United States Ahead of Other Six Biggest Markets by Ad Spend for Advertising

By Aarti Dhapte, 20 April, 2023

In February 2023, Microsoft announced integrating OpenAI's GPT-4 language model into the Bing search engine. This Bing now aims to become a competitive search engine in advertising. Microsoft's corporate vice president, Yusuf Mehdi, announced that the company would soon integrate ads into an AI-powered chatbot slash search engine. Any other details are unknown, as there are no clear guidelines about how ads will prioritize in the bot's answers.

According to the reports, the United States will be the prime market for search marketing in 2022. Mobile advertising has always been high with keyword ads, sponsored links, and Search Engine Advertising. About an estimated $67.3 billion was spent on advertising on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Per the reports, marketers from the United States and China are the only ones among six biggest markets by ad spend to focus more on mobile platforms. In China, 68 percent of the search advertising marketing budget was distributed to mobile ads. But in the U.S., marketers only invested 58 percent of the advertising in this category. Reports say Ad spending in other major economies like Japan and Germany are minors in comparison, as both markets remain below the $10 billion mark.

Alphabet has recently announced the launch of a new transparency enabling its users to search the database of campaigns launched by verified Google advertisers. Meta is also scraping one category of ads altogether. The European Commission has already prepared a law requiring large providers to find out who is behind the political ads and the corresponding targeted audience. Thus, according to the information, this development has already prompted social media companies to rethink banning political ads altogether due to vague explanations of what constitutes political advertising in the drafts.

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