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Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report- Global Forecast 2027

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market, By Charging Technology (AC Only, DC Only, AC/DC, Wireless Charging) and By Application (Home, Offices, Retail, Leisure) – Forecast 2027

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market

The Global Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market is relied upon to develop at approx. USD 1.6 Billion by 2023, at 23% of CAGR somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2023.


By Charging Technology AC Only DC Only AC/DC Wireless Charging
By Application Home Offices Retail Leisure

Key Players

  • Braven (U.S.)
  • Fugoo Sport (U.S.)
  • Sharkk (New Jersey)
  • AmazonBasics (U.S.)
  • JBL (U.S.)
  • Skullcandy Inc. (U.S.)
  • Ultimate Ears (U.S.)
  • Altec Lansing (U.S.)
  • Logitech International SA (Switzerland)
  • Scosche (U.S.)


  • Rising Cell Phone/Tablet Selection
  • Rising discretionary cash flow is especially among metropolitan just as youthful socioeconomics
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Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Size and Overview:

Globally, the size of Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers is set to grow at a CAGR of 23%, estimated to reach USD 1.6 Billion by 2023 driven by the rising cell phone/tablet selection are the key development factors driving the Bluetooth Speaker Market.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers Market are convenient speakers that get good signs utilizing radio recurrence instead of over valuable links. Waterproof Speakers Market furnishes remote sound spilling with waterproof usefulness, and being waterproof causes it to remain moderately unaffected by water. 

Expanding interest in portability and developing interest in infotainment administrations are significant driving elements in developing the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report. Less force utilization of Bluetooth speakers outfitted with waterproof and Bluetooth usefulness are different variables driving the waterproof Bluetooth speakers market's development. 

For the most part, the developing pattern of savvy speakers across the globe, because of the moving element of voice associate, is further creating space for remote speakers. Lately, millennial clients' developing ventures in the speakers market and their inclination for useful and simple-to-convey gadgets have constrained worldwide speaker makers to move to remote innovation from wired speakers. At first, most market sellers target millennial clients who like to haul their speakers around while playing music. Organizations like Google and Amazon are progressively focusing on this client base lately. Likewise, the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report is giving extra highlights, for example, sprinkling safe or water-safe, into their contribution to draw in more clients.

COVID-19 Analysis:

COVID-19 is required to affect the Global Wireless Speaker Market in the current year altogether. It is expected to keep on having an impact for the initial two-fourths of the year following it, as the production network has encountered an impressive interruption inferable from the COVID-19 being announced as a pandemic. Asian nations like China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, who have a critical presence of makers of the crude materials utilized in remote speaker fabricating, have encountered lockdown and disturbed the creation plans. 

According to the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report, the deals have been down as the lockdown in the more significant part of the worldwide economies has been brought about conveyances restricted to basics and has brought about organizations amending their income targets. Notwithstanding, in numerous nations, the Smart Home section items saw expanded interest after the simplicity of lockdown.

  • Drivers

The expanding prerequisite for portability, developing interest in infotainment administrations, and rising cell phone/tablet selection are the key development factors driving the Bluetooth Speaker Market. 

As per the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report, the prevalence and development of web-based features like Spotify, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, have prompted ascend sought for Bluetooth speakers. Likewise, highlights, such as long battery life, strict plan, and waterproof Bluetooth speakers, have also acquired prevalence and upheld market development. Rising discretionary cash flow is especially among metropolitan just as youthful socioeconomics is additionally driving the market development.

  • Opportunities

On the side of this interest for remote speakers, the broad utilization of Bluetooth innovation further reinforces the market interest. Sony, Philips, Panasonic, and Bose are the most utilized speakers in the country. 

Moreover, for organizations like Bose based out of North America, the United States creates a critical part of income. For organizations like Sony Corporation and Samsung Group discovered in the Asia-Pacific area, the United States offers a rewarding chance for development. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report is attributable to fast, innovative turns of events and higher savvy home infiltration around there.

  • Restraints 

As per the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report, the accessibility of fake speakers is one of the significant concerns affecting the Bluetooth speakers market's development. 

The materials utilized, sound clearness, and life span of fake items are practically like the first Bluetooth speakers. Such fake items are accessible particularly in agricultural nations, for example, China and India, at an exceptionally minimal effort when contrasted with unique items. The development of such fake merchandise would affect market development.

  • Challenges

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report offers a comprehensive guide to the conduct of market members and the provider scene. 

Likewise, you could get data about essential maintainability techniques that enormous organizations use in the Bluetooth Speaker market. What's more, examiners have painstakingly assessed the effect of these methodologies on market development and rivalry. Players could utilize the report to all the more likely get ready for future market difficulties and solid rivalry in the Bluetooth Speaker market.

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis

Increasing membership or use of online music and real-time video stage has increased the Portable Bluetooth Speakers Market development worldwide. 

Based on the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report, the worldwide music streaming income from USD 1.4 billion out of 2013 to USD 8.9 billion every 2018, the internet web-based stage likewise encountered an increment driven by clients' commitment to streaming, especially paid membership sound streaming. Also, market sellers like Sonos as of late dispatched Sonos Radio, a free advertisement upheld streaming radio experience that carries 60,000 worldwide stations to sound framework. This is additionally driving the interest in remote speakers. Google Home Max, Amazon Echo Dot third Gen and JBL Link 10 are brilliant remote speakers with AI innovation. Usually, the end-client spending on individual virtual associate-empowered remote speakers is assessed to cross USD 3.5 billion by 2021.

