Diphenylamine (DPA) Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2027

Global Diphenylamine (DPA) Market: Information by Application (Antioxidants, Chemical Intermediate, Fungicide and Others), End-Use (Automotive, General Industry, Agriculture, Plastics & Rubber, Cosmetics & Personal Care and others) and Region - Forecast till 2027

ID: MRFR/CnM/3131-CR | September 2019 | Region: Global | 449 pages

Please note that the assessment period of the report has been updated from 2019-2025 to 2020-2027. Cordially fill Sample form for the updated data.

Market Overview: 

Diphenylamine can be termed as an aromatic compound that is soluble in ethers, alcohol, as well as other materials that are either partly or insoluble in water. The Diphenylamine (DPA) Market extends its services to the provision of the lubricants used in transports and industries. This is possible because of the anti-oxidation properties, along with the resistivity against the increased temperatures. Owing to the forecast period, and the Diphenylamine Market Trends, it is expected to witness an increasing demand by the end of the forecast period of 2025. 

The Diphenylamine Market Size is inclusive of its role as an anti-scaling agent, along with being a stabilizer for the explosives, along with the rocket propellants that are solid fueled. It is also a major component in agriculture products in the form of a plant regulator, owing to its antioxidant properties and lubricants. The Diphenylamine (DPA) Market is expecting to register a growth at a 4.06% CAGR  to reach around USD 527.7 Million by the end of the forecast period of 2025. 

COVID 19 Analysis: 

global pandemic concerning the speedy spread of coronavirus, let to major restraints and restrictions for the working of certain companies. Though the industry of health and wellness, medical and hospitality, experienced a boost during the pandemic, some sectors of the market have suffered much. Owing to the extent of the market services to different industries, like agriculture, there is a need for the wide use of antioxidant properties. 

The government is showing interest and investments owing to the use of these in the industrial, as well as the automotive industry. The major advantage of the same is providing excellent protection against the oxidations of high temperature. This is one of the reasons, why this sector is witnessing investments and global expansion. 

Market Dynamics: 


There is an emergence in the demand related to explosives along with propellants that are nitrocellulose-based. These are contributing to widening the demand at a great level, thus stimulating growth. The DPA Market Growth is also experiencing the application of DPA as fungicides in crop production. Also, the consumption of products made of polymer and plastic has increased tremendously. Hence, the market growth is largely driven by these inputs and factors. 


Owing to the environmental concern, and the hazardous uses of fungicides, and pesticides, to both the crop, as well as, the health of any individual consuming the harvest, there has been a rising concern. This is turning to be a major restraint of DPA’s Application, in the agriculture sector, mainly. The growth is likely to be hampered due to environmental pollution, and land degradation concerns. The United States Environmental Protection Agency formulated that DPA is toxic for the health of aquatic animals. 


The Diphenylamine Market Manufacturers extend the use of diphenylamine as a fungicide and make use of the same during the pre, and post-treatment of the harvest. Mostly, the use extended to superficial scalds in fruits like pears, and apples. It is also being used in the form of an antiozonant for manufacturing products like rubber and plastic. The use is also extended to the elastomers in the form of perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and dyes. There is a push in the increased demand for DPA to be used as a lubricant that is projecting a major global growth.  

Value Chain Analysis: 

The Diphenylamine Market Uses are elaborating to different products and manufacturing units. The main use of DPA is in the form of a parent compound concerning the vulcanization of accelerators along with antioxidants for the plastic and rubber industry. DPA, along with its derivatives are added as an ingredient to the products made out of rubber. The main aim behind this is to stop the process of degradation by ozone, along with oxidants. DPA is widening its market and its application scope in the form of chemical intermediates and helping in the manufacturing of pH indicators, curing agents, lubricants, and polymers, dyes, automotive, and much more. 

Segment Overview: 

The Diphenylamine Market Forecast clarifies 3 segmentations of the global market. These segments include sub-divisions like: 


The Diphenylamine Market Trends are bifurcated into chemical intermediates, antioxidants, fungicides, amongst others. Discussing the previous forecast year of 2018, antioxidants were dominating the market with a shared aggregate of 59.2%. A similar trend is expected for the forecast year of 2025. Antioxidants are considered a major ingredient for the production of functional fluids like lubricants explosives, and gun powders. 


