Global Denture/ Artificial Teeth Market Analysis & Forecast to 2017 to 2027

Published On: March 2016

Denture Market:

Denture is set of the artificial teeth custom-made for the replacement of the missing teeth and its surrounding tissues.Typically dentures are produced fromvarious porcelain or resin materials so that it gets the support from its surrounding tissues of the oral cavity and can be easily taken out or put back in mouth.The dentures have the translucent appearance same as natural tooth enamel.Also, such denture can be color-matched with the other teeth of the patient.

The replacement of the missing teeth as denture does not provide the exact feel as the natural teeth. However,today, evolution of the dental manufacturing and rising the use of the various materials such as acrylic or composite resin has provided the improvement of the quality of the denture through comfortable and natural look.

Market Growth Influencer

Global denture market is a high growth market. The growth of the market is likely to driven by growing edentulous population, rising disposable income, increasing incidences of dental caries and other periodontal diseases.

According to the United Nation Concise Report on World Population Situation in 2014, the share of elderly population aged 60 years or older in the global population increased from 9.0% in 1994 to 12.0% in 2014; this figure is expected to reach 21% by 2050. The elderly are more prone to tooth related condition and tooth loss. As a result, with the growth in the geriatric population, demand for artificial teeth/ denture is expected to increase globally.

Furthermore, growing disposable income in developing countries, growing medical tourism in the emerging economies like India, China and Japan, and rising demand for cosmetic dentistry will drive the growth of this market in the coming years.

However, factors such as inadequate reimbursement and problems associated with dentures may hinder the growth of the market up to some extent. The market also possesses significant growth opportunities which include increasing focus on cosmetic dentistry and colossal pool of geriatric population in the region.

Denture Market: Market Segmentation

For the purpose of this study, Market Research Future has segmented the Global Denture Market into market by denture type, material types, layers types, & by applications.Based on the denture type the, the global denture market is further segmented into partial denture, complete denture and overdenture. Based on the material type the global denture market is sub segmented into acrylic denture and porcelain dentures. Based on the layer type the market is segmented into two-layer denture, three-layer denture, four-layer denture and others. The denture market by application is divided into functionality applications and aesthetics & cosmetics applications.

Denture Market: Regional Analysis

In the current scenario of global denture market, Western Europe has witnessed a notable growth and also dominates the global denture market. This market is followed by the North American Denture Market. Furthermore, the developing countries of America such as Brazil, Argentina, and Asia Pacific region such asChina, Indian and Japan offers the opportunity to grow as they are the emerging economies.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Asia is expected to witness the highest growth in coming year. Asiapossesses the largest pool of elderly population which is a major reason for the high growth of this market. Moreover, Asia is expected to see the high growth of the acrylic denture as it is a price sensitive market.Acrylic teeth dentures are less expensive as compared to metal or porcelain teeth which increase their adoption in the Asian region. Furthermore, China in Asia is one of the largest hubs for manufacturing the denture across the globe.The largest denture manufacturing hub across the continentsalso supports the Asian denture market growth rate.

Denture Market: Prominent Market Players

The prominent market players existing in global denture market are VITA Zahnfabrik, Yamahachi Dental, Weident, Unidesa, Huge Dental Material, IvoclarVivadent, Newstetic, Merz Dental, GC Dental, Heraeus Kulzer, VipiProdutosOdontológicos, Beta Health Association, Inc., Ruthinium Group, Polident, Klema, and Wright Health Group.

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