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Trade Management Software Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027

Trade Management Software Market Research Report, By Component (Solutions, Services), Deployment (Cloud, On-Premise), Vertical (Transportation and Logistics, Government and Public, Consumer Goods and Retail,Energy Utilities) — Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/5352-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

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Trade Management Software Market Scenario: 

The Trade Management Software Market Size is projected as 11.5% by the forecast period 2016-2023. The trade management software helps to regulate the sales of the business. Also, it helps the business to get higher returns through trade management solutions. The importers and exports can manage the international trades with the software. The risk and cost benefits are high with the utilization of trade management software. 

The trade management software enables safe and secure trades across the globe. It is software that has heavy data about trade and its operations. The documentation, export processes and customs reporting are some of the features available in this software. It is a highly accurate platform with reliable trade solutions. The visibility and control on trade applications are exceptional with the trade management software.

The increasing automation in many regions is raising the demand for trade management software. The on-cloud trade management increases productivity and prevents dangers in trade activities. Also, cloud centralizing all the trade operations provides transparency for both retailers and customers. The adoption of trade management software will be immense in the upcoming years. These factors will increase the global trade-management software market value by 1352.9 million. 


The global economy is suffering challenges due to covid 19. The production and industry operations are disrupted during this period. Both, the international and local trade activities have slowed down during this period. Due to the fewer trade activities around the globe, the need for management software is less. The trade promotion management software market has both services and software implementation. However, both segments of the trade management software market are facing low demand.

Most of the industries and the logistic sector are under the complete shutdown. It creates a declining growth trend for trade management software. However, online trade activities are increasing during this period. For these trade activities through the internet, the demand is increasing. The trade management software market is expected to witness growth in the upcoming years. Also, the trade operations will gradually start in the upcoming years. It will help the trade management software market to regain the demand rate. 

Market Dynamics 

  • Crucial Market Drivers

Global trade is becoming highly complex. Managing this trade operation is difficult for humans. Even with the help of experts the errors and less productivity are prevalent in this trading market. With the trade management software regulating the cross board’s activities is efficient. Also, the productivity in the trade management software market is exceptional with the utilization of the software. Further, international trade activities have plenty of governmental policies. Complying with the governmental rules regarding imports and exports is a difficult task. More mistakes and not following the standards are some of the difficulties faced by many industries.

 However, with the trade management software complying with these government policies is effortless. The software comes with advanced information about rules, exports, imports, customs and tariffs. The work is reduced with the trade management software. Further, investments in the logistics sector are rapidly growing. Logistics is a crucial industry in many countries. Higher investments in this market can lead to high trade activities. Also, many industries are developing their trade operations and volume through management software. The high investments are other crucial drivers of the trade management software market that rising adoption of trade management (GTM) systems. 

  • Market Growth Opportunities 

Advanced features in the trade management will bring high growth opportunities. Trade management is software that has continuous developments. New features attract many end-users to adopt the software. In the upcoming years, there is expected integration of advanced features in the software. AI, ML and IOT make software adoption effortless. Also, with these features, the management software fits the corporate environment. The large scale logistics companies will have a high demand for trade management software in upcoming years.

Even the traditional logistics industries using old software can easily adopt the new-gen trade management software. All these factors can improve the expansion rate of the trade management software market. The launch of the SaaS model will create more demand for trade management software. The software of service segment of this armlet will see a wide range of development in the upcoming years. These factors will raise the revenue rates of the trade management software market. 

  • The Market Restraints 

Today, many organisations require new technologies for trade activities. However, most organization is the restraint to change. Several companies are dependent on legacy systems and traditional trade managing techniques. These legacy systems can lessen productivity and increase the work burden in many organizations.

However, the resistance to adopting new technologies can affect this market growth. With the customer inclination, the market will have fewer growth opportunities in the future. The need for more awareness and effortless adoption of his software is essential. The poor adoption of Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Software can cause a downfall in the demand rate during the forecast period. 

  • The Market Challenges 

Global trade is becoming highly complex. It is a significant challenge for the Global trade management market. Trade between countries is rising at an exponential pace. The rising globalization is making these trade operations much more dynamic. There are challenges in shipments, tracking customers, suppliers and the overall trade process.

In international trade the mode of transport, timing, trade operations, languages and currencies vary. Overall the trade activities around the globe are sophisticated. The trade management software is designed in a way to adopt new trade regulations. However, the operations of the market are dynamics. The feature is not being able to provide effective solutions for unusual trade operations. These technical difficulties of the software can slow down the demand. Also, these factors can affect the profitability of the trade management software market in the forecast period. 

