Alginates Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027

Alginates Market Research Report Information– By Source (Laminaria, Macrocystis, Ascophyllum, And Others), By Function (Thickener, Emulsifier, Stabilizer, Acidity Regulator, Others), By Region – Forecast Till 2027

ID: MRFR/F-B & N/1052-HCR | October 2022 | Region: Global | 115 Pages         

Alginates Market

The global alginate market size was valued at USD 728.6 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% from 2021 to 2028.


By Source Laminaria Macrocystis Ascophyllum Others
By Function Thickener Emulsifier Stabilizer Acidity Regulator Others

Key Players

  • CP Kelco
  • Ingredients Solutions Inc.
  • SNAP Natural & Alginate Products Pvt Ltd.
  • Algeria
  • Dohler Group
  • Danisco A/S
  • FMC Corporation
  • Marine Biopolymers Limited
  • IRO Alginate Industry Co. Ltd. Kimica Corporation


  • Application in pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical application
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Alginates Market Overview:

Alginates market size is rising at an exponential pace. Alginates are a natural component that is anionic polysaccharides. It is a substance that is extracted from brown algae cell walls. The brown algae are microorganism that has alginate acids. The cell walls of this organism secrete this acid. When this acid mixes with the water it creates viscous gums. The properties of the alginates are high. It is used as a thickener these elements can form gels. The alginates form the sodium and calcium films.

The application of the alginates is wide in many industries. The food, dyeing, textile, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and printing market has high use of the alginates. The welding rod and feed production industries have the use of the alginates market. Further, the dessert market is another industry that has the highest scope for alginates. The unique properties of these alginic acids are suitable for jellies, noodles, and dairy drinks.

The use of these natural algae is gaining high traction in many regions. The stabilizing agents of the market are helped in the preparation of jams, jellies, and marmalades. The market has high research for the forecast period. The alginates have high research due to their unique properties. The growth of the high-quality gelatin market is contributing to the high growth of this market. All these are factors that contribute to immense alginates market value. 

Covid Analysis 

The outbreak of covid 19 is having a high impact on the global markets. There are many markets are facing new challenges in this period. Supply chain disruptions, low production, and decline in demand are factors that affect the growth of this market. The alginates market is facing less demand in this period. Use of this product is declining in their period. The need for essential food products is high in this market. There is declining demand for food products that are not non-essential.

However, in the upcoming years, the production in various markets is growing. The demand and supply of jams, jelly, increase and other food products requiring alginates are rising. In this period, the use of alginates in the pharmaceutical sector is leading to the high growth of this market. The post covid alginates market outlook is positive in the forecast period. All these factors will contribute to the exceptional growth of the market in the forecast period. 

Market Dynamics 

  • Crucial Market Drivers 

The demand from the confectionery market is a crucial driver of the market. The demand of the confectionary market is improving the overall supply of the alginates. The confectionary market has various desserts that require the use of alginates. The sales and alginates are high due to the use of these substances in the desert market. The use of these alginates in cakes, pastries and ice cream is growing.

All these are factors that will have a positive impact on the expansion of this market. Furthermore, the alginates are having wide usage due to their price. The alginates are substances that are low-cost thickening agents. Due to their affordability, the use of this product is high in the market.

Developing regions are facing exceptional market demand due to these factors. The developing regions are having high investments in the forecast period. Moreover, the personal care products market is having surging demand in the forecast period. The use of alginates as thickening agents in these products is higher. The alginates market trends are surging due to these reasons. 

  • The Market Growth Opportunities 

The surging investments in research and development are rising alginates market growth opportunities. The alginates are a product with unique properties. Due to this, investments are rising in the market. There is high research to extend the use of this product in many industries.

Further, using these products for industries such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics has higher research. The rising disposable income is a factor that contributes to the growth of this market. The per capita income is leading to high spending in the market is contributing to high growth. Further, the technological advancements in the market are growing due in recent years. Due to the technological improvements production in the market is expected to rise. In the upcoming years, a rise in production will contribute to the high demand and supply of the market. The availability of the product will keep on increasing in the upcoming years.