Technology Analysis

The rising extra cash, propelling remote innovation, and rising cell phone entrance pushed the interest for Bluetooth sound gadgets. The waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Industry gives remote sound streaming. These gadgets play media from a substance source (tablet, PC, cell phone, or any Bluetooth-empowered gadget). Most versatile Bluetooth gadgets incorporate a battery-powered lithium polymer battery. These speakers are compact, simple to utilize and convey, and introduce. In light of type, Bluetooth speakers have been arranged into compact and fixed. Versatile speakers recorded huge volume deals worldwide, attributable to their ergonomic plan and progression in sound innovation.

Segment Overview:

  • Based on type

Bluetooth speakers have been characterized as convenient and fixed. Convenient speakers recorded huge volume deals worldwide, attributable to its ergonomic plan and progression in sound innovation. Likewise, improvement in lithium-particle battery utilized in versatile speakers gives long playback time, which has upheld these speakers' interest. The development of remote networks and appropriation of cell phones across the globe likewise added to compact Bluetooth speakers' expanded ubiquity. 

  • Based on the distribution channel

Outdoor speakers Bluetooth waterproof Market sorted into on the web and disconnected. Expanding web infiltration and developing web-based business industry empowering clients to contrast various Bluetooth speakers drove with ascending online deals for these gadgets. Internet business locales like Amazon.Com, Alibaba.Com,, and others, offer limited costs on mainstream Bluetooth speaker brands and offer a broad scope of Bluetooth speakers to browse, pulling in substantial volume deals. For example, adaptability, simple item return, and money down boost the online deals of Bluetooth speakers. 

  • Based on the value range

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report is arranged into low-end, mid-reach, and premium. Little and strong Bluetooth speakers by makers, for example, BT50B by Phillips Corporation; and JBL Go by Harman International Industries, have acquired footing among twenty to thirty-year-olds because of their inflexible plan and transparent, stable clearness. These speakers, by and large, go under $50 and have a yield power range somewhere in the range of 3W and 15W, which offers an apparent solid yield to clients.

Regional Analysis

The Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Size is being read for locales like Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World. It has been seen that North America is assessed to represent the most significant portion of the market, followed by Europe. At the same time, Asia-Pacific is projected to develop faster during the figure time frame. The significant development in the waterproof Bluetooth speakers market in North America is credited to the specialized progressions and grounded framework.

Competitive Landscape

The key players in Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report include:-

  • Braven (U.S.)

  • Fugoo Sport (U.S.) 

  • Sharkk (New Jersey)

  • AmazonBasics (U.S.)

  • JBL (U.S.)

  • Skullcandy, Inc. (U.S.)

  • Ultimate Ears (U.S.)

  • Altec Lansing (U.S.)

  • Logitech International SA (Switzerland)

  • Scosche (U.S.)

Recent Developments

  • At IFA 2019, JBL dispatched Pulse 4, a speaker with 360-degree sound and a light show that utilizes high-goal LEDs to create a gathering mindset with music and light. The new speaker has Wireless Bluetooth streaming empowering up to two cell phones or tablets to be associated. Around the same time, Sony Corporation dispatched the SRS-XB12 EXTRA BASS Waterproof Bluetooth speaker in India. This speaker is IP67-evaluated, which makes it impervious to residue and water. In June 2020, China-based Huawei reported dispatching its FreeGo versatile Bluetooth speakers one month from now worked to deliver the one-contact sound transmission alongside remote sound transmission. 

  • Besides, while Zakk, in 2019, dispatched Woodstock remote Bluetooth speaker conveying a yield of 24W, and accompany worked in mic and subwoofer, and public network, Boat presented its Boat Stone 1400 speaker, around the same time, that came outfitted with Bluetooth v4.2 with a transmission scope of 10 meters. Also, lithium-particle batteries' development helped the convenient speaker market massively by offering more expanded recess with the requirement for successive charging. Force banks and fast charging innovation helped with fuelling the interest by tending to charging concerns and decreasing speakers' heaviness.

Report Overview:

  • Market overview highlights the global recognition of the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report analysis 

  • Analysis based upon COVID 19

  • Explanation upon the Market Dynamics

  • Value chain analysis for the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Share Research Report.

  • Market segmentation overview

  • The regional analysis of the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report

  • Competitive landscape analysis

  • Recent Developments of GlobalWaterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Research Report

The report highlights the Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Market Size growth potential in terms of its revenue hike by the end of the forecast years in 2028.

Based on type:

  • Car Speaker

  • Pocket Speaker

  • Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  • Others

Based on sales channel:

  • Organized Sector

  • Unorganized Sector

  • Online

  • Others

By price range:

  • Premium 

  • Mid-Range 

  • Low Range 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Rising disposable income and increasing investments in recreational activities are expected to drive market growth over the next few years.

the segments of the market based on charging are AC only, AC/DC, DC only, and wireless charging.

The market is poised to register 23% CAGR over the review period.

The valuation of the waterproof Bluetooth speakers market by 2023 will be USD 1.6 Bn.

The applications assessed are home, offices, retail, and leisure.