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Sulfuric Acid Market Research Report Information By Raw Material (Elemental Sulfur, Pyrite Ores, Base Metal Smelters, Others), By Application (Fertilizers, Metal Processing, Petroleum Refining, Chemical Manufacturing, Others) and By Region - Global Forecast to 2032

ID: MRFR/CnM/1505-CR | 128 Pages | Author: Priya Nagrale| September 2023

Global Sulfuric Acid Market Overview

Sulfuric Acid Market Size was valued at USD 13.26 billion in 2022. The Sulfuric Acid industry is projected to grow from USD 13.74 billion in 2023 to USD 17.78 billion by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.73% during the forecast period (2024 - 2032). Sulfuric Acid is a well-known mineral acid and oxidizing agent, commonly produced by contact process method by Sulphur dioxide production using Sulphur in the presence of air across the globe. Sulfuric Acid is colorless and water-soluble, having various applications across the chemical, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical industry. Of total Sulfuric Acid global production, over half of it goes into the production of phosphoric Acid, which producers use to make phosphate fertilizers (e.g., DAP, MAP, APP, etc.) used in the agriculture sector owing to its properties which include root & seed development and overall plant maturation. Other industrial uses of Sulfuric Acid are for producing dyes, pigments, medicines, explosives, surfactants, inorganic materials, and acids, as well as petroleum refining and metallurgical operations.

Sulfuric Acid Market Overview

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Sulfuric Acid Market Trends


Innovations in sulfuric acid production processes and new technologies are expected to increase production efficiency and reduce costs, which will make sulfuric acid more accessible and affordable. Some examples of technological advancements in sulfuric acid production include:

  • Membrane technology: Membrane technology is being used to separate sulfur dioxide from other gases in the sulfuric acid production process. This technology is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods, and it also reduces emissions.

  • Advanced oxidation processes: Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) are being developed to convert sulfur dioxide into sulfuric acid without the need for traditional catalysts. This can reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology is being used to produce sulfuric acid using microorganisms, which can reduce costs and emissions compared to traditional methods.

  • Advanced catalysts: Researchers are developing advanced catalysts that can improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of sulfuric acid production.

  • Smart sensors: Smart sensors are being used to monitor and control the sulfuric acid production process in real-time, which can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • 3D printing technology: 3D printing technology is used in the production of sulfuric acid by creating catalysts, improving the efficiency and reducing costs.

Overall, these advancements in technology are helping to make sulfuric acid production more efficient and cost-effective, which is making it more accessible and affordable for various industries.

Sulfuric Acid Market Segment Insights

Sulfuric Acid by Architectural Process Insights

The Sulfuric Acid Market segmentation, based on raw material has been segmented as elemental sulfur, pyrite ores, base material smelters, and Others. Among these, the element sulfur as a raw material is projected to hold dominant share in the Sulfuric Acid Market revenue through the projected period. Elemental Sulfur Acid emerged as a significant product segment dominate in 2022. Raw materials elemental sulfur to gain the largest market in sulfuric acid with the increased utilization of sulfur in producing sulfuric acid having less pollution characteristics than that of pyrite ores, oil and petroleum refining industries and base metal smelters. Increased rapid adoption of sulfuric acid in various sectors drives the market growth of sulfuric acid. Elemental sulfuric acid to be the processing material involved in chemical synthesis wide characteristics of sulfuric acid with increased production of drugs in pharmaceutical industries boost the market development. It is commonly used as a raw material in the production of Sulfur acid due to its high sulfur content and the ease of converting it into the acid through a process called the contact process.

March 2019, Outotec has signed a contract with the Moroccan OCP Group for the delivery of a sulfuric acid plant for fertilizer production. The approximately EUR 80 million order has been booked into Outotec's 2019 first quarter order intake. Outotec's delivery includes the engineering, procurement, and construction of the plant, which is based on Outotec's sulfur burning system. The new acid plant will incorporate advanced proprietary technologies such as HEROS heat recovery system as well as a converter, absorption towers and an acid distribution system that are made of the Edmeston SX stainless steel alloy. With more than 20 acid plants and several mining sites, OCP Group is a global fertilizer producer and leader in the phosphate industry. The acid plant will be built in connection with their existing chemical complexes and support in OCP's fertilizer production from phosphate rock from their mining processes as a raw material. "Outotec's sulfuric acid technology has proven to be one of the leading technologies for decades.

