Veolia NA to Set-Up up a New Thermal Waste Treatment Facility

By Garvit Vyas, 18 October, 2022

A new cutting-edge thermal waste treatment plant will be built near Gum Springs, Arkansas, by Veolia North America, a pioneer in providing environmental services in water, waste, and energy. The new facility will enable the company in cradle-to-grave management of waste streams by providing the flexibility to deal with PFAS-laden waste. A press release from Veolia shows that the Gum Springs thermal waste treatment facility tends to be the most advanced environmentally efficient facility in the US and aids the company's contribution towards economic growth and environmental innovation. The facility is also expected to open new opportunities for trade contractors and create 100 full-time job opportunities.   

Thermal waste treatment is the use of heat to treat waste products. Thermal waste management techniques try to limit the amount of garbage produced, transform waste into innocuous products, and use the energy stored inside waste to produce heat, steam, electricity, or combustible material.

The avant-garde incinerator would be an advanced thermal treatment facility. All the residuals from the incinerator will be managed in the nearby Gum Springs landfill. Additionally, the landfill is a zero-discharge site because the incinerator will thermally treat the wastewater from the landfill.

The brand-new facility, which will take the place of the two thermal plants now located at the Gum Springs site, will be equipped with cutting-edge technology for capturing pollutants and protecting the community's air quality and natural resources. Being designed to capture thermal heat to create heat and power at the plant will make it the first of its kind in the US. 

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Veolia NA to Set-Up up a New Thermal Waste Treatment Facility

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