Global Telemedicine Market Research Report- Forecast Till 2023

Global Telemedicine Market Research Report- Forecast Till 2023

ID: MRFR/HC/1646-HCRR | February, 2018 | Region: Global | 150 pages | Half-Cooked Research Reports

Global Telemedicine Market Information, By Type (Store And Forward, Remote Monitoring And Real Time Interactive), By Technology (Hardware, Software, And Services) By Application (Telecardiology, Telepsychiatry, Teleradiology, Telepathology, Teledermatology, Teleaudiology, Teleopthalmology And Others), By End Users (Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Institutes, Others) - Forecast Till 2023


Intended Audience

  • Global telemedicine  software manufacturers & suppliers

  • Contract research organizations (CROs)

  • Research and development (R&D) companies

  • Government research laboratories

  • Independent research laboratories

  • Government and independent regulatory authorities

  • Market research and consulting service providers

  • Academic institutes and universities


Market Synopsis of Global Telemedicine Market
Market Scenario
Telemedicine or telehealth comprises of the distribution of health services and information electronically or via telecommunication technologies. It allows clinicians to communicate, advice, educate, monitor and also provide distance-learning to the patients. It also facilitates supervision, and presentations between practitioners; including online information and health data management that is overall healthcare system integration.

The market for telemedicine is growing with an increase in the demand for healthcare services in rural areas, rise in government initiatives to cater the health needs of rural population is an important driver for the market growth. Furthermore, availability of well-developed information technology infrastructure and rising number of medical services provider through telemedicine, boosts the market growth. However, high installation cost of the telemedicine technology solutions may affect the market growth in developing nations across the globe over the corresponding period.

The global telemedicine market is expected grow at a healthy CAGR of 16.5% during the forecast period.

The global telemedicine market is segmented on the basis of type, which includes store and forward, remote monitoring, and real time interactive.

On the basis of technology, the market is segmented into hardware, software, and services. The hardware is further segmented into on-site kiosks, telephone, and webcams. The software is further segmented into mobiles apps. The Services are further segmented into consultation, online video conferencing and academics.

Furthermore, on the basis of application the market is classified into telecardiology, telepsychiatry, teleradiology, telepathology, teledermatology, teleaudiology, teleopthalmology, and others.

On the basis of end users, the market is segmented into hospitals, clinical, medical institutes, and others.

Figure 1: Global Telemedicine Market, 2016

Global Telemedicine Market

Sources: Press Release, presentation, company website, annual reports, government records, journals expert interview


Figure 2: Market Synopsis

Global Telemedicine Market-

Regional Analysis for Global Telemedicine Market:
The global telemedicine market is segmented on the basis of regions namely Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. The Americas accounts for the largest share of telemedicine market whose growth is fostered by an increase in the demand for healthcare IT solutions, presence of prominent market players, and availability of infrastructure for medical tourism.

Europe shows a significant rise in the telemedicine market. The Europe Union (EU) is funding several telemedicine projects to improve the healthcare access to the population through telemedicine technology, for instance, “Revenue Health”, is one of the projects funded by the EU.

Asia Pacific shows phenomenal growth in telemedicine market and is expected to the fastest growing region due to rising geriatric population, increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, developing telecommunication technology as well as developing healthcare infrastructure.

The Middle East & Africa is witnessing a steady rise in the telemedicine market owing to the need for tapping unreachable areas by improving technological framework across the region.                              

Key players in the Global Telemedicine Market
Key players profiled in the report are Koninklijke Philips N.V. (The Netherlands), Medtronic (Ireland)  AMD Telemedicine Technologies (U.S.), General Electric Company (U.K.), Neusoft Corporation (China), McKesson Corporation (US) , Intel (US), and IBM (US).




