Aircraft Wheels and Brakes Market Research Report — Forecast till 2027

Aircraft Wheels Brakes Market Research Report: Information by Wheel Type (Nose Wheel, Main Landing Gear Wheel), by Brake Type (Carbon Brake, Steel Brake), by End-User (OEM, Aftermarket) by Aircraft Type (Commercial Aircraft, Military Aircraft), and by Region - Forecast till 2030

ID: MRFR/A&D/5564-HCR | February 2023 | Region: Global | 163 Pages         

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Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Market

Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Market Size Valued at USD 7.48 Billion, market Grow at a CAGR Of 7.3% by 2020 -2030

By Wheel Type Nose Wheel Main Landing Gear Wheel
By Brake Type Carbon Brake Steel Brake
By End-User OEM Aftermarket
By Aircraft Type Commercial Aircraft Military Aircraft
Key Players
Companies Profiled   Boeing    Airbus    Bombardier    Embraer    ATR    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Market Driving Forces   The creating revenue for in-flight entertainment and accessibility (IFEC) is the primary thought driving the advancement of the plane switches market.
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Aircraft wheels & brakes Market Overview:Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Market Size Valued at USD 7.48 Billion, Industry Grow at a CAGR Of 7.3% by 2020 -2030

Aircraft wheels & brakes Market are triggers used in essential limits, like sending and getting orders; subsequently, planes switches should be trustworthy and easy to reach. Pilots and gatherings use them to screen and control the exercises of the plane. These switches can be worked both normally and actually. Programmed switches are a kind of sensor used to evaluate temperature, strain, and repeat.

Plane switches are organized in the plane's hotel, cockpit, flight, engine, and APU. Switches present in a plane's cockpit are used to control parts, and structures like fuel, engine, lights, radio correspondence helps, course helps, and so on Moreover, they are used by the pilot for quite a while, such as starting the engine, picking speed, controlling the electrical power supply, and others. Additionally, plane switches are likewise used in military planes for the fight to come purposes like controlling ammo.


Coronavirus Analysis:

The overall airplane wheels and brakes market report offers information and extended inclusion of the current circumstance watching out, including effects and changes coming about because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ascent of contamination varieties. The disease scene and social eliminating principles and limits truly furious the overall business scene and exercises all throughout the planet. The report has dissected the negative and constructive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subtleties are given.

Covid pandemic and lockdowns have brought a couple of countries shutting down air terminals, ports, and business and domestic transportation. This had impacted assembling exercises from one side of the planet to the other and contrarily impacted the economy of various countries. Complete country-wide lockdowns and fragmentary lockdowns essentially impacted the intriguing side and supply side of the collecting region. The sudden and excellent decrease in money related activity incited a respite and achieved work disaster to a critical degree.

Supply impacts were likewise compounded because of difficulties on the intriguing side inferable from diminished optional income, depleting speculation reserves, and extended worries and weaknesses. The basic impact of the resulting wave hit autonomous organizations and retailers the hardest owing to liquidity crunches and expanded working capital. Medical care foundation additionally bore critical results as methodical issues achieved feebleness to oblige patients and absence of crucial supplies and clinical stuff.

Associations continue to keep up with severe security rules and social evacuation principles. The limits on the quantity of workers and staff allowed chipping away bustling working floors and office and handling plant settings, etc, at some arbitrary time, causing growing impacts across various endeavors and regions.

Advancement of varieties of Covid-19 and climb in tainting rates during the basic waves, and following lockdowns has genuinely impacted errands and upset reserve chains. Associations are making a generous and basic undertaking to get adjusted with constraints and need to send more severe wellbeing measures for the workforce and staff and direct exercises in 'another common as of now.

Incomes have been impacted on a very basic level across regions and adventures and all major and making economies. Associations continue to pass on various methods and focus on directing focus tasks as the test advances around the world. Experts are yet to find whether the situation and hardships will clear up or continue perpetually. However, the ascent of new varieties and potential scenes are depended upon to remain not very distant for several additional years.

Market Dynamics:


The Aircraft wheels &brakes Market Size is projected to create from USD 2.2 billion each 2019 to USD 2.6 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 3.2% during the guess time period. The creating revenue for in-flight entertainment and accessibility (IFEC) is the primary thought driving the advancement of the plane switches market. The rising number of planes, extending air travel, rising additional money of working people, and growing world trade and worldwide travel are some key parts driving airplane wheels and brakes market pay advancement over the guess time span.

Rising air explorer's traffic has provoked ubiquity for plane generally driving gathering of cutting edge plane switches. In like manner, producers are focusing in on plane change parts to make strong, exact, and compelling things. Ceaseless programming upgrades have changed the man-machine interface and focal members' expanded revenue in imaginative work activities to introduce creative switches for planes further drives market improvement.


Elements like the lockdowns revealed by a couple of countries due to COVID-19 have conflictingly impacted the Aircraft wheels and brakes Market Share. Break in-store organization, reduced revenue in air travel, a couple of government limits on air travel, and show of touch screens are various components that fairly control airplane wheels and brakes market advancement.

