Personal Service Robotics Market Research Report- Global Forecast 2027

Personal Service Robotics Market, By Component (Hardware, Software), By Application (Cleaning Robot, Entertainment & Toy Robot, Education Robot, Handicap Assistance Robot, Companion Robot, Personal Transportation Robot, Security Robot) - Forecast 2027

ID: MRFR/SEM/1824-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages

Personal Service Robotics Market

personal service robotics market is to reach USD 35 billion by the end of 2022 with ~38% CAGR during forecast period 2016-2022


By Component Hardware Software
By Application Cleaning Robot Entertainment & Toy Robot Education Robot Handicap Assistance Robot Companion Robot Personal Transportation Robot Security Robot

Key Players

  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Korea)
  • Hasbro Inc.(U.S.)
  • Ecovacs Robotics Inc (China)
  • ZMP Inc (Japan)
  • Hansol Robotics Corp. (Korea)
  • Neato Robotics Inc (U.S.)
  • F&P Robotics AG(Switzerland)
  • Segway Inc.(U.S.)
  • Honda Motor Co Ltd. (Japan)
  • iRobot Corporation (U.S.)


  • The rising advancements in automation machine learning and artificial intelligence facility
  • The increasing demand for humanoid robotics.
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Personal Service Robotics Market Overview 

Robotics is a rapidly growing technology in the world. Robotics services make everyday life easier. Personal robotics is an invention that enables individuals to use robotics for personalised purposes. Robotics is complex technology. However, it is designed for users with minimum robotic knowledge. The increasing demand for humanoid robotics stimulates the growth of the Personal Service Robotics Market. Personal robotics services are crucial in commercial, healthcare, agriculture, research and hospitality facilities.

The deployment of humanoid robots is more in the Asia Pacific regions. Asia is known for its high rate of the ageing population. Therefore, the requirement for robotics services is mounting every year. Personal Service Robotics Market Analysis shows that more than 2 billion robotics are essential in Asia pacific in the future. Personal robots can perform household tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming and assist in any household chores. The robots are smarter with voice recognition technology. Also, the adoption of machine learning enables robots to perform task like humans. Therefore, the global personal service robotics market is expected to reach USD 35 billion by the end of 2022 with ~38% CAGR during forecast period 2016-2022.

Covid analysis 

The spread of the covid 19 viruses is causing drastic changes in the global manufacturing markets. The pandemic is slowing down global market operations. Also, there is several repercussions on the value chain of the top markets. The automation and personal service robotics industry is also facing loses in covid 19. There is a 20% decrease in demand in the robotics market. However, there is an unexpected rise in medical robots during this period. It brings the personal service robotics business into the spotlight. The PSR Market is resuming to normal. Also, Medical robotics is useful mainly in the disinfecting processes. Overall, covid 19 has a positive effect on the Personal Service Robotics Industry. 

Market Dynamics 

The crucial market drivers 

Today, robotics services are required in almost every field. Especially, the rising advancements in automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence facility stimulate the PSR market. Smart robotics services are replacing human intervention. The demand for robotics has reached a peak during the past two decades. The main reason for this is the decreasing cost of robotics services. The budget-conscious industries and individuals are purchasing the services.

Secondly, robotics services are essential in the developed countries. This robotics uplifts the economy in these regions. Also, they increase productivity in every field. Additionally, robotics offers new opportunities in underdeveloped areas. It is helpful in these regions as it can fulfil the requirements of skilled labours. The Robotics Market Forecast suggests that the robotics enhance economical and industrial growth in future years. Therefore, the low cost and requirement if robotics services act as demand driving factors of the PSR market. 

The market growth opportunities 

The personal service robotics market has plenty of market growth opportunities in future. The deployment of robotics is essential in every field. The requirement for it is increasing for commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. The most affordable robotics service is for domestic purpose. The demand for kitchen robotics is massive in the future. The adoption of the robotics is happening on a large scale. In the forecast period, it is expected that at least every household will have some form of personal robotics for assistance. The demand for robotics services is fueling due to these factors in 2022. Also, Personal Service Robotics Market Research Report shows that the deployment of robotics prices in healthcare facilities provides more future scope.

The market restraints 

The initial expenditure of deploying personal service robotics is the major-market restraint. Huge capital is required to procure, program and integrate these robots. The per annum cost of service for deploying robotics service is expensive. It is a crucial limitation for medium size companies. The deployment of personal service robots is possible only with huge investments. The medium size companies or households find it hard to generate this initial capital. Also, the robotic maintenance cost is another nerve-wracking factor in this market. The cost for up-gradation and replacement are massive. These factors restrain the growth of the personal service robotics market. 

