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Nutrigenomics Market Research Report Information By Product (Reagents & Kits and Services), By Techniques (Saliva, Buccal Swab and Blood), By Applications (Obesity, Diabetes, Anti-aging and Chronic Diseases), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest Of The World) - Forecast Till 2032

ID: MRFR/Pharma/2692-CR | 94 Pages | Author: Rahul Gotadki| February 2021

Global Nutrigenomics Market Overview

Nutrigenomics Market Size was valued at USD 0.15 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow from USD 0.17 billion in 2022 to USD 0.66 billion by 2032, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% during the forecast period (2023 - 2032).The rise in the incidence of obesity is one of the major market driver anticipated to propel the market growth of the nutrigenomics during the forecast period. The importance of nourishing food among preventative measures for malnutrition, multiple cardiovascular diseases, and obesity and related disorders is also expected to drive the growth of the nutrigenomics industry.Nutrigenomics Market

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database, and Analyst Review

Given that food consumption is connected to various cancer types and can significantly impact cancer risk, nutrigenomics is crucial in studying cancer to understand the etiologic factors involved. Increased cancer incidence rates around the globe are predicted to drive market expansion. A better comprehension of the genetic component of both wellness and illness, as well as a more effective therapeutic intervention to help with disease diagnosis, are two additional benefits of nutrigenomics. Understanding the molecular interactions between nutrients and the genome is the main goal of nutrigenomics, which aims to understand how different nutrients and dietary patterns can impact human health. It is anticipated that nutrigenomics would strongly support the newly developed therapeutic techniques. Nutrigenomics services have emerged as a result of increased genomics research.

Thus, it is anticipated that the nutrigenomics market will be driven by the rising relevance of nutrition within the target demographic and several advantages, such as a focus on illness prevention and reducing the indications of aging. They consequently aid in the expansion of the market. The high price of name-brand drugs drives up patients' medical expenses. Due to this, many people opt for fortified dairy products and dietary supplements, which contain nutrients like protein, vitamins, and others based on nutrigenomics. Due to the exorbitant cost of medical care, patients are forced to adopt nutrigenomics to address fundamental medical disorders. Importantly, the accessibility of nutrigenomics technologies allows people to make better decisions about their food and health. The rapid adoption of genomics and personalized medicine, the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes, rising awareness of preventative healthcare, and different lucrative pricing strategies employed by market players are some of the favorable factors expected to drive the growth of the global nutrigenomics market.

Healeo Nutrition, a renowned nutrigenomics and wellness company known for using genetic information from clients to reverse fatty liver, has started using genetics to combat obesity and weight loss by introducing a DNA Based Weight Loss and Management Program. One of the top-selling liver supplements on Amazon is Healeo Nutrition's Liver Forte, which has been accepted into the prestigious Amazon Launchpad Program.

In June 2023, Xcode Life became involved in the field of nutrigenomics. The company has implemented an exhaustive Gene Nutrition test that encompasses nearly 50 nutritional characteristics. The test examines the breakdown of macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fats) in relation to genotype, vitamin and mineral deficiency risk, eating behaviors, weight management with nutrition, taste preferences, diet responses, and dietary sensitivities. Xcode studies the interaction between food and gene expression and health, as well as the impact of one's DNA on the body's response to food, as part of its focus on Nutrigenomics. The test enables an individual to gain knowledge and take control of their health and well-being by revealing how genes affect metabolism, nutrient absorption, dietary sensitivities, and more. It enhances the credibility and personalization of nutrition recommendations by taking into account the distinctive genetic composition of each individual. The organization's innovative and state-of-the-art nutrigenomic analysis offers clients a thorough comprehension of the ways in which their nutritional requirements are influenced by the distinctive genetic composition of each individual. Expert analysts meticulously analyze the genetic data to generate a personalized gene nutrition report that provides profound insights into a variety of nutrition-related topics that are customized to the individual.

Nutrigenomics Market Trends

  • Analysis of post-pandemic demand for contemporary infrastructure to assure company continuity to propel market growth

One of the main factors fostering industry expansion is the rising expense of medical care. The CDC estimates that 610,000 Americans each year in the US pass away from heart disease. As more patients spend a lot of money on therapy, medication, and hospitals to enhance their health, the prevalence of these disorders has a direct impact on overall healthcare expenditures. The high cost of name-brand medications raises patients' medical costs. As a result, a lot of individuals choose dietary supplements and fortified dairy products, which are based on nutrigenomics and contain nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and others. Patients are compelled to choose nutrigenomics to address underlying medical issues because of the high expense of medical care. Importantly, people can make wiser choices regarding their diet and health thanks to the availability of nutrigenomics technologies. To manage the rising expenditures of healthcare and lessen the burden of illnesses and health concerns, people are choosing nutrigenomics more frequently. As a result, the market is expanding due to a rapidly increasing demand for nutrigenomics. Thus, this factor is driving the market CAGR.

