Epoxy Resin Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Global Epoxy Resin Market: Information By Type (DGBEA, Novolac, DGBEF, Aliphatic, Glycidylamine, Others), By Technology (Solvent Cut Epoxy, Liquid Epoxy, Waterborne Epoxy, Others), By Application (Composites, Paints & Coatings, Grouts & Mortars, Adhesives, Electronic Encapsulation) and By End-Use (Aerospace, Automotive & Transportation, Building & Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Marine) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/CnM/1204-CR | September 2019 | Region: Global | 116 pages

Please note that assessment period of report has been updated from 2019-2025 to 2020-2027. Cordially fill sample form for updated data.

Market Overview

Epoxy Resin Market is projected to record a CAGR of 5.38% to gain a monetary valuation of USD 7,699.6 Million by 2025. The use of epoxy resin has risen in recent years. The epoxy resin market share has been spurred due to its display of an elevated degree of chemical and corrosion resistance. Its flexibility in thermosetting resin and chemical resistance provides it a competitive edge compared to other kinds of resin. Additionally, factors such as the growing requirement for epoxy-based composites in the transportation industry and stable growth in the construction industry motivate the epoxy resin market size.

COVID-19 Analysis

Due to a worldwide necessity for recovery post-COVID 19 and numerous supply restraints in important raw materials, i.e., crude, isocyanates, E.O., and BNS, there is an upsurge in raw material prices and numerous other related expenses, including freight. As a result, several suppliers are estimated to react to this crisis by increasing the prices for numerous of their construction chemical product ranges. The novel expenditures will be augmented abruptly or as present contracts permit, creating a slight deceleration in the epoxy resin market's overall development.

Market Dynamics


Increasing Demand In Paints & Coatings

The primary factor contributing to the global epoxy resin market's progress is the growing epoxy resin application in the paints and coatings industry, owing to its high corrosion resistance and strong adhesion.

Growing Demand For Epoxy-Based Composite

epoxy resins find application of the resins as a tie-coat, primer, and topcoat to avoid U.V. corrosion and decorative purposes.

Increasing Application In Aerospace

The swelling requirement for epoxy-based composites in aerospace industries is also anticipated to boost epoxy resin market development owing to the need for particular material requirements in the sector.


Fluctuating Raw Material

The unpredictable raw material values of epoxy resin are likely to burden the global epoxy resin market growth during the course of the review period. 


Growing Construction Industry Increasing R&D To Produce Bio-Based Epoxy Resin

The swelling construction activities in the emergent nations of the Middle Eastern, the Asia Pacific & African regional market are further anticipated to create enormous openings for the epoxy resin producers in the forecast period.


Growing Popularity Of Alternative Resin

The mounting need to buildup commercial and military aircraft efficiently has caused high-performance structural materials that are light in weight.

Segment Overview

On The Basis Of Type

The epoxy resin market's noteworthy share in 2018 was controlled by the Diglycidil Ether of Bisphenol-F (DGBEF) segment due to its collective use in the production of materials in more than a few industries such as automotive and building & construction. DGBEA is also projected to witness significant growth throughout the forecast period.

On The Basis Of Technology

Due to its mounting use in powder coating uses, the waterborne epoxy is appraised to be the quickest rising segment of the global epoxy resin market. The liquid epoxy resin held the principal epoxy resin market share due to increasing paints & coatings.

On The Basis Of End Use

The increasing infrastructure development worldwide has made the building & construction industry, the foremost segment, because of mounting at a sizable CAGR to attain a USD 2,696.2 Million earning until 2025. The automotive industry is another substantial segment in the global epoxy resin market, mounting at the maximum CAGR due to the collective usage of epoxy resin-based materials for producing parts of automobiles.

Regional Analysis

North American Region To Be In The Forefront Of Global Market Progress

The U.S. epoxy resin market volume by application is the principal epoxy resin market for second-hand cars, which is estimated to play a vital role in promoting the North American region's dominance. Thus, the need for epoxy resin in automotive refinish coatings is estimated to accelerate the forecast period's regional market growth.

