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July 2016

Every year millions of people around the world both male and female spend their money on cosmetic surgery. Don’t confuse between plastic and cosmetic surgery as both are different terms, plastic surgery means alteration of human body due to different kinds of surgery, and cosmetic surgery means a surgery done on normal body (like head, neck, body, etc.) parts usually for anti-aging or to improvise the look of the people, but in other terms you can say they mean mostly the same, cosmetic surgery comes under the term plastic surgery.

The concept was discovered long back in 600 B.C. by the doctor from India who published the book named Sushruta Samhita, it is a book collective series it was the first in the plastic surgeries as it contained about plastic surgeries and medicinal stuffs. But the father of modern plastic surgery is Sir Harlod Gillies.

According to ASPS report in 2014 around 16 million people had cosmetic surgery alone in United States. The amount of cosmetic surgery was all most twice at the beginning of the century. In 2014 92% of the cosmetic procedures were done on females while in 2001 it was 88%. Cosmetic surgery includes tummy tuck, ear pinning, face lift, eyelid surgery, suction lipectomy, etc. the popular surgeries it include e are liposuction, breast implants, nose jobs, facelifts, Botox, etc.

Cosmetic surgeries have a lot of benefits like it improvise your appearance, not only this the improved appearance changes a lot in a person, it build ups the confidence level, it also increases the self-esteem. It is obvious that if you get the perfect look you wanted then you’ll automatically start feeling better and will get confidence. It is said that cosmetic surgery will do improvement in your overall health.

The technologies used in this surgery are mainly by skin grafting which is transplanting the skin tissue. There are two ways from which skin grafting can be taken that is by recipient or donors, by following ways:

Autografts: this is obtained from recipient, as in the case where there is absence of natural tissue; an alternative could be taken by epithelial cells in synthetic compounds or vitro.
Allografts: it is obtained from the donor of the same type (species).
Xenografts: it is obtained from the donor too but it taken from different species.

There are different age groups for every kind of cosmetic surgery. The reconstruction of the shape of nose is mainly aging from 13 to 19 year patients, because the shape of nose you had by birth will be the same throughout your life span as other body parts can be reshaped just by changing the lifestyle you are having. The nose can thicken and its cartilage could lose its strength, but its main feature will remain the same, always. Then comes the age group of 20 to 29 year who has completely grown up and has gone through the puberty, they mainly go for doing the tummy tucks, breast implants, etc. to be in good shape, size and have the ideal body weight. After this come the 30’s people who are mainly focused towards removing the excess fat they have in their body as due to age their metabolism slows down, nowadays there are lot of techniques that remove the excess fat without causing problem and help the body to be in shape. Then comes 40’s age group who are concerned towards their skin and aging, so they generally go for surgeries of eye, forehead, cheeks, skin, etc. to lessen the wrinkles they start to have due their growing age. Finally you have the age group of 55 and above, due to their old age their face start to fall, the neck skin become loose, etc. so they for facelift and tightening of the skin around the neck and cheeks to reshape them and hide the aging.  

As everyone age differently they have different perspective and have accordingly individual goals too. In my opinion in beauty is everything. 

-Shubhra ketan



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Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Aug 07, 2018

Good article! Positive changes to the appearance of the nose can provide a person with a huge boost in confidence after rhinoplasty.