Another important market trends driving market expansion is the rising need for education in and knowledge of nutrigenomics technology. The following are some of the institutions providing training to the students as a result of the market's rising demand for training and growing awareness of the nutrigenomics technologies: Using academic research, Cell-Logic provides a "Translational Nutrigenomics Course." The course gives scientists, educators, and health professionals the information and research abilities they need to apply cutting-edge nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics toward customized client solutions. Each of the nine modules in the course lasts 2-4 weeks. Similarly, 'Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition' is a master's degree programme offered by the Universitat de les Illes Balears in Spain. Students who enrol in the course will gain understanding of fundamental research methods used in the field, as well as exposure to nutrigenomics and its use in customized nutrition, project design, the creation of functional foods, and issues relating to food efficiency and safety. The aforementioned occurrences may fuel market expansion over the course of the projection period.

The rising burden of noncommunicable illnesses linked to poor nutrition is the main driver of market revenue growth. In order to understand how certain nutrients or dietary regimens may affect human health, nutrigenomics focuses on understanding the interaction of nutrients and other bioactives with the genome at the molecular level. It aids in the development of more long-term strategies for promoting dietary change within a community. The formation of organisations like the European Nutrigenomics Organizations (NUGO) and the International Society for Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics has led to an increase in nutrigenomics-related research and development efforts. During the projected period, market revenue growth is anticipated to be driven by a shift in consumer preference toward individualised nutrition. Thus, it is anticipated that this aspect will accelerate nutrigenomics market revenue globally.

Nutrigenomics Market Segment Insights

Nutrigenomics Product Insights

The nutrigenomics market segmentation has been segmented by product into reagents & kits and services. The reagents & kits segment dominated the market growth in 2021 and is projected to be the faster-growing segment during the forecast period, 2022-2030. Demand for nutrigenomic testing kits is anticipated to increase due to a shift in consumer preferences toward personalised nutrition, which will enable people to receive a customised diet based on their genetic, phenotypic, and medical information.

Figure 2: Nutrigenomics Market by Product, 2021 & 2030 (USD Billion) Nutrigenomics Market by Product, 2021 & 2030

Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Nutrigenomics Technique Insights

The nutrigenomics market segmentation has been segmented by technique into saliva, buccal swab and blood. The buccal swab segment dominated the market in 2021 and is projected to be the faster-growing segment during the forecast period, 2022-2030. There are several different types of buccal swab kits that allow the user to independently extract DNA-rich cells using the buccal swabs. It can also be shipped to the relevant laboratories in an open container that is dry and sterile.

Nutrigenomics Application Insights

The nutrigenomics market data has been segmented by application into obesity, diabetes, anti-aging and chronic diseases. The obesity segment dominated the market in 2021 and is projected to be the faster-growing segment during the forecast period, 2022-2030. Consumer demand for fast food, stress, sedentary lifestyle, etc. are the causes of the globally increasing rate of obesity. Nutritional needs vary depending on the individual, and here is where nutrigenomics is measured as a tailored therapy. The need for nutrigenomics is anticipated to rise as a result of the need to address the obesity problem.


Xcode Life declared that it had entered the Nutrigenomics field. The business has introduced the most thorough Gene Nutrition test available in India, covering nearly 50 facets of nutrition. According to the company, the test investigates macro breakdown based on genotype, vitamin and mineral deficiency risk, eating habits, nutrition-based weight control, taste preferences, diet responses, and food sensitivities. Xcode's research on nutrigenomics focuses on how food interacts with and influences gene expression health and how a person's genes influence how their body reacts to food. Indians have a higher prevalence of genetic variants, which increases their risk of obesity. Given this situation, nutrigenomics has a significant part to play in improving the health of Indians because it provides a personalized nutrition strategy based on each person's genetic makeup.

Nutrigenomics Regional Insights

By region, the study provides the market insights into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World. North America nutrigenomics market accounted for USD 0.1 billion in 2021 and is expected to exhibit a 43.20% CAGR during the study period. Increasing nutrigenomics-related research and development efforts are anticipated to fuel market expansion in the area throughout the forecast period. The North American nutrigenomics market is expanding as a result of the rising popularity of nutrigenomics testing kits and the rising demand for functional foods and tailored diets.

Further, the major countries studied in the market report are: The U.S., Canada, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil.


Source: Secondary Research, Primary Research, MRFR Database and Analyst Review

Asia Pacific nutrigenomics market accounts for the fastest growing market share. Increasing rates of rural people moving to cities and changes in lifestyle are two major causes of the region's rising chronic disease prevalence. Some of the highest incidences of coronary heart disease (CHD) are found in nations like India. Further, the China market of nutrigenomics held the largest market share, and the India market of nutrigenomics was the fastest-growing market in the region.