1.    Report Prologue

2.    Introduction

      2.1    Definition

      2.2    Scope of the Study

            2.2.1    Research Objective

            2.2.2    Assumptions

            2.2.3    Limitations

      2.3    Market Structure

      2.4.    Market Segmentation 

3.    Research Methodology

      3.1    Research Process

      3.2    Primary Research

      3.3    Secondary Research

      3.4    Market Size Estimation

      3.5    Forecast Model

4.    Market Dynamics

      4.1    Drivers

      4.2    Restraints

      4.3    Opportunities

      4.4    Mega Trends

      4.5    Macroeconomic Indicators

5.    Market Factor Analysis

      5.1     Value Chain Analysis

      5.2     PORTERS Five Forces

      5.3     Demand & Supply: Gap Analysis

      5.4    Pricing Analysis

      5.5    Investment Opportunity Analysis

      5.6    Merger and Acquisition Landscape

      5.7    Upcoming Trends 

            5.7.1     Market Trends

            5.7.2     Technological Trends

            5.7.3     Insurance & Regulations

            5.7.4     Others

6.    Global Telemedicine Market by Type

      6.1    Introduction

      6.2    Store and Forward

      6.3    Remote Monitoring 

      6.4    Real Time Interactive

7.    Global Telemedicine Market by Technology

      7.1    Introduction

      7.1    Hardware

            7.1.1    On-site Kiosks

            7.1.2    Telephone

            7.1.3    Webcams

      7.2    Software

    7.2.1    Mobile apps

      7.3    Services

    7.3.1    Consultation

    7.3.2    Online Video Conferencing

    7.3.3    Academics

8.    Global Telemedicine Market by Application 

      8.1    Introduction

      8.1    Telecardiology

      8.2    Telepsychiatry

      8.3    Teleradiology

      8.4    Telepathology

      8.4    Teledermatology

      8.5    Teleaudiology

      8.6    Teleopthalmology

      8.7    Others

9    Global Telemedicine Market by End User

      9.1    Introduction

      9.2    Hospitals

      9.3    Clinics

      9.4    Medical institutes

      9.5    Others

10.    Global Cell Counting Market by Region

      10.1    Introduction

      10.2     Americas

            10.2.1    North America



            10.2.2 South America

      10.3     Europe

            10.3.1 Western Europe






         Rest of Western Europe

            10.3.2 Eastern Europe

      10.4    Asia Pacific

            10.4.1    Japan 

            10.4.2    China

            10.4.3    India

            10.4.4    Republic of Korea

            10.4.5    Australia

            10.4.6    Rest of Asia Pacific

      10.5    Middle East & Africa

            10.5.1    United Arab Emirates

            10.5.2    Saudi Arabia

            10.5.3     Oman 

            10.5.4     Qatar

            10.5.5     Kuwait

            10.5.6    Rest of Middle East & Africa

11    Company Profile    

      11.1    Koninklijke Philips N.V.    

            11.1.1    Overview    

            11.1.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.1.3    Financial Updates    

            11.1.4    Key Developments    

      11.2    Medtronic

            11.2.1    Overview    

            11.2.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.2.3    Financial Updates    

            11.2.4    Key Developments    

      11.3    AMD Telemedicine Technologies    

            11.3.1    Overview    

            11.1.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.3.3    Financial Updates    

            11.3.4    Key Developments    

      11.4    General Electric Company

            11.4.1    Overview    

            11.4.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.4.3    Financial Updates    

            11.4.4    Key Developments        

      11.5    Neusoft Corporation

            11.5.1    Overview    

            11.5.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.5.3    Financial Updates    

            11.5.4    Key Developments        

      11.6    McKesson Corporation

            11.6.1    Overview    

            11.6.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.6.3    Financial Updates    

            11.6.4    Key Developments    

      11.7    Intel

            11.7.1    Company Overview    

            11.7.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.7.3    Financial Updates    

            11.7.4    Key Development    

      11.8    IBM    

            11.8.1    Company Overview    

            11.8.2    Product/Business Segment Overview    

            11.8.3    Financial Updates    

            11.8.4    Key Development    

12       Conclusion

      12.1       Key Findings

            12.1.1    From CEO`s Viewpoint 

            12.1.2    Unmet Needs of the Market 

      12.2       Key Companies to Watch

      12.3       Prediction of Healthcare IT Industry

13    Appendix