Cold Pressed Juice Market Research Report - Forecast to 2027

Cold Pressed Juices Market Research Report By Category (Conventional and Organic), By Type (Fruits, Vegetables and Blends), By Distribution Channel (Store-Based and Non-Store Based) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/F-B & N/1488-CR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 110 pages

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Cold Pressed Juice Market Overview

Cold Pressed Juice Market is proposed to exceed the USD 3.50 Bn Mark at a CAGR of 9.50% in the forecast period ranging from 2018 to 2023. Cold Pressed Juice refers to juice ready by utilizing pressure technology to remove juice from leafy foods. The interaction does not include edges and turning. However, it utilizes high strain to expand the juice's period of usability and keeps going longer than standard juice. It very well may be refrigerated for as long as five days without purification or high-pressure preparation. Cold-pressed juices are produced from a hundred per cent leafy foods with no synthetic compounds. Quality food items are a fundamental part of this way of life, like cold-pressed juices, which are assessed to expand fame in the estimated time frame.

They save and secure the supplements of the soil products, like chemicals, minerals, nutrients, and different supplements present in the juice. Cold-pressed juice contains living proteins, regular anti-toxins, fundamental fiber, and minerals, which are pivotal for ideal wellbeing. Accordingly, the ubiquity of cold squeezed juice is expanding around the world. Cold-pressed juice secures and safeguards the supplements of leafy foods. That implies the purchaser gets every one of the solid advantages of the foods grown from the ground. The Cold Pressed Juice Market revenue is also likely to increase effectively during the forecasted period.

Covid-19 Analysis

The outbreak of COVID-19 has started a checked obstruction in the food and refreshments industry's advancement. The customers are fundamentally buying the Cold Pressed Juice items at a high volume to keep away from the congestion at shops and want to remain inside to prevent the danger of disease. Even though purchasers are essentially disposed towards natural products, vegetable juices, carbonated soda pops, and probiotic drinks, the interest for cold squeezed juices is assessed to show a huge ascent because of their broad medical advantages. Cold Pressed Juice is plentiful in minerals, natural nature, nutrients, and numerous other vital components required by the human body. Attributable to COVID-19, the clients show an expanded tendency towards nutrient and mineral advanced refreshments.

The flood in certain instances of COVID-19 is assessed to make a solid and hearty interest pattern in arising economies and created economies for Cold Pressed Juice. The clients in the market are showing an expanded tendency towards online orders as an option in contrast to visiting stores or departmental stores by the lockdown conventions set up in a few regions.

Market Dynamics

Market Drivers The positive soul given by the juice-like freshness is the major factor driving the Cold Pressed Juice Market. It is, for the most part, liked by the clients when contrasted with those wellbeing drinks. Their rising tendency towards natural juice owes to their medical advantages. The upper and financial status still likes to have natural pressed every day, extending the Cold Pressed Juice Industry development. These natural juices are acquiring prevalent worldwide because of the ascent sought after for the juice among working-class individuals as they are especially worried about their wellbeing.

Market Challenges

The incremental expense cost of natural juices turns into the major challenging factor in the Cold Pressed Juice Market. Another most significant challenge is persuading the sellers by spreading mindfulness regarding medical problems on the lookout. You will likewise check that the organizations contribute significantly more measure of the total for marking and commercial.

Market opportunities

These natural refreshments being liberated from pesticides and other enhancing specialists have expanded the greater opportunities among the customers. The ascent of customer mindfulness about the refreshment structure is the central point expanding the worthwhile chances of interest. An expansion of the client's need towards utilizing the refreshment improves its chances of getting it. The ascent popular for spotless and regular name fixings reinforce the Cold Pressed Juice Market.

Market Restraints

The major restrain in the Cold Pressed Juice Market is the unskilled workers. It is hampering the growth of the cold-pressed market to a great extent. Another major restrain in the Cold Pressed Juice Industry is the high cost of cold-pressed juice and utilization of natural added substances that might hamper the market development.

Market growth Analysis

There has been a high demand for cold-pressed juice as it is natural and contains all the nutrients. Due to the high demand for natural juice, the growth of the Global Market is also developing. Natural juices like tea, coffee, practical, and a lot more have supplements C and nutrient E add to the advancement of the natural juice market. The vital interest for natural juice from natural mango, natural apple, and natural berries, and natural vegetables like carrot, beetroot, and cucumber empower the extension of Cold Pressed Juice Market share.

Market Segmentation

By Type

Based on type, the Cold Pressed Juice Market is segmented as a distribution channel and packaging. Because of type, natural juice incorporates organic products, vegetables, and blends. Blended natural product natural juice is generally ideal as it is profoundly nutritious and makes the maker blend various kinds of natural products, vegetables, and others. The market is divided into plastic, glass, jars, drink containers, etc. Based on the distribution channel, the natural juice market is parted into direct deals and circuitous deals channels of dispersion.

By technology

The Cold Pressed Juice Market uses advanced technology to produce natural juice where the base measure of warmth is radiated out and the measure of microbial ageing so completed is exceptionally less. In this manner, because of the headway of innovation, these natural juices can be put away and appropriated with nothing or not many degrees of additives.

By Nature

Based on nature, the Cold Pressed Juice Market is segmented as natural and traditional juices are the two classes. Natural product juices and vegetable juices are the two fragments dependent on type. Since these juices are natural and include the High-Pressure Processing fabricating system, they are more costly than the standard juices.

