Application Modernization Services Market Research Report-Forecast till 2030

Global Application Modernization Services Market Research Report, Type (Cloud Application Migration, Ui Modernization), Organization Size (Sme, Large Enterprise), Industry Vertical (Media & Entertainment, Bfsi, Retail, Healthcare) - Forecast Till 2030

ID: MRFR/ICT/4093-HCR | February 2021 | Region: Global | 100 pages         

Application Modernization Services Market

Application Modernization Services Market is expected to reach USD 24.8 billion, growing at a CAGR of 16.8% by 2030.


By Vertical Healthcare IT Telecommunications Energy and utilities Manufacturing Consumer goods and retail
By Deployment Type Hybrid cloud Private cloud Public cloud
By Application Post modernisation Application portfolio assignment UI modernisation Cloud application mitigation Application integration Application re-platforming

Key Players

  • Wipro
  • Virtusa
  • IBM
  • Capgemini
  • Software
  • Aspire Systems
  • Oracle
  • DXC Technology
  • NTT Data
  • Accenture
  • HCL
  • Bell Integrator
  • Dell
  • Cognizant
  • Blu Age
  • Fujitsu


  • Good technologies and improved applications these benefits are attainable
  • Help enterprises to communicate effectively with their customers
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Application Modernization Services Market synopsis:

Application Modernization Services Market is expected to reach USD 24.8 billion, growing at a CAGR of 16.8% by 2030. Application modernisation service is a modification of new applications in business. This service is essential in cloud re-plat forming, hosting and re-engineering. New functions and changes in the business are integrated with these services. Developing new applications for business is an expansive task.

However, with this service using existing programs in a new form is possible. This process has plenty of benefits. A wide range of enterprises and organisations benefits from their operations. The performance of the application is improved to make it compatible with new software and systems. In many regions, legacy systems are slowing down productivity. The old systems are not suitable for the current work atmosphere. 

The efficiency of the business processes is affected through these systems. However, transforming those business models into new applications is possible. There is a wide range of industries that adopt these systems. Industrial, automotive, oil and gas industries have a higher requirement of application modernisation. The improvements in businesses are expected to drive demand for application software. As per Application Modernization Services Market Forecast these factors are expected to increase overall value.

COVID Analysis 

The outbreak of covid 19 is an unexpected event in the global market. Supply disruptions, fewer deployments and production issues are some of the challenges in the market. Most of the application modernization services market is affected from both economic and health end.

However, this pandemic has to lead to work from home scenarios. It is reducing technological advancement in any company. Due to this, demand for the application modernisation services is decreasing. The cash flow of the pandemic is affected due to these reasons. Companies are making less spending on this software.

IT sector is witnessing delayed demands and supplies from the market. Since 2020, demand for these services is sharply decreasing. The need for application modernisation is less among companies that work remotely. However, from 2021 the application modernization services market will witness more growth. Demand is estimated to be immense in upcoming years. Post covid 19 scenario and the resuming of offices will bring favourable changes in the application modernization services market. 

Market Dynamics 

  • Crucial Market Drivers 

The need for improved software functions is changing the business environment. The need for enhanced software will drive demand for the application modernization services market. Any business requires continuous improvements and upgrades. Changing periodically can help them to meet the growing customer needs. The customer requirement is dynamic. Organisations need to adapt to such changes. 

Technological advancements are crucial for transformation. The services and applications of the organization are modified by these enhancements. The application modernisation software helps many enterprises to meet the growing competition. The rising need for increased delivery of information among enterprises drives demand. Today, organisations deal with a high amount of data. Delivery of this information is proper through exceptional technologies. Many enterprises can reach out to their customers effectively through these good applications. 

The application modernization services help enterprises to communicate effectively with their customers. Through good technologies and improved applications these benefits are attainable. These market drivers are expected to stir the demand among the end-users. Modernization Services Market Growth is immense due to these drivers. In the next few years, the divers of the market will intensify leading to high revenue rates for the market. 

  • The Market Growth Opportunities 

The existence of large legacy systems can lead to high growth opportunities. Adoption of new technologies for these organisations can increase their expenditure. Modernising the existing solution is the only way to reduce cost. With the higher number of legacy systems need for application modernising is growing. In upcoming years, most businesses will adopt new business technologies. The old legacy systems will be transformed. 

This transition of businesses will bring high development. Revenue and expansion rate of the application modernization services market will be more due to these factors. The demand for the BFSI market is expected to boost growth opportunities. Cash deposit, draft deposit, processing loan are some of the applications of this market. This sector widely uses the legacy system. The high adoption of application modernisation services in this sector will spark growth.

Today, fraud, invoicing and other operations are advancing. For this advancing work environment, the modernization application is necessary. Further, the adoption of the cloud is leading to more modern systems. Organisations require effective software to function in today’s business world. To adopt software such as cloud computing modern systems are necessary. These factors increase demand for application modernisation services. These growth opportunities will contribute to expansion of Application Modernization Services Market Size.

