Mine & IED Detection System Market-Growth attributes to the increasing demand

August 2023

Increased AI Intervention Drives the Global Mine & IED Detection System Market

The global mine & IED detection system market is likely to witness a continual rise in revenues. An increased rate of development will drive market growth. Market Research Future (MRFR) expects the global mine & IED detection system market to escalate from USD 4.3 billion in 2022 to USD 6.9 billion by 2032, with a 5.50% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. 

Mine & IED detection systems are specially designed for military forces and law enforcement. These systems are crucial in battle operations to detect and defuse explosives by disposing of IEDs during counterinsurgencies. The mine & IED detection systems are used in emergency procedures and response actions to handle simulated improvised explosive devices.

Market growth attributes to the increasing demand to control increasing threats of improvised explosive devices that are quite effective against security forces and the public. Mine & IED detection systems are increasingly used in military operations and rising counter operations against terrorist attacks. Technological advancement is a key driving force behind the prominence that mine & IED detection systems have achieved today. 

Over recent years, cross-border conflicts have increased at an alarming rate, triggering terrorist activities in various countries. Conflicts are continually rising in the India-Pakistan-China border, Syria- Lebanon- Israel- Palestine border, the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, and so on. Resultantly, countries across the globe are increasing their military budgets and deployments of mine & IED detection system systems. 

The increasing deployment of IEDs by insurgent groups is expected to drive the growth of the global mine & IED detection system market. Terrorists are extensively using IEDs in various conflict-infected places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Beirut, Ireland, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. There have also been isolated instances in Boston where a pressure cooker was used to construct an IED.

With technological advances, improvised explosive devices have evolved significantly. Defense departments are increasingly initiating developments of AI-enabled mine & IED detection systems. New generations of mine & IED detection systems can even cover a range of frequencies and perform specific operations. Artificial intelligence-based mines and IED detection systems (MIDSs) can help develop customized decision support models analyzing past incidents.

Regional Analysis

North America dominates the global mine & IED detection system market. The region showcases a significant demand for counter-IED systems. Besides, high military expenditure and technological advancements boost the market size. While Canada invests more in developing mine & IED detection technology, the US leads the regional market due to technological progress.

The US focuses more on developing new mine & IED detection systems, fueling regional market growth. Moreover, current military operations in the Middle East increase sales of mine & IED detection systems in the US. The North American mine & IED detection system market is estimated to retain its leading position globally throughout the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific stands second in the global mine & IED detection system market. There have been several conflicts at the India-Pakistan border, the India-China border, the Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea. Resultantly, the region witnesses increasing military investments in initiating counter-operations to control rising terrorist attacks. Moreover, the growing deployment of mine & IED detection systems to counter cross-border activities in the region is a key market growth driver.

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