To Provide Out-of-the-box Warehouse Management and Robotics Integration, Tecsys Collaborates with SVT Robotics in December 2022

By Aarti Dhapte, 15 December, 2022

On 6th December 2022, SVT Robotics Inc., a pioneer in enterprise software for the rapid deployment of industrial robotics, and Tecsys Inc., a market leader in supply chain management software, have teamed up to create and launch an out-of-the-box integrated connection between the Tecsys' Elite supply chain platform and SVT's SOFTBOT Platform. With less complexity and quicker deployment due to the integration, Tecsys Elite customers won't have to spend as much time developing bespoke code, which is frequently required for multi-system automation and robotics implementations.

Enterprise software provider SVT Robotics is redefining the use of robots in manufacturing and warehousing. SVT's SOFTBOT Platform enables businesses to deploy the robots, automation, and IoT devices they require in just days or weeks due to certified connectors to many of the sector's leading automation providers and partnerships with organisations like 6 River Systems, Fetch Robotics (Zebra Technologies), Locus Robotics, MiR, OMRON, OTTO Motors and many more.

According to A.K. Schultz, founder and CEO of SVT Robotics, automation is becoming more vital to power supply chains of the future, thus it's critical that those technologies are coupled to a strong WMS with core warehouse management functions. The pre-built integration that Tecsys and SVT are creating connects to top-tier automation from top providers, allowing Tecsys clients to design and then quickly implement the particular automation they need right now.

According to Tecsys, introducing automation into a warehouse should start with a needs analysis and design strategy, which then guides the choice of hardware that would address those goals. Tecsys' collaboration with SVT gives supply chain enterprises the ability to evaluate, create, and integrate across a broad spectrum of automation options, in contrast to certain software suppliers who act as automation resellers for a select group of systems. The final result is a warehouse operation that is supported by workflows that can be easily automated using today's most cutting-edge technologies.
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