Sulfuric Acid by Application Insights

The Sulfuric Acid Market segmentation, based on Application, the market is segmented as Fertilizers, Metal Processing, Petroleum Refining, Chemical Manufacturing and Others. The dominating share in the forecasted period as well. Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid made up of sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen. It has a strong smell and is an extremely corrosive, oily, and clear liquid. It should always be handled with caution, even in its diluted form. When diluted with water, it releases heat in a ceramic exhaust reaction. It is an important industrial chemical used in fertilizer manufacturing processes. Around half of the global sulfuric acid supply is used in agriculture and farming, especially as fertilizer. Sulfuric acid demand is used to manufacture phosphate fertilizers, such as the superphosphate of lime and ammonium sulfate. Sulfuric acid increases crop yield, which helps farmers generate more revenue by producing highly nutritional crops.

Fertilizers replace the nutrients that crops remove from the soil. Without fertilizers, crop yields and agricultural productivity would be significantly reduced. Due to this, mineral fertilizers are used to supplement the soil's nutrient stocks with minerals that may be quickly absorbed and used by crops. Agriculture is the major source of livelihood globally; India and the United States are witnessing positive growth in agriculture. So, the market is likely to be driven by the need for fertilizers over the next few years.

For instance, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the global capacity for producing ammonia, phosphoric acid, and potash in 2021 was 315,973 metric tons, which is expected to reach 318,652 metric tons in 2022, thereby boosting the market demand for sulfuric acid market forecast period. The total agricultural and allied products exports stood at USD 41.25 billion in 2021. The growing investments in irrigation enhanced the gross irrigated area, creating a demand for fertilizers and stimulating the sulfuric acid market.

2019 March, Morocco’s OCP group and Spain’s ACS Group have signed two contracts to build two factories in Jorf Lasfar, 120 kilometers south of Casablanca, which will cost €255 million, approximately MAD 2.8 billion, announced ACS on Tuesday. The contracts to build the factories “have been awarded by the OCP (Office Chériffien de Phosphates), following a tender process where several international engineering companies have taken part,” said ACS, an international civil and engineering construction company. Construction on the projects has already begun and will take another two to three years for each before they are ready to operate. The projects will be two of the largest sulfuric acid plants in the world. ACS will build the facilities and implement the processing of two 5,000 tons of sulfuric acid per day, in addition to implementing basic engineering, detailed engineering, and equipment and material supply works. The sulfuric acid will be mainly used in the manufacture of granulated phosphate fertilizers. The energy the two plants generate will be used in Jorf Lasfar, “almost eliminating the necessity of resorting to external electrical power.” The plants will also optimize the production of phosphate fertilizers to support the agricultural industry in African mainland countries.

Sulfuric Acid Regional Insights

By Region, the study segments the Sulfuric Acid market into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. The North America Sulfuric Acid market holds the largest market share and is also anticipated to account for the largest revenue share during the forecast period. The sulfuric acid market in North America is a significant market, driven by the growing demand for sulfuric acid in various industrial applications, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals.

In the United States, the sulfuric acid market is primarily driven by the increasing use of sulfuric acid in the mining industry. The mining industry uses sulfuric acid to extract valuable metals and minerals from ore, making it an essential component in the production of copper, gold, and other metals. Additionally, the oil and gas industry also use sulfuric acid in the production of gasoline and other fuels, further fueling the market demand. The U.S. dominates the sulfuric acid market because of the presence of a large number of manufacturers and increasing demand from various industries such as chemical manufacturing fertilizers, among others. U.S. is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period of 2023 to 2030 due to growing demand for batteries in the automotive industry in the region. In Canada, the sulfuric acid market is mainly driven by the growing demand for fertilizer in the agriculture industry. Sulfuric acid is used in the production of fertilizers, and the increasing demand for food and biofuels is driving the growth of the fertilizer industry, and as a result, the demand for sulfuric acid.