All these factors will raise the profitability of the market. Moreover, industrialization is expected to immensely boost the growth and supply of this market. Growing applications of the market in food, textile, printing and other industries will grow higher. All these are factors that will create promising growth opportunities in the forecast period. 

  • The Market Restraints 

The alginates are used as additives in many markets. As it is a product that is acidic, they are useful in many food products. However, the alginates may cause allergies in some. The side effects of alginates can create a declining demand trend in the market.

During the forecast period, there is lesser demand due to the rising awareness about the product's side effects. Less awareness about the product is another restraint that can hinder the supply rates of the market. Alginates have less significance in developing nations. It is a market issue that can affect overall growth. 

  • The Market Challenges 

The high cost of production is a challenge in this market. Brown algae cultivation is a complex process. Also, maintaining and breeding these brown algae may be expensive. The cost of cultivation can impact the production cost of this market. This cost of the market can slow down the overall growth of this market.

Also, the demand for seaweeds carrageen can affect the availability of alginates raw materials. These are a factor that poses a crucial challenge in this market. The overall profitability of the market can be at stake due to these factors. 

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis 

Alginates market forecast shows a growth trend. There are a few factors that continuously stir the demand of this market. Rising demand from the confectionery market is a demand driving factor of this market. Usage of these alginates in the cosmetic market is another crucial demand driver. The luminaries are a segment of the market that is witnessing high profitability.

Also, the thickener segment of the market is gaining high significance in the food industry. However, the restraints of the market such as the side effects can hinder growth. Also, the high cost of cultivation is a market challenge. However, the growth opportunities are high due to surging investments. 

  • Value Chain Analysis 

North America is a market that will hold the highest alginates market share. The demand for alginates is rising in the food and beverages market. The US is witnessing the highest need for these alginates. The growing demand for the personal care market is contributing to high growth and supply.

The investments in the market are constantly surging during the forecast period. In the upcoming years, more product developments and launches are expected in the market. Also, North America is a region that is having high research in the alginates market. This entire factor will raise growth and innovations in the alginates market. 

Segment Overview 

Alginates Market by Source 

  • Luminaries

  • Ascophyllum

  • Macrocystis

Alginates Market by Function 

  • Thickener

  • acidity regulator

  • Stabilizer

  • Emulsifier

Alginates Market by Geography 

North America 

  • US 

  • Canada 


  • Germany 

  • France 

  • Italy 

  • UK 

  • France 

Asia pacific 

  • China 

  • India 

  • Australia 

  • Singapore 

  • Middle East Africa 

  • Latin America 

Competitive Landscape 

The competition in the alginates market is moderate. Many strategies will happen in the competitive landscape. There are expansion, mergers, collaborations, and partnerships in the market are rising. All these factors will contribute to product launches in the market. 

Regional Analysis 

Alginates market analysis shows three major regional players. North America, Europe, and Asia pacific are three major market players in the forecast period. many factors contribute to the demand of this market. Growing awareness about the alginates will boost the overall growth of this market. Further, the personal care market will create a positive impact on this market.

The Asia Pacific is the next largest market with the highest shares. China, India, and Japan are crucial countries with high market investments. Beauty segments are having high demand in this market. Europe is witnessing a fast growth rate among end-users. The revenue and supply of the market will grow in upcoming years. 

The Key Players in Alginate’s Market Are 

  • CP Kelco

  • Ingredients Solutions Inc.

  • SNAP Natural & Alginate Products Pvt Ltd.

  • Algeria

  • Dohler Group

  • Danisco A/S, FMC Corporation

  • Marine Biopolymers Limited

  • IRO Alginate Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Kimica Corporation

Report Overview 

  • Market overview highlights 

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation of the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Alginates market is driven by its application in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications.

Europe can dominate the global alginates market from 2017 to 2023 due to the high demand for its derivatives.

The macrocystis segment can dominate the global alginates market by ‘source’.

APAC can display a rapid growth rate in the global alginates market.

Kimica Corporation, Danisco A/S, Algaia, IRO Alginate Industry Co., Ltd., Dohler Group, Ingredients Solutions Inc., Marine Biopolymers Limited, CP Kelco, SNAP Natural & Alginate Products Pvt Ltd., and FMC Corporation are major players of the global alginates market.