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Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market Research Report - Global Forecast To 2030

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market, By Material (Plastics, Glass, Metal and other), By Application (Skin Care, Hair Care, Bath & Shower, Cosmetics and Others) and Region - Forecast To 2030

ID: MRFR/PNT/3697-HCR | December 2022 | Region: Global | 111 Pages         

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market is projected to be worth USD 40.96 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period (2021-2028).


By Material Plastics Glass Metal
By Application Skin Care Hair Care Bath & Shower Cosmetics

Key Players

  • Amcor Ltd of Australia
  • Unette Corporation of the United States
  • Alves Group of Luxembourg
  • CCL Industries of Canada
  • Montebello Packaging of Canada
  • Sonoco Products Company United States
  • Sinclair and Rush Inc.United States
  • Essel Propack Ltd of India


  • Focus on high-quality products Changing lifestyle of consumers
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Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market Overview

Globally, it was marked that the cosmetic bottle packaging market has occupied a market value of CAGR 4.5% during the upcoming years. It has been marked that the cosmetics market projects at a USD of 39 billion at a retail level.

This market is highly attractive and occupies an attractive consumer products space. Adopting new and innovative packaging styles increases the potential rate of the cosmetics market. This diversified field increases the economic growth rate which thus provides serial growth opportunities within the cosmetics bottle packaging industry. Moreover, the use of this new packaging style plays an excessively major role in driving up the market size. Different and attractive shades of blue and yellow, color coding varying in different sizes and shapes have now become the key necessity for personal care. As per the market trend, the reflection of convenient sprays and reduction in sizes have brought innovations in the store shelves. Adopting some of the familiar products in the unfamiliar packages has brought a large number of consumers throughout the world. Nowadays, the key players are spending more on production and packaging. These companies have started using active packaging methods for raising the performance of the cosmetics packaging techniques. Rigorous research in the cosmetics bottle packaging market is another most important strategy so adopted by the key players in the worldwide market. Here the key players have spread their regional presence and have achieved some of the operational efficiencies.

COVID 19 Analysis

The outbreak of COVID led to the shutdown of many manufacturing units. It led to the improvement of shutdown and lockdown, which hampered the trade movements. A change in consumer behavior was marked. The supply chain of the cosmetics product was hampered.

Competitive Landscape

Globally the key players playing in the market include

  • Amcor Ltd of Australia

  • Unette Corporation of the United States

  • Alves Group of Luxembourg

  • World Wide Packaging LLC of the United States

  • CCL Industries of Canada

  • Montebello Packaging of Canada

  • Sonoco Products Company of the United States

  • Sinclair and Rush Inc. of the United States

  • Essel Propack Ltd of India

  • Huhtamaki of Finland and many more.

Market Dynamics


With the change in lifestyle of the people along with the want for high-quality products drives up the market growth. The growth in disposable income and rise in consciousness towards beauty products are some of the primary growth driving forces. Nowadays the reason for which consumers are adopting these products is that eco-friendly products are in great demand nowadays. The people wholly rely on using organic and cleaner cosmetics products which plays a major role in driving up the Cosmetics bottle packaging market growth. More of the users are being attracted towards these products as the brands have been intelligently branded. Digital reformation plays a major role in opening new avenues of expanding market size. Moreover, social influencers have opened many roads to reach out to customers. For obtaining recognition, some of the manufacturers have adopted certain packaging solutions for marking packaging space.


It was found that the cosmetic segment plays a pivotal role in drawing the attention of the users. The engraved graphical and the new packaging designs make the bottles more appealing giving more priority towards rising the opportunities. Secondary packaging purposes are used for packaging paper and paperboard packaging which raises the scope for customization of the cosmetic bottle products. The rise in demand for shelf life extension raises the demand for adopting cosmetics packaging.


The absence of a skilled labor force and the absence of raw materials is the challenging factor of the market.

Cumulative growth

The rise in growth rate during the market forecasts period has promoted growth opportunities.


Rise in growth about the environmental concerns and the putting forward the strict rules and regulations against the market hampers the cosmetics bottles packaging market size. Plastic is the most popular ingredient from which cosmetic bottles are made. Plastics are very much difficult to be recycled thus leading to dumping into landfills. Most of the packaging methods so adopted uses single-use plastics and a large number among them are made up of different layers which gives a premium look to the packaging. Some of the plastic materials which are added to the water bodies cause harmful damage to the sea and other marine bodies.

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market, By Segment

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Market Image 

Market Segmentation

By type

Glass packaging segment covers a large cosmetics bottles packaging market value for use of cosmetic packaging. This covers a large segment and is very much expensive. The glass packaging segment is full of luxury and is considered to be a green and a premium look to the cosmetics bottles. This product is easily recyclable. Some of the other materials like paper and paper board along with the metal products project at a high growth rate in terms of market value and volume. As per the change in users’ preference, the paper and paper board segment is said to be the fastest and the more dominant segment. The paper-based packaging involves hot stamping and lamination which gives a luxury appeal to the products.