The market challenges 

The cost of deployment is a significant challenge to the market. The high finance requirements for deploying it for both personal and commercial reasons pose a major challenge. The expense of the robotics service limits the demand from the end-users. Domestics’ users are the most crucial end-users of this market. The high price of this product creates several inconsistencies in the market. Moreover, the use of robotics in commercial spaces is to reduce the number of labour costs. However, the deployment of robotics adds additional cost in commercial spaces. It is the major challenge in this market 

Cumulative growth analysis 

Creating awareness is one of the crucial requirements of this market. The robotics service has high demands in developed regions. In the underdeveloped regions awareness about the benefits of robotics is less. Robotics services are highly essential to meet labour demands. However, the lack of awareness restricts the growth of the personal service robotics market. Also, R&D is required in the field to establish cost-cutting measures. 

The value chain analysis

Europe holds the largest robotics market share in the world. The demand for personal robotics for professional and domestic purpose is high in this region. The personal-service robotics market growth in Europe is expected to be 44% in Europe. The market driving factors are demand from logistics, healthcare, defence and retail industries. Europe is going to reach peak CRGR in the forecast year 2022. The increasing R&D in Europe is responsible for efficient robotics services. Also, governmental initiatives to promote robotics are high in Europe. All these factors fuel the market growth in this region. 

Segment Overview 

By type 

  • Professional purpose 

  • Domestic purpose 

By application 

  • Domestic 

The robotics performs Cleaning, vacuuming, lawn cleaning, pool cleaning and floor cleaning work. 

  • Medical 

The medical robots perform Surgery assistance, checkup and diagnosis. 

  • Agriculture 

The field robots perform Farming, harvesting, livestock managing and dairy farming. 

  • Logistics 

The robots perform automation and assist in warehouse duties. 

By region 

  • North America 

  • Europe 

  • Asia pacific 

By market 

  • Leisure robots

  • Ground robots 

  • Marine robots 

Regional Analysis 

The personal service robotics market is diversified into North America, Europe and Asia pacific. Europe is the central region for the global robotics market. The second-largest market, the Asia-Pacific has high demand. Increasing research and development is the market driving factor. The rate of investment in automation is higher in this region. It is the crucial reason for the highest growth of the robotics market in the forecast year 2022. China, India, Japan and Korea are the key contributors to this market. North America is making considerable improvements in the future. The demand in this region will intensify during the fire cars period. 

Competitive landscape 

The key players of the personal service robotics market are introducing interactive robots. It is a measure to improve the intelligence of these robots. As there is a requirement for robotics new development are expected in the forecast period. Also, the key players are making innovations to survive the market competition. 

The key players of the personal service robotics market are 

  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Korea)

  • Hasbro Inc.(U.S.)

  • Ecovacs Robotics Inc (China)

  • ZMP Inc (Japan)

  • Hansol Robotics Corp. (Korea)

  • Neato Robotics Inc (U.S.)

  • F&P Robotics AG(Switzerland)

  • Segway Inc.(U.S.)

  • Honda Motor Co Ltd. (Japan)

  • iRobot Corporation (U.S.)

The recent developments 

Europe is launching domestic robots that can carry grocery bags. These robots are specially designed to help aged individuals. The robot is capable of lifting heavy objects. The robot comes with voice recognition technology that can identify the owner's voice. 

New humanoid robots are introduced by the key players of this market. The main task of this humanoid is to transform documents safely. 

The key players of the market are intensifying the market in the defence area. This attempt is to use robotics for security and protection. The launch of this robotics will raise its demand in the defence sector. 

The key players of the market are launching robotics suitable for the entertainment industry. Robotics is programmed with human feelings to entertain individuals. Also, they can recognise the face of and human emotions. 

The regional players are introducing robotics for the education field. The robots can teach research and inform people. 

Report overview 

  •  Market overview highlights 

  •  Analysis based upon COVID 19

  •  Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  •  Value chain analysis

  •  Market segmentation overview

  •  The regional analysis

  •  Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The growth rate of the robotics market is estimated to be 38%. The market value is expected to be 35 billion in 2022.

The key players of the market are Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Korea), Hasbro Inc.(U.S.), Ecovacs Robotics Inc (China), ZMP Inc (Japan), Hanool Robotics Corp. (Korea), Neato Robotics Inc (U.S.)., F&P Robotics AG(Switzerland), Segway Inc.(U.S.), Honda Motor Co Ltd. (Japan), iRobot Corporation (U.S.).

The crucial market drivers of the robotics market are the increasing need for automation and affordability.