North America Heavy Construction Equipment Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027

North America: Heavy Construction Equipment Market Research Report, By Types (Earthmoving Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Heavy Construction Vehicles, Others (Cranes, Excavator, Dozer)), By applications (Mining & Excavation, Earthmoving, Transportation, Lifting, Material Handling, Others), end-users (Oil & Gas Industry, Construction Industry, Military, Mining, Agriculture & Forestry and Others) - Forecast to 2027

ID: MRFR/CO/0209-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 200 pages

Please note that the assessment period of report has been updated from 2019-2021 to 2020-2027. Cordially fill Sample form for updated data.

The innovation of heavy equipment has confirmed to be strength of for construction industry. Since last decade, the construction firms have grown enormously after coming into the reality of heavy construction equipment. The actual motive behind this innovation was dipping the labor cost and time. The heavy construction equipment are majorly utilized in the processes of transportation, lifting earthmoving, and material handling and others

North America is well known to be a developed economy in terms of construction industry and considerbeing the second major market in construction industry. Since the tag of developed economy and high disposable income, North America has become a developed market for construction industry and generated the revenue of about XX billion US dollars which is quiet notable.

The US has pushed to be a growing market because of the enormous investment in the real estate sector. Since last ten years, there has been a massive demand arising from residential as well as commercial segment. Focusing the commercial purpose, the US government has taken come up to increase the construction of airports dams, bridges,roads and which has turn out to be a key revenue generation for the construction industries. 

Followed by the US, Canada is known to be the developed market for heavy construction equipment. As the country’s market situation is very sound and huge investment has taken place since decade.

Moving ahead, the report offers comprehensive analysis of industry overview of Heavy Construction Equipment which includes types, application analysis, end users, supply chain management and key regulations in various regions along with the heavy construction equipment distributor analysis.

Nextly, the report covers geographical analysis of countries includes the US and Canada. Furthermore, the report has been bifurcated on the basis of by types (earthmoving equipment, material handling equipment, heavy construction vehicles, others (cranes, excavator, dozer)), by application(mining & excavation, earthmoving, transportation, lifting, material handling, others), by end users (oil & gas industry, construction industry, military, mining, agriculture & forestry and others).

The heavy construction equipment analysis market research report provides detail analysis of market in terms of value market. The report also provides the future outlook of the market till 2021. Moreover, the global as well as market share of various players based on methods is also analyzed in the report. Lastly, the report provides company profiles of major players in the market.

Finally, the report provides trends, drivers and restraints along with the conclusion.

Research Methodology

To calculate Heavy Construction Equipment market size, we have considered revenue of top players in the market and to offer accuracy, our research is supported by industry experts who offer insight on industry structure and technology assessment, competitive landscape, penetration, emerging products and trends. Their analysis is based (80 to 85%)on primary &(15 to 20%) on secondary researchas well as years of professional expertise in their respective industries.  In addition to analyze current and historical trends, ouranalysts predict where the market is headed over the next five to ten years.  It varies by segment for these categories geographically presented in the list of market tables. Top-down and bottom-up are important strategies of processing the information and knowledge ordering, used in a variety of fields including humanistic, software and scientific theories and management and organization. In practice, they can be seen as a style of thinking, teaching, or leadership.

Speaking about this particular report we have conducted primary surveys (interviews) with the key level executives (VP, CEO’s, Marketing Director, Business Development Manager and many more) of the major players active in the market.

Scope of the Report

This market research report covers the North America: heavy construction equipment analysis market by types, application, end users and region.

North America: Heavy Construction Equipment Market

  • By Volume

  • By Value

North America: Heavy Construction Equipment Market, by Types

  • Earthmoving Equipment

  • Material Handling Equipment

  • Heavy Construction Vehicles

  • Others (Cranes, Excavator, Dozer)

North America: Heavy Construction Equipment Market, by Applications

  • Mining & Excavation

  • Earthmoving

  • Transportation

  • Lifting

  • Material Handling

  • Others

North America: Heavy Construction Equipment Market, by End Users

  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Construction Industry

  • Military

  • Mining

  • Agriculture Forestry and Others

North America: Heavy Construction Equipment Market, by Regions

  • US

  • Canada

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Favorable government policies for the development of construction, infrastructures, and energy infrastructures are major tailwinds pushing the growth of the North America heavy construction equipment market.

Mining & excavation is the largest application segment in the North America heavy construction equipment market.

The US holds the largest share in the North America heavy construction equipment market, followed by Canada.

John Deere & Co (US), Caterpillar (US), Manitowoc Group (US), Terex Corporation (US), Oshkosh Corporation (US), Hitachi Construction Machinery (US), JCB (US), Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. (US), and Manitou Americas Inc (US), are some of the top players operating in the North America heavy construction equipment market.

Strategic initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions, collaborations, expansion, and technology/ product launch are some of the growth strategies that players operating in the North America heavy construction equipment market adopt to gain a larger competitive advantage.