  • The Market Restraints 

High cost in application modernisation services market is restraints. The functions of modernisation can cost more for many organisations. Many enterprises find it convincing to purchase new systems. Many are sceptical about the worth of application modernizations. Compatibility issues are common in many modernisation processes. 

This can impede the growth of application services. The emerging nations are affected by the cost barrier. The awareness about the technology is higher in these regions. The need for modernised applications is plenty. However, high costs can create declining Application Modernization Services Market Trends.

  • The Market Challenges 

Reduced spending on technology is the challenge of the application modernization services market. Due to covid 19, many businesses are operating remotely. Office and commercial buildings utilise technology. However, working in a home setting is reducing the expenditure on technology. It is a significant challenge of the market that can affect the growth rate. 

Moreover, this ongoing trend is expected to affect the application modernization services market post covid. In the next few years, remote working will be prevalent in many regions. The reduced organisational costs are leading to more remote working options. It will decline overall spending on Application Modernization Services Business.

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis 

The Application Modernization Services Market Analysis cloud application modernisation is gaining more traction in many regions. Cloud is helpful to mitigate legacy systems efficiency. The deployment of these application services is growing in many economies. Improved software functions and a wide range of demand from various economies are leading to high demand.

High cost is a serious restraint of the market. Also, reduced spending on technology can lead to a declining trend. However, with the promising growth opportunities, the overall demand is substantial. Growing investments for the market will bring new developments. The contribution of the SME segment is high for the revenue and growth of this market. 

  • Value Chain Analysis 

The Asia Pacific is leading with high Application Modernization Services Market Share. Rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region is surging demand for application modernisation. It is a region that holds more than 50% of its shares. 

Presence of Application Modernization Services Market Players as India, China and Japan create growth. The need for technologies is increasing the adoption of this market. APAC shows positive growth opportunities due to the presence of key players. 

Hybrid cloud will have more adoption in the IT sector. The Healthcare sector is raising its investments for application modernisation. The outbreak of covid is raising demand from health end. All these factors will Asia pacific a profitable shareholder of the market. 

Segment Overview 

Application Modernization Services Market Segments

  • Post modernisation 

  • Application portfolio assignment 

  • UI modernisation 

  • Cloud application mitigation 

  • Application integration 

  • Application re-platforming 

By Deployment Type 

  • Hybrid cloud 

  • Private cloud 

  • Public cloud 

By Vertical 

  • Healthcare 

  • IT 

  • Telecommunications 

  • Energy and utilities

  • Manufacturing 

  • Consumer goods and retail 

Competitive Landscape 

Competition in the application modernisation service is rising. There are plenty of new developments in the market that lead to high growth. Market acquisitions, expansions, mergers and collaborations will happen in the market. Digital transformation will provide a high transition rate from old to new technologies. Therefore, services of the market are expanding. 

Regional Analysis 

The Application Modernization Services Industry is fragmented into Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. The Asia Pacific is leading with market growth. Countries such as China, India and Japan are key contributors to the market. Improving enterprises have high growth for application modernisation.

 With the rapid growth in business the expansion o the market is high. North America is the next large key player in the market. Application modernisation services have a rapid adoption rate. Rising investments in this market lead to new development. The presence of key players is high in North America. Also, Europe is another market with exceptional growth possibilities. It is a region with a high expansion rate. 

The key players of application modernisation services are 

  1. Wipro 

  2. Virtusa

  3. IBM

  4. Capgemini

  5. Software

  6. Aspire Systems 

  7. Oracle

  8. DXC Technology 

  9. NTT Data

  • Accenture

  1. HCL

  2. Bell Integrator

  3. Dell

  4. Cognizant

  5. Blu Age

  6. Fujitsu

Recent Developments 

  1. Digital transformation is common in the core builder. The key players of the market are partnering with core application builders. 

  1. The key players of the market are strengthening their product portfolio in upcoming years. Strengthening the portfolio will bring plenty of changes in the market. 

Report Overview 

  1. Market Overview Highlights 

  2. Analysis Based Upon COVID 19

  3. Explanation Upon The Market Dynamics

  4. Value Chain Analysis

  5. Market Segmentation Overview

  6. The Regional Analysis

  7. Competitive Landscape Analysis

  8. Recent Developments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The global application modernization services market valuation can touch USD 24.8 billion by 2030

The global application modernization services market is expected to exhibit 16.8% CAGR from 2020 to 2030.

Upgrading of legacy equipment, increased delivery of information among enterprises, cloud computing, and rollout of new business models for optimizing processes can propel the global application modernization services market growth.

North America can lead in the global application modernization services market.

Atos SE, Happiest Minds Technologies, Infosys Limited, Accenture PLC, Espire Infolabs Pvt. Ltd, Syntel, Inc, Avanade Inc., Nous Infosystems Pvt. Ltd, Oracle Corporation, Fujitsu Ltd, Idexcel, Inc, Sensiple, HCL Technologies Limited, Tech Mahindra Limited, Unisys Corporation, DXC Technology Company, and Bell Integrator, Inc are key developers in the global application modernization services market.