitamin supplements.

Disruptions in supply chains for the production of supplements are a key factor hindering the growth of the mineral and vitamin supplements market. The explosion of COVID-19 caused restrictive retention resources increased remote work and social distance and the closure of industries and other commercial activities. The entire supply chain, from production to international trade, was affected. The economic crisis due to COVID-19 is also affecting dietary supplements by disrupting distribution networks. Supplements (economically important) have a fragile supply chain and failures at any stage of the supply chain, retailers, farms,distributors, transporters and or manufacturers - can disrupt the entire chain. The International Food Policy Research Institute has gathered evidence of major disruptions in livestock production in China and fruits and vegetables in Ethiopia, while Indian news has reported a total collapse in milk production, which is particularly worrying in countries with dairy and milk products. Supplements remain the main sources of primary foods for young children. Therefore, disruptions in the food-rich food supply chains are expected to disrupt the growth of the mineral and vitamin supplements market.

Market Drivers Of Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements:

Hidden Hunger - A Secret Epidemic

Contrary to popular belief, overweight and obese people alike suffer from malnutrition. Called “hidden hunger,” this is a serious problem in which people get enough calories but lose essential nutrients. This makes products in the market of foods and vitamins absolutely essential for the general public. International organizations such as the World Food Program are working tirelessly to ensure better health for the public through a combination of a balanced diet and consumption of v and vitamins supplements. Hidden hunger increases sales and drives market growth in supermarkets.

Lack Of Essential Nutrients Causes Deficiencies

Vitamin deficiency causes many diseases in our bodies. Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy, and vitamin A deficiency is attributed to night blindness. Lack of vitamin D, the most common of all, causes muscle weakness and bone pain in the body. Needless to say, in the current global scenario, with a large adult population working in offices, it is not possible to provide our daily nutritional needs with just a diet. Likewise consumers are also adopting a holistic lifestyle for better productivity in their own lives. This factor drives the growth of the market of nutritional and vitamins supplements and helps you generate more revenue in the market.

Market Challenges For Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements

One of the biggest challenges in the market for nutritional and vitamin supplements is the spread of eating a nutritious diet. Harvard Health spread the idea of getting all the essential minerals and vitamins only through diet, instead of consuming minerals and vitamins. Companies can address this challenge by expanding their products and producing nutritional supplements from organic sources .

Perspective Of The Main Market Participants Of Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements:

The Chicago-based Archer Daniels Midland Company is a major player in the nutritional and vitamin supplement market. In 2018, the company acquired Neovia, a feed solutions company for 1.56 billion, to expand the footprint of its supplements and introduce animal nutrition into its products as well.

Some of the other major players in the market of nutritional and vitamins supplements are Koninklijke DSM NV, Bayer AG, Nemours & Co, NBTY INC, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Glanbia PLC, BASF SE, Herbalife International of America, Inc, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, Pharmavite LLC,  and NutraMarks Inc, and Others.

Market Trends For Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements:

Consumers Gravitate Towards Organic Supplements

The growth of the organic industry has also kicked off in the market for dietary supplements. Companies are now developing 100% organic nutritional and vitamins supplements from agricultural products that are highly sought after by the customer. These organic supplements must comply with federal laws established by the Quality Control International Inc, American Herbal Association and Organic Trade Association .

Field Of Market Research Of Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements

The base year of the study is 2018, with a forecast made until 2025. The study presents an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, taking into account the market shares of the major companies. It also provides information on first shipments. This gives key market participants the necessary business intelligence and helps them understand the future of the market of nutritional and vitamins supplements. The assessment includes oversight of the competitive structure, forecast,  market shares of competitors, market demands, as well as market trends, market drivers, product analysis and market challenges. Market limits and drivers were assessed to assess their impact during the forecast. This report also identifies the main potential threats, growth opportunities and also details the main challenges. The main focuses include the market types of nutritional and vitamins supplements and their specific applications in different areas.

Industrial Coverage On Best Vitamin And Mineral Supplements:

The market of nutritional and vitamins supplements is segmented according to form of distribution, the type, distribution channel, main ingredients and the target end user. Based on the target end user, most importantly, the market is divided into the elderly, babies, women, athletes and gymnasts.

The market report on nutritional and vitamins supplements also analyzes the the main countries for the market as well as main geographical regions for the market in those regions. The countries and regions mentioned in this study are:

  • Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel.

  • Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain. 

  • North America: Mexico, Canada, United States.

  • APAC: Australia, China,South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan. 

  • South America: Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia.

Main Issues Addressed In The Market Report On Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements

  • What is our Vision 2025 for the market of nutritional and vitamin supplements?

  • Is the market demand for nutritional and vitamins supplements growing?

  • How long will it continue to grow and how quickly?

  • What are the types of patents filed by the main players?

  • What home security system presents the greatest growth opportunities?

  • How many patents have been filed by the main players?

  • What are the long term, short and medium challenges for the market?

  • Is there a possibility of a change in the structure of the market over time?

  • What are the latest innovations in the market?

  • Are additional developments necessary for existing service or product offerings or do existing products meet customer requirements?

  • Who are the main companies in the market?

  • Are major suppliers looking for partnerships to expand their business in terms of geography or product?

  • What are the long term, short and medium opportunities for the market

  • What is the medium term, short and long growth for the market?

 Some Points Of Focus Of This Research Are Given Below:

  • Analyze market shares of competitors, supply chain structures, competitive factors and production capabilities.

  • Do an in-depth analysis of the main operating strategies with a focus on localization strategies, sales of several companies, corporate structure, production capabilities and R&D strategies .

  • Analyze the forecast and market size for the current and future global market for nutritional and vitamins supplements during the forecast 2018–2025.

  • Provides an overview of the product portfolio, including product planning positioning and development.

  • Discuss the role of technology companies in partnerships.

  • Discuses factors affecting product type such as: liquid vitamin and mineral supplements, powdered vitamin and mineral supplements, etc.

  • Explore regional sales activities.