Europe nutrigenomics market is expected to grow at a substantial CAGR from 2022 to 2030. Increasing consumer knowledge of good eating practices to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases is driving up demand for personalized nutrition. Nutrigenomics research activities are growing in the region as a result of the rising number of diet-related ailments in India, such as obesity, neural tube abnormalities, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, UK market of nutrigenomics held the largest market share, and the Germany market of nutrigenomics was the fastest-growing market in this region

Nutrigenomics Key Market Players & Competitive Insights

Major market players are spending a lot on R&D to increase their product lines, which will help the nutrigenomics industry grow even more. Market participants are also taking various strategic initiatives to grow their worldwide footprint, including new product launches, contractual agreements, mergers and acquisitions, increased investments, market developments and collaboration with other organizations. Competitors in the industry must offer cost-effective items to expand and survive in an increasingly competitive and rising market industry.

One of the primary business strategies manufacturers adopt in the nutrigenomics industry to benefit clients and expand the sector is manufacturing locally to reduce operating costs. In recent years, nutrigenomics industry has provided medicine with some of the most significant benefits. The nutrigenomics market major player such as WellGen Inc (U.S.), Metagenics Inc. (U.S.), Genomix Nutrition Inc. (U.S.), Nutrigenomix (U.S.), NutraGene (India), XCODE Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd (India) and Cura Integrative Medicine (Australia).

Leading provider of genetic testing for tailored nutrition, Nutrigenomix Inc., has introduced a new genetic test for plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets. The company's extensive selection of testing kits now includes a new line of genetic tests that will be available in April 2019. It gives healthcare practitioners with actionable genetic information that they can use to prescribe to patients an appropriate tailored diet for achieving their best overall health, performance, and wellness.

Through genetic testing, Genomix Nutrition assists individuals in better understanding their general health and how it relates to nutrition. Its nutrigenomic testing examines 26 genes in important health areas to find hereditary quirks and offer individualized dietary advice based on these quirks. In April 2017, due to the rise in consumers and end-users, there is a need for better testing services, which are necessary for the growth in the market. Genomix Nutrition merged with Advanced Genomic's nutrigenomic lab, enabling them to provide in-house testing in a more appropriate way.

Key companies in the nutrigenomics market includes

Nutrigenomics Industry Developments

September 2022: The retail sales distribution channels for Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.'s new product are currently being organized. The company has created its first formulated nutraceutical product. A combination of fifteen components from medicinal plants and mushrooms make up this nutraceutical product.

June 2018: In a partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, 23&Me will concentrate on the investigation and development of novel therapeutics and possible treatments utilizing human genetics as the basis for knowledge.

Nutrigenomics Market Segmentation

Nutrigenomics Product Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2030)

  • Reagents & Kits

  • Services

Nutrigenomics Technique Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2030)

  • Saliva

  • Buccal Swab

  • Blood

Nutrigenomics Application Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2030)

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Anti-Agings

  • Chronic Diseases

Nutrigenomics Regional Outlook (USD Billion, 2018-2030)

  • North America

    • US

    • Canada

  • Europe

    • Germany

    • France

    • UK

    • Italy

    • Spain

    • Rest of Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

    • China

    • Japan

    • India

    • Australia

    • South Korea

    • Australia

    • Rest of Asia-Pacific

  • Rest of the World

    • Middle East

    • Africa

    • Latin America

Report Attribute/Metric Details
Market Size 2021 USD 0.15 Billion
Market Size 2022 USD 0.17 Billion
Market Size 2030 USD 0.66 Billion
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 15.7% (2023-2032)
Base Year 2021
Forecast Period 2023-2032
Historical Data 2018 & 2020
Forecast Units Value (USD Billion)
Report Coverage Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
Segments Covered Product, Technique, Application and Region
Geographies Covered North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World
Countries Covered The U.S, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, and Brazil
Key Companies Profiled WellGen Inc (U.S.), Metagenics Inc. (U.S.), Genomix Nutrition Inc. (U.S.), Nutrigenomix (U.S.), NutraGene (India), XCODE Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd (India) and Cura Integrative Medicine (Australia)
Key Market Opportunities Increase in personalized nutrition and evaluation of food safety
Key Market Dynamics Increasing diabetic and obese patients all over the world have given a good opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The market size was expected to be USD 0.15 billion in 2021.

The market is expected to register a CAGR of ~15.7% over the next ten years.

North America held the largest market share in the market.

WellGen Inc (U.S.), Metagenics Inc. (U.S.), Genomix Nutrition Inc. (U.S.), Nutrigenomix (U.S.), NutraGene (India), XCODE Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd (India) and Cura Integrative Medicine (Australia) are the key players in the market.

The reagents & kits category led the segment in the market.

The obesity category had the largest market share in the market.

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