The Global SPA Market Forecast discusses personal care, automotive and agriculture, cosmetics, rubber, and plastics industry as the emergent industries. Automotives had the maximum share of 31.7% in the previous forecast of 2018. DPA forms a part of the manufacturing process. The major inputs for the growth are the compressor, refrigeration, and gear oil, turbine oil, transmission fluids, and much more. 


The Diphenylamine Market Growth is more prevalent in world economies like the Asia Pacific, parts of Latin America, Middle East nations, Europe, parts of the North American regions. During the previous forecast year, the Asian-Pacific regions had the largest market, based on the geographical locations. 

Regional Analysis: 

In 2018, Asia Pacific witnessed a rapid level of industrial growth in the manufacturing units of automotive and had a market share of 55.2%. This market is expected to grow at a 4.5% CAGR by the end of the current forecast year - 2025. In 2018, China had a considerably good market share and for 2025, the market is expecting growth at a CAGR of 5.5% approximately. 

In 2018, North America was the second-largest growing market as it witnessed a boost in the industry dealing in cosmetics and personal care. Also, there was a steep rise in the use of DPA in automotive and crop-production. For the current forecast year of 2025, the expected growth amounts to 4%. Separately, the US is expecting to grow at a 4.01% CAGR in 2025. However, for Canada, the predicted growth stands at 3%. 

Competitive Landscape: 

There are many Diphenylamine Market Manufacturers dominating the market size and growth during the forecast period. The key players include: 

  • BASF SE (Germany)

  • Huntsman International LLC (US)

  • LANXESS (Germany)

  • The Lubrizol Corporation (US)

  • Merck KGaA (Germany)

  • Seiko Chemical Co. Ltd (Tokyo)

  • Eastman Chemical Company (US)

  • Duslo a.s. (Slovakia)

  • SONGWON (South Korea)

  • Nantong Xinbang Chemical Technology Chemical Co, Ltd (China)

  • Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Co. Ltd (Austria) 

The competitive landscape is quite moderate and distributed amongst firms like LANXESS, Nantong Xinbang Chemical Technology Chemical Co, Ltd, Duslo a.s., along with Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. There are some prominent reasons for the same like: 

  • The similar market price for the DPA offered

  • Availability of alternatives in controlling apple scalding

  • Growing dependence on the government support, conditions prevailing in the market, as industrial growth and development. 

Recent Developments: 

There is great competition in the Dominant Market Players both for the price, and availability. However, there is a steep rise in the emergence of the local players of the small and regional markets that are increasing their presence, moderately, on the global map. In April 2017, LANXESS took over Chemtura Corporation that is known for its DPA production levels. LANXESS is making an entry into the additives, and organometallics businesses, and emerging as a leading player. In August 2017, SONGNOX L670 was introduced by SONGWON. This can be used in collaboration with SONGNOX L135 with the motive of stabilizing the engines, and automobiles, greases, as well as gear oils. 

Report Overview: 

The DPA Market Report contains aspects for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the industry analysis, with the help of experts and participants. There is an in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic indicators, government implications, and factors, market trends, depending on the segments stated. The historical, present, and the projected market size concerning the value and volume. There recent trends dominating the industry along with the neutral perspective for the forecasted growth in 2025 is discussed. The important and must-have points vital for the market players with the motive of sustaining and enhancing their reach are mentioned, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The global diphenylamine market was valued at USD 397.6 million in 2018 and is expected to rise to a valuation of USD 527.7 million by 2025.

The global diphenylamine market is expected to exhibit a strong 4.06% CAGR over the forecast period from 2020 to 2027.

The leading driver for the market is the growing demand for DPA as an antioxidant in lubricants, the demand for which is increasing from the automotive and industrial sectors.

The leading regional market for diphenylamine is Asia Pacific, accounting for more than 55% of the global market in 2027.

The leading players in the global market include BASF, Huntsman, Lanxess, Eastman Chemical Company, Lubrizol, Seiko, and Merck, among others.

The pricing analysis in general, and of the raw materials. Also, the regulatory framework of the general chemicals, along with the company profiles of the prevalent key players in the market, are the additional customizations available.