Difficulties and Opportunities:

In Aircraft wheels and brakes Market Analysis, the progression of fuel to the engine depends upon pressure switches and sensors as it screens whether the fuel structure is done or under compacted, which helps with preventing silly loss of fuel; owing to these arrangements, pressure switches are in actuality dynamically used in planes. Additionally, in military planes, ammo control switches are accessible for the fight to come purposes. Considering the recently referenced advantages introduced through plane switches is adding to move the market.

Cumulative Analysis:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes Market Growth is depended upon to outperform more than US$ 2.56 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 3.33% in the given guess time period. Airplane wheels and brakes Market Outlook is ready to foster well by 2025 due to the high usage of pc help and computerization inside the recognizing part switches for activity various limits similarly as strain and temperature inside the planes.

These recognizing part changes assist with social occasion information and work, accordingly, maintain the examination of assembled information. The extending clinical aide further fostered an ordinary perspective locale unit helping the forte switches market improvement over the projected period. Plane switches, generally restricted to the cockpit, switch area units are seeing a certified advancement recently.

Moreover, the clinical guides of planes drive critical changes in organizing, re-trying, and sending switch advancement.

Segment Overview:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes market is partitioned into fragments dependent on Platform, framework parts, impetus type, end-client, support administrations, circle, and locale.

Division dependent on Platform:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes market includes fixed wings and revolving wings as far as stages.

Division dependent on end-clients:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes market involves OEM and Aftermarket as far as the end-clients.

Division dependent on applications:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes market includes the cockpit, lodge, airplane framework, Engine and APU, Avionics.

Division dependent on types:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes market includes manual and programmed as far as types.

Division dependent on types:

The Aircraft wheels and brakes market contains North America, Europe, Asia-pacific, and ROW.


Regional Analysis:

According to the provincial investigation and Aircraft wheels and brakes market Trends, the Asia Pacific airplane wheels and brakes market addressed the greatest pay share in 2020, and the example is depended upon to continue during the measure time span. This is a direct result of rising public protect monetary plans of countries like India and China similarly as rising flying region. Moreover, factors, for example, fast urbanization and rising traffic are depended upon to drive interest for plane switches in this region.

As indicated by Aircraft wheels and brakes market Forecast report, North American airplane wheels and brakes market is depended upon to enlist an amazing pay share over the measure time period. This is credited to growing interest for business planes, rising plane requests and supplies in military and gatekeeper regions, and creative movements in plane switches.

Competitive Landscape:

Key organizations profiled in the worldwide airplane wheels and brakes market incorporate

The key aviation OEMs are-

  • Boeing

  • Airbus

  • Bombardier

  • Embraer

  • ATR

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

what's more, key carriers are-

  • Lufthansa

  • Delta Air

  • Air China

  • Singapore Airlines.

  • The haggle market is an exceptionally combined market.

The critical haggle producers are-

  • Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems

  • Honeywell Aerospace

  • Parker

  • Safran Landing Systems (Messier-Buggatti-Dowty)

  • UTC Aerospace Systems.


Report Overview:

The reports fuse obvious (2018–2020) and guess (2021–2028) data centers, livelihoods, and CAGR in a table, figure, and layout plans, with clear and abstract, supporting created information for each.

Aircraft wheels and brakes market Revenue partition is obliged each piece in these game plans around the world, neighborhood, and each country in the different region for consistently some place in the scope of 2018 and 2028.

The report contains encounters in regards to improvement drivers, limits, openings, designs, association profiles, and significant new developments, augmentation nuances, thing dispatches, and alternate points of view related to the market.

The report contains information on customers, competitors, traders/wholesalers, various players, and the overall business place.

Market examination is essential for all vital business methods. It can assist with different ways and to give an all the more clear perception about techniques being sent by competitors, thing dispatches, merciless assessment, mechanical degrees of progress, and various factors that further develop arrangements of a firm or possibly give encounters to focus in on solidification and getting as an approach or go into vital plans or joint undertaking, etc.

The report contains association profiles of the top associations working in the market close by their pay and working segments, topographical reach, market impression, headquarters, improvement rates, on-going new developments, thing/organizations, augmentation frameworks, interests in expansion, and that is just a hint of something larger.


Recent Developments:

In July 2018, Honeywell got an understanding from Allegiant Air to help, fix and update organizations for its associate power units and select flight parts for Airbus A319 and A320 planes.

In January 2018, Curtiss-Wright got an arrangement from Air Force Test Center (AFTC) to give the flight instrumentation advancement to use on the High-Speed Data Acquisition System (HSDAS) program, which consolidates network switches, recorders, telemetry structures, and ground station systems.

In July 2017, Safran denoted a concurrence with Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. to further develop one more solid state electronic strain switch (FFCI) presented on CFM56-7B plane engines.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

The global Aircraft wheels and brakes market is projected to register a moderate 7% CAGR in the forecast period.

Aircraft wheels & brakes market are Safran (France), Lufthansa Technik (Germany), Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (US), United Technologies (US), AAR (US), Honeywell International (US), PARKER HANNIFIN CORP (US), Beringer-aero (France), Crane Aerospace & Electronics (US), and Grove Aircraft Landing Gear Systems Inc. (US).

APAC, driven by its high aircraft investments, is slated to drive the global market over the review period consequently.

A few eminent market players operating in the global Aircraft wheels and brakes market are Honeywell International (US), PARKER HANNIFIN CORP (US), Safran (France), among others.