Zipper Market Global Research Report - Forecast till 2027

Zipper Market Information By Product Type (Close-End and Open-End), By Material Type (Metal, Coil and Molded Plastic), By Application (Apparel, Bags, Shoes and others) - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/CR/1978-CR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 178 pages

Zipper Market Overview

Zipper Market is projected to record a CAGR of 7.64% to influence an earning of USD 16,957.8 Million by 2024. Zippers are an indispensable fastening constituent with uses in footwear, apparel, and luggage. Zippers are obtainable in several shapes, sizes, and colors. They are mass-produced from numerous materials, such as nylon, metal, and plastic. The usage of zippers has developed from trousers, shirts, and T-shirts as a stylistic addon to a piece of fashion iconography.

COVID-19 Analysis

The demand for apparel has noted a steep downturn across the industry, which indicates clothing makers are not buying the usual number of zippers or fabric pieces anytime in the conceivable future. The transaction has been observed as lesser than ranging 30% and 60% from before the pandemic. The market suppliers are estimated to see a very slow resurgence to normalcy after the effects of the pandemic reduce.

Market Dynamics


Widespread Application In Various Products

The dynamic use of zippers in a range of clothing applications is predicted to further their need for functional and design uses throughout the forecast period.

Changing Fashion Trends

The variance in consumer needs reflects directly on the trends in the fashion industry. The surge in clothing expenditure is estimated to foster positive development in the zipper market.


Growth Of The Apparel Industry In Emerging Markets

The textile industries' development in emerging markets is estimated to open up new avenues for growth in the forecast period.


Availability Of Substitutes

The use of alternative fasteners for clothes and other applications may reduce the full potential of the zipper industry.

Segment Overview

By Product Type

The close-end sector held a more significant market share in 2018 due to the augmented use of such zippers in trousers and jeans. Moreover, the segment is anticipated to record a higher CAGR of 7.74% throughout the forecast period owing to the collective demand for closed-end zippers in numerous products.

Zipper Market By Material Type

The metal segment conveyed the top market share in 2018. Metal zippers are the primary types of zippers in use. Furthermore, the metal segment is appraised to record the uppermost CAGR in the forecast period.

Zipper Market By Application

In terms of application, the apparel segment held a significant market stake of 46.01% in 2018. The bags segment also had an impressive market piece and is anticipated to list a CAGR of 7.52% throughout the forecast period.

Zipper Market Regional Analysis

Presence Of Strong Contenders To Promote APAC Share

The Asia Pacific described control of the principal market stake of 40.03% in 2018, and the regional market is predicted to show the most significant CAGR of 8.24% in the forecast period. China is one of the region's important markets, registering for the largest anticipated market share throughout the review period. The manufacture of clothing has been growing in the region, with the textile industry flourishing considerably in the past few years. This is likely to boost the progress of the zipper market in the forecast period.   

Presence Of Several Top Fashion Brands To Drive the European Region

The European market is assessed to reach USD 4,334.9 Million by 2024. Germany reported for the principal segment of the regional market in 2018. The zipper market development in Germany is motivated by collective consumer leaning for luxury handbags in which metal zippers are extensively used to give a sophisticated appearance.

Competitive Landscape

The outstanding players in the Global Zipper Market are

  • YKK Corporation (Japan),

  • Riri SA (Switzerland),

  • YBS Zipper Group (South Korea),

  • Kao Shing Zipper Co., Ltd. (Taiwan),

  • Ideal Fastener Corporation (US),

  • Coats Opti (Germany),

  • Salmi Oy (Finland),

  • Max Zipper Co., LTD (Taiwan),

  • Triple Power (Fujian) Zipper Co., Ltd. (China),

  • HHH Zipper (South Korea),

  • Keen Ching Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan),

  • Sancris Linhas e Fios Ltd (Brazil),

  • Valiant Industrial Co., Limited (Taiwan),

  • UCAN Zipper USA (US),

  • Fujian SBS Zipper Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (China),

  • Jinjiang Fuxing Zipper Co. LTD (China),

  • YCC Zippers (China),

  • WeiXing Co., Ltd (China)

  • Wenzhou Great Wall Zipper Group Co., Ltd (China)

Recent Developments

Dec 2020 YKK debuted a contemporary line of zippers treated with ViralOff, a technology shaped by Swedish company Polygiene that removes 99 % of viruses on textiles in two hours. In September, the technology was endorsed as the first viable textiles treatment confirmed as productive by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) method. Though the technology is harmless for human skin contact, the company asserts that technology is only envisioned to remove viruses from the product and not the wearer. ViralOff, developed initially in reply to the SARS outbreak in 2004, is previously used for consumer-facing products such as gloves, face masks, denim, and personal protection equipment and scrubs for healthcare workforces.

Sep 2020 Talon International, a Woodland Hills-based zipper manufacturer, has been impacted by California's conclusion to move more COVID-19 testing charges onto private health insurance corporations. Talon, which also manufactures custom labels and patches, had been engaging with Kyla, a San Jose company, to deliver weekly examinations to its 28 workers for $9.99 per employee per month through its software. But since UnitedHealthcare, Talon's insurance business is no longer obliged to pay for regular testing, Kyla's monthly fee comprises another USD 260 per employee for testing, upping the monthly cost to USD 270, which hiked Talon's price to test all of its workforces to USD 7,560 from USD 280 a month and encouraged CEO Larry Dyne to provisionally close the company's Woodland Hills facility and send employees back to their home offices.

Oct 2020 YKK is functioning with Life key, a wearable technology company, to advancing an interactive zipper termed Touchlink. Using Near Field Communication (NFC), the Touchlink zipper aids as a new tool in brands' cache to connect with end consumers. Consumers tap the zip to their smartphone to see data about the garment on their screens, thus removing the need for hangtags and allowing more communication among brand and buyer. The zipper launches in January and can be integrated with brands' existing operating systems. Once brands have purchased a YKK TouchLink zipper, they work with Lifekey to add their product and functionality to its Tap O operating system—much like including an app to an iPhone or Android device.

Jul 2020 Masks and face coverings are the newest fashion trend this year owing to the coronavirus pandemic. People globally are putting their twist on face coverings, including one business that has made a mask with a zipper over the mouth. The company, "Shut Your Mouth," reveals these masks make it comfortable to eat or drink without taking the mask off. Users can unzip when required and then re-zip to stay safe.

Zipper Market Report Overview

By Product Type

  • Close-End

  • Open-End

By Material Type

  • Metal

  • Coil

  • Molded Plastic

By Application

  • Apparel

  • Bags

  • Shoes

  • Others

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Zipper market CAGR would be 7.64% during the forecast period.

Zipper market valuation would be USD 16957.8 million by 2024.

Alternatives like buttons, buckles, hooks, and hooks and loops can deter the growth for zipper market.

The apparel segment would dominate zipper market with a projected valuation of USD 7887.86 million by 2024.

The APAC region would dominate the zipper market. It had a market share of 40.03% in 2018.