The sulfuric acid market in North America is also influenced by government regulations and policies regarding the use of sulfuric acid in different industries. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has set regulations for the use of sulfuric acid in the mining industry, to reduce the impact on the environment. This has led to the development of new technologies and processes that are more environmentally friendly, and this has helped to drive the market for sulfuric acid in North America. Another trend that is influencing the sulfuric acid market in North America is the growing demand for biofuels and renewable energy. The increasing use of biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, has led to the growth of the sulfuric acid market, as sulfuric acid is used in the production of these biofuels.

October 2021, PVS Chemicals Belgium N.V. (PVS) has started up a new MECS converter and steaming equipment, licensed by DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) at its sulfuric acid plant in Gent, Belgium.

Sulfuric Acid Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

Major market players are spending a lot of money on R&D to increase their product lines, which will help the Sulfuric Acid Market grow even more. Demand for sulfuric acid has been consistently growing owing to rapid growth in end-use industries. Substantial growth in population along with shrinking agricultural land across the globe is expected to elevate the demand for fertilizers and agrochemicals. Fertilizer industry is a key consumer of sulfuric acid. Thus, growing demand for fertilizers will eventually boost the growth of sulfuric acid market over the forecast period. Similarly, rapid growth of the metal industry along with rising popularity of sulfuric acid as an extremely strong acid expected to create lucrative growth opportunities for the sulfuric acid manufacturers. The use of metals is increasing swiftly, owing to the substantial rise in demand from certain end-use industries including automotive, construction, and various others.

The global sulfuric acid industry is highly fragmented. The key players operating in the Sulfuric Acid Market include BASF SE (Germany), OCP Group S.A (Morocco)., The Mosaic Company (US), Nouryon (Netherland), PVS Chemicals Inc (US), Aurubis (Germany), Ineos Enterprises Limited (UK), Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd. (India), Amal Ltd. (India), Dexo Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd. (India) and many more. The market players are focused on investing in research & development and adopting strategic growth initiatives such as expansion, product launches, agreement, partnership, acquisition, and merger to strengthen their market position and capture a large customer base. These players have adopted strategies such as joint ventures, and expansions to enhance their business revenue and market share. Expansion of production units globally is the key strategy adopted by these players to cater to the increasing demand for sulfuric acid. Several companies are following investment and expansion strategies to strengthen their production capacities and penetrate into the emerging markets. An increase in the number of H2SO4 manufacturers & suppliers is projected to boost market growth over the forecast period.

Induron Protective Coatings announced the release of Novasafe, their newest product, in 2023. Novasafe is a thick-film, ceramic-filled, furfuryl modified novolac epoxy that is resistant to the worst conditions seen in treatment facilities. In comparison to typical epoxies, Novasafe's formulation chemistry is unique in the market and allows it to perform what treatment plant operators need in the most harsh settings with one fewer layer and a thinner film than polyurethane/polyurea. Novasafe's special resin and filler package allows it to achieve this.

In 2019, the completion of LANXESS's sulfuric acid plant in Leverkusen, which is not only the company's oldest manufacturing site but also one of the most advanced in Europe. This location has been producing chemicals for 125 years that are still required in many facets of production and daily life.

In Jiaxing, China, BASF opened a new electronic-grade sulfuric acid (H2SO4) plant in 2018 to cater to the nation's expanding semiconductor manufacturing sector. The plant has begun its expansion phase to double its production capacity before the facility is finished, driven by the increased demand from customers.

BASF SE: BASF SE (BASF) is one of the leading chemical producers in the world. Its portfolio is organized into six segments, namely, chemicals, materials, industrial solutions, surface technologies, nutrition & care, and agricultural solutions. The company has an extensive regional presence. It has subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and operates 390 production sites in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and Africa. BASF has customers across more than 190 countries and supplies products to a range of industries. BASF's Catalysts division is the world's leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts. The group offers exceptional expertise in the development of technologies that protect the air we breathe, produce the fuels that power our world and ensure efficient production of a wide variety of chemicals, plastics and other products, including advanced battery materials. The company operates four sulfuric acid plants at its headquarters in Ludwigshafen, in Germany, where the latest catalyst technologies are used.