  • The Cumulative Growth Analysis 

The growth trend of the trade management software remains positive over the forecast period. The crucial driver of the market continuously propels the growth rate of the trade management software market. Further, trade software is an intelligent technology that has updated information about new trade policies. The lesser risks and high productivity increases the adoption rate in the forecast period.

The rising investments for the trade management software market will lead to a tremendous expansion rate. However, the resistance to adopting new technologies from the user end is a restraining factor of the market. Also, the complexities in trade activities pose a challenge to the trade management software market. However, the advancement in the software will bring favourable changes in the market. 

  • Value Chain Analysis 

The Asia Pacific market will witness the highest growth rate in the forecast period. The need for Trade Management Software is high. The logistics sector is massive in Asia pacific region. The countries such as China and India have high industrial developments.

The fixed direct investment for the trade management market is high. It is causing high demand for the market in the forecast period. Also, the government initiatives to improve trade operations are higher. All these factors will cause exceptional growth rate of trade management software in Asia pacific. 

Segment Overview 

By Solution 

  • Vendor management 

  • Invoice management 

  • Trade function 

  • Import and export management 

By Service 

  • Implementing 

  • Consulting 

By Deployment 

  • On-premise 

  • On cloud 

By Organization Size 

  • Large enterprise 

  • Medium enterprise 


  • Defence 

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Transportation 

  • Logistics 

  • Consumer goods 

  • Energy 

By Geography 

  • Asia pacific 

  • Europe 

  • North America 

  • The Middle East and Africa 

  • Latin America 

Competitive Landscape 

The competition in the trade management software market is rising in the forecast period. With new advancements, the market players will have severe competition. Also, key start goes of competitor landscape are technological advancements, expansion, acquisition and partnerships. 

Regional Analysis 

The trade management software market is diversified into Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Asia pacific region will hold its dominance in the global trade management system. The emergence of new logistics firms and industries will drive demand in this region. Also, high investments from the government will bring plenty of developments to the market.

North America is the next important regional player in this market. The adoption of new technologies is massive in North America. Also, the presence of top leaders will bring favourable changes in the market. The revenue rates are reliable in this region. Europe will have high demand from the logistics sector for trade management software. It is a region that has high scope for the adoption of trade software in the forecast period. 

The key players of the trade management software market are 

  1. MIC Customs Solutions

  2. Thomson Reuters

  3. MIQ Logistics

  4. Livingston International

  5. Integration Point, Inc

  6. Oracle

  7. Questa Web

  8. Amber Road, Inc.

  9. Aptean

  • Descartes

  1. MIQ Logistics

  2. SAP SEP

Recent Developments

  • The Aptean groups are expanding the supply of trade management software by establishing new partnerships. The cloud-based software has high supply rates for the key player. 

  • Descartes is establishing a partnership with medium and small size enterprises to create more awareness about the trade management software. 

Market Overview

  1. Market overview highlights 

  2. Analysis based upon COVID 19

  3. Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  4. Value chain analysis

  5. Market segmentation overview

  6. The regional analysis

  7. Competitive landscape analysis

  8. Recent Developments

Report Scope:
Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   USD 1352.9 Million
  CAGR   11.5%
  Base Year   2019
  Forecast Period   2020-2027
  Historical Data   2018
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Component, Deployment, Vertical
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Amber Road Inc, Aptean Inc, Integration Point Inc, Livingston International Inc, MIC Customs Solutions, MIQ Logistics, Oracle Corporation, Precision Software, QuestaWeb Inc, SAP SE
  Key Market Opportunities   The rapid increase in the globalization and outsourcing process in the recent years, which leads to the complexity in the supply chain process of international trade.
  Key Market Drivers

  • Growing investments in the global logistics infrastructure.
  • New and evolving security regulations for international trade.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The factors such as growing investments in the global logistics infrastructure, new and evolving security regulations for international trade are motivating the growth of global trade management software market.

    Oracle and Aptean are the companies that are running on the top in assisting growth for the market.

    The verticals such as aerospace and defense, transportation and logistics, healthcare and life sciences, consumer goods and retail, and manufacturing have contributed and expected to witness growth under global trade management market.

    The lack of awareness and organization resistant to implement new technologies are the hampering the market.

    Amber Road Inc, Aptean Inc, Integration Point Inc, Livingston International Inc, MIC Customs Solutions, MIQ Logistics, Oracle Corporation, Precision Software, QuestaWeb Inc, SAP SE are the important key players mentioned in the study of the market.