By Region

The worldwide Cold Pressed Juice Market is comprehensively isolated into five significant areas: Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, North America, and the Middle East & Africa. Europe and North America are considered as the main region in the Global Market.

Regional Analysis

According to the regional analysis of the Cold Pressed Juice Market, cold-pressed juice is segmented into seven diverse creating areas. These regionals mainly include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and some Asia Pacific areas like Japan, Africa, & the Middle East. North America & Western Europe cover most of the natural juice portion of the overall industry, expanding the Cold Pressed Juice Industry worth of the cold-pressed juice and drinks market. The interest in juice in this region is high as the greatest populace present takes on this juice instead of traditional juice. North America, followed by Europe, is the predominant market where premiumization is in the Global Market pattern. Asia-Pacific district trails North America and Western Europe inferable from shopper mindfulness concerning the way of life, ascend in pay esteem, the ascent of the populace in metropolitan regions, and some more.

Key Market Players

The major players of the Cold Pressed Juice Market are mentioned below: -

Suja Life, LLC,

CEDAR Juices,

Bolthouse Farms Canada Inc.,

Greenhouse Juice Co

PepsiCo Inc.,

Liquiteria Inc.,

Hain Celestial Group,

Evolution Fresh,

Recent Development

In November 2019, BevCanna marked a non-restricting Letter of Intent to secure Little West Holdings (a cold-pressed juice organization).

In January 2019, Cocoloco dispatched another line of cold-pressed natural product juices in Singapore. The new chilly pressed range highlights coconut water in tropical flavours like kiwi, watermelon, and mango.

Market Report Overview

Market overview

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Analysis based upon COVID 19

Explanation upon the Cold Pressed Juice Industry Outlook Dynamics

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Market segmentation overview

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Recent Developments of Cold Pressed Juice Market Trends

The report highlights that the global Market Growth development includes its revenue hike's growth potential by the end of the forecast years

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

cold pressed juices market is projected to grow at approximately 9.50% CAGR during the assessment period (2018-2023).

The value of the global cold pressed juices market had reached USD 2500 MN in 2018.

Based on category, the organic segment, based on type, the blends segment, and based on the distribution channel, the non-store based segment holds majority shares in the global cold pressed juices market.

North America holds the largest share in the global cold pressed juices market, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific, respectively.

JustPressed (Canada), Pressed Juicery (Canada), PepsiCo Inc. (U.S.), Suja Life, LLC (U.S.), Liquiteria Inc. (US), Organic Press Juices (Dubai), Hain BluePrint, Inc. (U.S.), and Evolution Fresh (U.S.), are some of the top players operating in the global cold pressed juices market.

Escalating demand for clean-label and natural beverages among the increasing health conscious population is encouraging the key players of cold pressed juices to expand their business portfolio in the global market

Major key players listed in the cold pressed juices market include PepsiCo Inc. (US), Suja Life, LLC (US), Evolution Fresh (US), and Liquiteria Inc. (US) among others. Cold pressed juices have an established market throughout the globe owing to shifting consumer demand towards healthy diet. Also, the growth in the marketing strategies adopted by the key players is a major driver in the global cold pressed juices market. These listed players account for the major developmental share in the global cold pressed juices market. To compete with the new players entering the cold pressed juices market, the established players follow certain strategies to sustain their consumer base.

PepsiCo Inc. accounted for the highest market share in terms of development and is projected to constitute 32% of the developmental share in the global cold pressed juices market. The company delivers wide range of cold pressed juices under the brand named “Naked Juice”. The company is majorly focusing on expanding its distribution reach. For instance, the company is planning to build a new distribution plant in Chesterfield, Virginia, the US in the year 2018. Moreover, the company also launched an online platform, PepsiCo Partners, expanding its business into an ecommerce segment on May 2018. Acquisition and product launch are also witnessed to be a part of their strategic development in past few years.

Suja Life, LLC accounted for a share of 18% of the overall development in the global cold pressed juices market. This company is highly involved into diversified strategic developments. The company is focusing into new product launches offering a wide range of products to the consumers and is also undertaking strategic partnerships to have a sustainable growth. It is highly involved into R&D and launch of new products widening their product portfolio. For instance; the company launched organic kombucha drink line at Costco, a retail chain company in the US on July 2017. Moreover, the company announced an investment and distribution partnership with The Coca‑Cola Company on August 2015.

Liquiteria Inc. also holds a prominent place in the market with strong focus on geographical expansion. For instance, the company opened a new shop at Chelsea, London in September 2013 to increase sales. Then in 2014, the company opened 2 more shops in the US. The company is also focusing on launching new products frequently to increase their product offerings and compete in the market.

Other major manufacturers include Hain Celestial Group (US), Evolution Fresh (Starbucks Corporation) (US), Pressed Juicery Inc. (US), and Juice Generation Inc. (US), among many others. These companies are also found to have a high focus on strategic product launch to seek consumers’ attention towards their product range. They are also involved in the strategic agreement which will further support the company to expand and reach out to consumers across the regions. Acquisitions are also made to mark the company’s presence and expand their business line. Additionally, the companies are inclined towards product promotions and strengthening their marketing base. The promotional strategy aids in retaining the existing customers and to regenerating new customer base.