A Cold Pressed Juice Market Outlook on Fruit Liquid for a Healthy Life

Published On: December 2022

According to the cold pressed juice market outlook, the global cold-pressed juice market is projected to register a CAGR of 7.54% and reach a value of USD 1,163.67 million by 2028. The term "cold-pressed juice" refers to the juice extracted from green leafy vegetables using pressure extraction techniques. There is no part of the interaction that involves edges or turning. On the other hand, it uses a high strain to extend the juice's usage and keep it going longer than regular juice. It is feasible to use refrigeration for up to five days without first subjecting the substance to purification or preparation under high pressure. Cold-pressed juices only contain leafy greens as their sole ingredient. These juices do not have any additives or preservatives of any kind.

Regular Juice vs. Cold Pressed Juice

The primary distinction between cold-pressed juice and regular juice is how they are produced.

Many supermarket juices are made through centrifugal juicing, which involves multiple blades for cutting up and breaking down fruits and vegetables. Though it is a very effective and popular method of juicing, the heat produced by the blades can cause the fruits and vegetables to oxidize, resulting in nutrient loss. Slower juicing methods, such as cold press, can help avoid heat effects.

Cold-pressed juicers extract the juice using a hydraulic press. The fruit is pressed and squashed with little heat to extract the juice and produce a much more nutrient-dense beverage.


With the growth in the cold-pressed juice market size, here are four benefits,

Easily Digestible

In addition to being packed with various nutrients, cold press juices are also simple to digest. This is so because the pulp, which is rich in insoluble fiber, is often absent from juice. Cold-pressed juice, which lacks insoluble fiber, is quick to digest and quickly delivers essential nutrients to our bodies.

Numerous Nutrients

The consumer can get juices that strengthen their immune system, reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, encourage healthy hair, cleanse the body, and enhance energy - and that's only scraping the surface of what's available in terms of nutrients.

Tastes Fresh

Although the shelf life of cold-pressed juices may be shorter, the consumer can immediately enjoy their full, rich flavor! Since many juices sold in supermarkets have longer shelf lives, they may remain on the shelves unopened for several months.

Excellent Consistency

Another fantastic feature of cold press juice is its lovely consistency which contains very little pulp. Of course, whether the consumer like pulp greatly influences this aspect. Following the extraction of the juice, the pulp is left behind, giving the consumer a considerably lighter consistency to enjoy.

Healthy Option

Consumers were highly motivated to keep themselves healthy so they wouldn't fall victim to illnesses like the coronavirus. According to the cold pressed juice market analysis, there has been a rise in demand for natural beverages that do not contain any artificial ingredients. Organic drinks are growing in popularity due to rising concerns about consumers' health and the need to reduce the prevalence of obesity. Although natural beverages make up only a tiny fraction of the health and wellness industry, their popularity is expected to increase as consumers become more open to their health benefits.

Organic products are rising due to rising demand from grocery stores to satisfy customers' growing interest in organic foods. To differentiate themselves from one another, leading players in the market focus on providing organic juices of mixed types, which have a higher nutritional value and allow producers to offer a blend of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients.


The most significant barrier to entry in the cold-pressed juice market is the higher cost of natural juices due to their higher nutritional value. Convincing the sellers by making them more aware of the potential medical problems on the lookout is a significant additional barrier to overcome. Consumers will also notice that the companies devote a larger portion of their budgets to marketing and publicity efforts, which can act as a positive agent to change the mindset of the people involved in the cold-pressed juice market.

Packing Up

The progress made in the food and beverage industry has been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the cold-pressed juice market analysis. Customers were buying in bulk to circumvent lines at stores and reduce their chances of catching a contagious disease. Demand for cold-pressed juices is expected to skyrocket due to their numerous health benefits, despite consumers' strong preference for carbonated soda pops. Naturally occurring minerals, natural elements, nutrients, and other bodily necessities abound in cold-pressed juice. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift in consumer taste toward beverages that are higher in nutrients and minerals, which adds to the growth of the cold-pressed juice market revenue, according to the cold pressed juice market analysis.