Automotive Industry To Fortify APAC Epoxy Resin Market Position

The requirement for epoxy resin in the manufacture of paints consumed in the automotive industry is anticipated to upsurge the Asia Pacific due to growth in automobiles and individual disposable revenue in the region.

Space Race To Promote European Epoxy Resin Demand

The European Epoxy resin market's development is motivated by infrastructure expansion and the increasing aerospace industry that is  projected to lift architectural coatings requirements in the region.

Infrastructure Boom To Stabilize Epoxy Resin Market Demand

In the Middle Eastern & African regional epoxy resin markets, the number of infrastructure projects is driving the demand for epoxy resin in construction applications. Moreover, the high production of electronic components, automobile parts, and aircraft drives epoxy resin requirement in making composite materials that are weightless in weight.   

Competitive Landscape

The outstanding players profiled in the epoxy resin market breakdown are

  • Aditya Birla Chemicals (India),

  • Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd (South Korea),

  • Kolon Industries (South Korea), Inc,

  • Atul Ltd (India), Ciech S.A. (Poland),

  • Huntsman International Llc (U.S.),

  • China Petrochemical Corporation (China),

  • Nan Ya plastics corporation (Taiwan),

  • Hexion (U.S.),

  • Chang Chun Group (Taiwan),

  • Spolchemie (Czech Republic),

  • Olin Corporation (U.S.),

  • Macro Polymers (India),

  • Dow (U.S.)

Recent Developments

  • Dec 2020 Sicomin Epoxy Systems has stated new marine collaboration and is creating a novel bio foaming epoxy. The firm's epoxy resins have been nominated for ENATA's high-performance Foiler motor yacht draft. The ENATA Foiler boasts an exclusive hydro-foiling system capable of hovering the yacht 1.5m above the surface of the water. The yacht is built of permeated carbon fibre and epoxy resin.

  • Dec 2020 Researchers have contained essential technology for epoxy sealing resources that are used to protect electronic parts, particularly semiconductors, from external ecological factors such as moisture, heat, and shock. The technology will aid South Korean chipmakers to end their dependency on Japanese products.

  • Nov 2020 Sika AG has further expanded its manufacturing capacity in the United Arab Emirates by contracting a novel manufacturing facility in Dubai. Sika is determined to enlarge its manufacturing facilities at the Dubai site to curtail delivery times, upsurge tractability in production, enhance cost structures, and decrease inventories. The locally manufactured epoxy resins are estimated to be an important component of Sika's flooring solutions. The location in Dubai was created in 2018 as a tactical distribution and sales center for the region. In addition to concrete admixtures, the epoxy resins will now be manufactured locally for the Target Market Flooring.

Report Overview

Segmentation Table

  • By Type

    • DGBEA

    • Novolac

    • DGBEF

    • Aliphatic

    • Glycidylamine

    • Others

  • By Technology

    • Solvent Cut Epoxy

    • Liquid Epoxy

    • Waterborne Epoxy

    • Others

  • By Application

    • Composites

    • Paints & Coatings

    • Grouts & Mortars

    • Adhesives

    • Electronic Encapsulation

  • By End-Use

    • Aerospace

    • Automotive & Transportation

    • Building & Construction

    • Electrical & Electronics

    • Marine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Market Research Future States that Global Epoxy Resin Market is estimated to reach USD 7,699.6 Million by 2025.

Olin Corporation (US), Aditya Birla Chemicals (India), Kolon Industries (South Korea), Inc, Atul Ltd (India), Ciech S.A. (Poland), Huntsman International Llc (US)

Building and construction industry is the leading segment, growing at a considerable CAGR to reach USD 2,696.2 Million till 2025, on account of increasing infrastructure development around the world.

Global Epoxy Resin Market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.38% during forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

Major factor contributing to the growth of the global epoxy resin market is increasing application of epoxy resin in the paints and coatings industry owing to its high corrosion resistance and strong adhesion.

Asia Pacfic is expected to dominate and hold the highest market share.