OCP Group: OCP Group is one of the world’s largest custodian and supplier of phosphate-based fertilizers and associated products for soil health and a leader in applied science and education. Its mission is to provide customized plant nutrition solutions for healthy food production. OCP Group is a fertiliser company engaged in the extraction and distribution of phosphate-based fertiliser products. Founded in 1920, OCP Group is 95% owned by the state of Morocco, with 25% of the country’s total exports being OCP Group’s phosphates. The company’s leading market position is helped by having access to more than 70% of the world's phosphate reserves. OCP Group facilitates more than 30 subsidiaries and joint ventures and serves more than 160 client groups across five continents.

Key Companies in the Sulfuric Acid Market includes.

  • BASF SE (Germany)

  • OCP Group S.A. (Morocco)

  • The Mosaic Company (US)

  • Nouryon (Netherland)

  • PVS Chemicals Inc (US)

  • Aurubis (Germany)

  • Ineos Enterprises Limited (UK)

  • Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd. (India)

  • Amal Ltd. (India)

  • Dexo Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Sulfuric Acid Industry Developments

July 2022: BASF’s Sulfuric Acid catalysts O4-111 X3D and O4-115 X3D are the first catalysts produced with the new technology and are used in industrial plants.

August 2022: PVS Chemicals, Inc. (PVS) is partnering with Energy Systems Group, LLC (ESG), a leading sustainable energy solutions provider and wholly owned subsidiary of CenterPoint Energy, Inc., to significantly improve sustainability at its sulfuric acid plant, located in Chicago, Illinois, by capturing waste steam to generate 2.6 MW of renewable electricity through a steam turbine generator in the new onsite Waste Heat to Power (WHP) Plant.

April 2022: Oriental Carbon & Chemicals has commissioned its additional capacity of Sulphuric Acid Plant (42000 MTPA Capacity) at Dharuhera, Haryana on April 18, 2022. Further, the company has been accredited with 'Responsible Care' logo by Indian Chemical Council (ICC) for a period of three years upto March, 2025. Oriental Carbon & Chemicals belongs to the JP Goenka Group of Companies. The company is a globally respected manufacturer of Insoluble Sulphur.

Sulfuric Acid Market Segmentation

Sulfuric Acid Raw Material Outlook

  • Elemental Sulfur

  • Pyrite Ores

  • Base Metal Smelters

  • Others

Sulfuric Acid Application Outlook

  • Fertilizers

  • Metal Processing

  • Petroleum Refining

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Others

Sulfuric Acid Regional Outlook

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • UK

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Russia

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • Australia & New zealand

    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Middle East & Africa

    • GCC

    • Rest of Middle East & Africa

  • Latin America

    • Brazil

    • Mexico

    • Argentina

    • Rest of Latin America

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Market Size 2022 USD 13.26 billion
Market Size 2023 USD 13.74 billion
Market Size 2030 USD 17.78 billion
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 3.73 % (2024 - 2032)
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2024 - 2032
Historical Data 2019 & 2021
Forecast Units Value (USD Billion), Volume (Kilo Tons)
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
Segments Covered Raw Material, Application and Region
Geographies Covered North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America
Countries Covered The U.S, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, India, Australia & New zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, GCC, and others.
Key Companies Profiled BASF SE (Germany), The Mosaic Company (US), Nouryon (Netherland), PVS Chemicals Inc, Aurubis, Ineos Enterprises Limited, Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd., Amal Ltd., and Dexo Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Key Market Opportunities ·       Technological advancements in sulfuric acid production
Key Market Dynamics ·       Expansion of global phosphate fertilizers industry to increase consumption of sulfuric acid

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Sulfuric Acid Market Size was valued at USD 13.26 billion in 2022

The market is predicted to accrue revenues at a CAGR of 3.73% from 2024 - 2032.

Asia Pacific had the largest share in the global market

BASF SE (Germany), OCP Group S.A (Morocco)., The Mosaic Company (US), Nouryon (Netherland), PVS Chemicals Inc (US), Aurubis, Ineos Enterprises Limited (UK), Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd. (India), Amal Ltd. (India), Dexo Fine Chem Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Element Sulfur had the largest share in the global market.

The Fertilizers category dominated the market in 2021.

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