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Aviation MRO Software Market Analysis

ID: MRFR//6949-HCR | 100 Pages | Author: Sejal Akre| June 2024

The global aviation MRO software market is set to reach US$ 10 BN by 2030, at a 4.8% CAGR between years 2020-2030. The dynamics in the market highlight an important transition for how this sector deals with its maintenance operations. The main factors driving the market are increasing complexity of modern aircraft, need for predictive maintenance strategies and cost-effectiveness being a rapidly growing emphasis in aviation industry.
The Aviation MRO software helps to simplify and automate several aspects of aircraft maintenance so that it becomes more efficient, minimizes downtime for airplanes, and ensures full compliance with safety regulations. One of the major factors spurring growth in the Aviation MRO Software market is increased complexity surrounding aircraft systems and components.
Modern aircraft use high-tech avionics, engines and other intricate systems which require very sophisticated software solutions to aid maintenance planning stages as well as their execution. MRO software offers a single platform where all the maintenance workflow from scheduling of routine checks to attending unscheduled repairs are managed which ensures that whoever is performing any kind of maintenance on modern aircrafts always has the right amount information at his or her disposal.
Another major driving factor in the market dynamics is demand for predictive maintenance solutions. Airlines and MRO providers are moving towards predictive maintenance techniques as they aim to anticipate potential failures or problems before operational disruptions arise.
Aviation MRO software combines data from sensors, aircraft health monitoring systems and historical maintenance records in order to predict whether certain components may need attention before they fail, allowing for proactive measures of maintenance and reducing unplanned downtime.
An important thing that has been driving MRO software adoption in the aviation industry is cost-effectiveness. MRO software helps organizations to automate their maintenance processes, minimize manual paper-related work and improve the use of resources which in return saves cost.
Another cost-related advantage is the capability to keep track and manage inventory effectively, avoiding overstocking on spare parts that are not in use yet so much while ensuring there would be no delay during operations. In addition, the market for aviation MRO software is affected by regulatory requirements and compliance with aviation safety standards.

Aviation MRO Software Market Overview

Aviation MRO Software Market is projected to reach USD 10 Billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 4.8% between 2024 and 2032.

The aviation MRO software market size is growing with the help of technologies like digital twins, 3D printing, VR, and AR. The market trends suggest that there has been a substantial rise in demand for reducing the turnaround time followed by the increase in the adoption of software-as-a-service are among the major factors that are expected to drive the market in the coming years, as a part of the forecast period that ends in.

Covid 19 Analysis

Since the pandemic has hit the lives of people and businesses, it has introduced struggles and constant challenges for the market players to overcome. The lockdown that has been imposed followed by the impositions on trade that is creating issues like the import and export restriction, ban on both the domestic and international travel are the market trends that the market is taking time to cope up and settle with. The global market governments that are located across the globe have also imposed various kinds of restrictions that are resulting in less availability of skilled workforce and labor that is likely to hamper and affect the market dynamics during the pandemic year of 2020 and its after-effects. To emerge as competition, post the pandemic and cover the losses that have been incurred during the period, the market players of the aviation MRO software market are increasing their focus towards research and developments to come up with techniques that render operation enhancement and market expansion. 

The Aviation MRO Software Market is likely to be witnessing a huge increase in the quantum of investment in various industries like defense and aerospace. Also, there has been a widescale requirement of aviation MRO software services in the healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical sectors that are likely to develop and produce effective vaccinations and conduct drives to treat diseases for coronavirus during the forecast period.

Market Dynamics


The aviation MRO software market is highly fragmented owing to the explicit presence of a large number of players in various parts and regions that are participating in the performance of the global market and hence, help it capture an excellent market share during the ongoing forecast period that will be ending in. The aviation maintenance software solutions, as a part of the global market, have been registered to be catering to the increasing demand especially during the ongoing forecast period that will be ending in. Also, the global market trends are witnessing a high degree of global market competition amongst various industry players that are likely to lead to product innovation, which attracts more consumers. This, in turn, drives the global market growth amid rising innovation and competition as predicted by the market chiefs for the forecast period that will be ending in.


However, the aviation MRO software industry has been witnessing the rising prevalence of factors that are likely to restrain the global market from growing as per the predictions that have been laid for the forecast period between. The high cost that is associated with the installation of market software backed by the lack of knowledge is likely to hamper the growing ability of the global Aviation MRO Software Market. The market is working to cover these factors and convert them into driving forces for the global market operations.