By technology

As per the technology, new marketing trends were being adopted by the manufacturers. They focussed on certain golden locations which were used for the production of certain new personal care products and were helpful for short-distance supply at s fewer costs. With the advancement of technology, the adoption of new and innovative designed personal care products like pumps, sticks, sprays, pen type, rollers enhances the rise of cosmetic bottle packaging market size. A reformation has been marked in the cosmetics market. An increase in the number of stocks per unit, changes in technological innovation, and the shift in competitiveness have transformed the market.

Regional Analysis

The cosmetic bottle packaging market extends to the region of Asia Pacific which covers the maximum cosmetic bottle packaging market share. During the market forecast period, the rise in economic conditions along with the increase in disposable income rises the marketing conditions. Adoption of different lifestyles among the emerging population in the upcoming countries of China, India, and Brazil. In the region of China, the bottle packaging industry has provided new growth chances during these upcoming years. The rise in disposable income facilities, increase in information and a change in their lifestyle have augmented the growth in demand for packaging products.

Recent Developments

  • BIG SKY PACKAGING in November 2019, manufactured sustainable packaging solutions named Kinship packaging solutions. This packaging material deals with PCR materials.

  • In January 2020, a renounceable company gave approval of the FSC certificate for supporting the customer’s responsibility to source paper products.

Report Overview

It was marked that the report made a good analysis about all the research activities. It gives a good analysis of the qualitative and quantitative research work. It gives a good analysis about the key opinion of the market players occupying a good position. It gives a key insight into the market growth and industrial performance. The report gives a vivid view of the market scenario which consists of both historical and geographical information. It gives ideas about the expansion in market size in terms of cosmetics bottle packaging market value and volume. It gives information about the changes that took place due to technological advances and the large economic and governmental factors that will affect the rise of cosmetics bottle packaging market size. The report provides detailed information and reveals the strategies that are taking place by the competitors playing in the industry. The report signifies the spread of the market growth to its different regions.

Report Scope:

Report Attribute/Metric Details
  Market Size   2030 : Significant value
  CAGR   4.5% CAGR (2022-2030)
  Base Year   2021
  Forecast Period    2022 to 2030
  Historical Data   2019 & 2020
  Forecast Units   Value (USD Million)
  Report Coverage   Revenue Forecast, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, and Trends
  Segments Covered   Material, and Application
  Geographies Covered   North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW)
  Key Vendors   Amcor Ltd. (Australia), Albea Group (Luxembourg), CCL Industries (Canada), Sonoco Products Company (U.S.), Sinclair & Rush, Inc. (U.S.), Essel Propack Ltd (India), Huhtamaki (Finland), Montebello Packaging (Canada), World Wide Packaging LLC (U.S.), Unette Corporation (U.S.)
  Key Market Opportunities

  • Development of new and diversified packaging styles
  • High potential in emerging economies
  •   Key Market Drivers

  • Focus on high-quality products
  • Changing lifestyle of consumers

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    The global cosmetic bottle packaging market is expected to record a substantial market valuation of USD 39 billion by 2030.

    The global Cosmetic bottle packaging market is projected to register a moderate 4.5% CAGR in the forecast period.

    A few major market players operating in the global Cosmetic bottle packaging market are Albea Group (Luxembourg), Amcor Ltd. (Australia), Sonoco Products Company (U.S.), CCL Industries (Canada), among others.

    Availability of more temperature and sun-sensitive cosmetics products raises the want and need for efficient and smart cosmetic bottles packaging solutions. The packaging material for manufacturing is chosen according to formulation compatibility which helps in fulfilling the customer needs. The rise in the prolonged shelf life of cosmetics bottles increases the growth opportunities of the market.

    Globally, it has been found that skincare products cover a dominating position in the market. Skincare products are in huge demand in the regions of Asia Pacific, some of the European regions, and some of the North American regions. The key players in Latin American, Middle East, and African regions are in significant demand for the use of personal care products. The rise in penetration for the use of multi[purpose personal [products like moisturizers and skin creams has driven up the market size and market growth. The use of hair care products is rising in the upcoming countries is rising the economic conditions due to which it dominates the hair care segment.

    The key players included under the competitive landscape depicts a segmented industry based on the number of manufacturers so present. Some of the raw materials so present are provided by the suppliers which are open for customization. They fulfill the customers’ requirements. These key players give priority to the development of the economic condition of the consumer by using recyclable products and then reusing the products and also by adopting the packaging solutions.