Technology Analysis

The Aviation MRO Software Market is witnessing a huge expenditure and spending in sectors like aerospace and defense. This is globally helping the market to secure opportunities that help in enhancing innovation and implementation of the aviation MRO software. The aviation MRO software industry is witnessing the rising interest of the military to make use of the software in war games that helps in training the soldiers which further require these technologies offered. Key market players like Entrust Solutions are coming up with innovative aviation MRO software, technologies, and services like artificial intelligence and ML that help in improving efficiency that is presented to the market end-users. 

Segment Overview

The aviation MRO software market growth is dependent on the revenue potential that is possessed by the segments that are known to be functional in mushrooming regions across the globe. Also, these segments have an imperative role to play in helping in the large-scale expansion of the market services and operations that are helpful for spreading the required information and awareness amongst the target audience that is spread in these global regions. The market has been divided based on the following segments:

Based on platform

The aviation MRO software market has been segmented and includes the following:

  • Aerial Delivery Drones

  • Ground Delivery Vehicles

Based on solution

The aviation MRO market has been segmented and the sub-segments are as follows

  • Hardware

  • Infrastructure

  • Software

Based on type

The Aviation MRO Software Market has been segmented based on the type and includes the following:

  • Fixed-wing

  • Rotary-wing

  • Hybrid

Based on application

The aviation MRO software market has been segmented and the segments are as follows:

  • Logistics & Transportation

  • Healthcare & Pharmacy

  • Retail & Food Delivery

Regional Analysis

The MRO software market in aviation is likely to witness substantial market growth in the Asian Pacific region during the forecast period that ends in. A reliable increase in passenger traffic is emerging as the primary reason for the increased demand for maintenance technicians, and thereby, MRO software, especially in developing countries of the APAC region such as India, China, Japan, and Singapore. The market and domestic countries are also expected to witness high growth in the international market scale owing to the presence of various major aviation MRO software providers, like HCL Technologies Limited (India) and Ramco Systems Limited (India).

Competitive Landscape

The aviation MRO software companies that are expected to soar high owing to the splendid degree of equilibrium between the demand and the supply chain mechanism of the aviation MRO software market are mentioned as follows:

  • IBS Software (India)

  • Flatirons Solutions, Inc. (US)

  • Rusada (Switzerland)

  • Sopra Steria (France)

  • Communications Software Limited (UK)

  • Aviation Intertec Services (Canada)

  • GE Aviation (US)

  • BytzSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)

  • Lufthansa Technik AG (Germany)

  • Tracware Limited (UK)

  • Aerosoft Systems Inc. (US)

  • FLY Online Tools (US)

Recent Developments

The MRO industry is known to be using aviation MRO software mainly for the enhancement of the functional efficiency for various aviation MRO activities, such as services, maintenance, upgrade, and retrofitting of different aircraft engines, spares, components, and systems. The MROs segment has further been classified based on employee size, considering which the adoption of aviation MRO software is decided. The talks regarding the replacement of old MRO software systems with advanced digitalized software solutions and IT infrastructure modernization programs are likely to water the expectations to drive the MROs segment.

Many prominent and key players such as Honeywell International, Inc. are taking to the international market for launching new and advanced MRO solutions to strengthen their presence in the aviation MRO software market. Honeywell International, Inc. launched its new range - Honeywell Forge for Airlines in July 2019. It is an advanced analytics-based platform that helps and provides data for flight efficiency, flight operations, and other provisions like connected maintenance.

The cloud segment of the aviation MRO software market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period that ends in. Cloud-based solutions are also called software-as-a-service. These services and solutions are provided as a service wherein the ERP vendor manages the tasks like data, and the services are accessed through the help of a web browser. More recently, the global market industry has adopted a hybrid model, in which cloud software is hosted on a company’s private servers.

Report Overview

The Aviation MRO Software Market report helps in studying the growth trends prevailing in favor of the market. These trends are likely to render help to the players that grow as per the predicted figures during the forecast period. The market report aims to render help by discussing the segment performance and the rising role of the market players in the form of recent developments undertaken during the forecast period that will be ending in. The market also discusses the impact of the pandemic outbreak on the global spread of the market operations.

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