Tech Companies and AI Governance System

By Aarti Dhapte, 18 April, 2023

The growing market of Artificial Intelligence text-based applications like ChatGPT or text-to-image like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion have quickly turned into the new digital frontiers as said by some reports regarding regulations and legal and privacy issues online. The national governments are finding it challenging to keep up with the pace. Also, the companies are shifting blame to individual users as well.

As reported, some malicious actors are committing criminal offenses and spreading misinformation aided by the capabilities of generative AI. Over 17,000 people were surveyed across 17 countries. The reports found that only one-third of respondents have very high or complete confidence in governments regarding the regulation and governance of AI systems.

Again, these survey participants are equally doubtful about the tech companies and the existing regulatory agencies as governing bodies in AI. Rather the universities, defense forces, and research-based institutions seem more capable.

According to the survey, the people are skeptical of state governments, but supranational bodies like the U.S. are thought of positively. The only organization to have drafted a law intending to curb the influence of AI and ensure the protection of individual rights is the European Commission.

Also, the survey says already proposed bills sort the AI applications into different risk categories. For example, high-risk applications like biometric data software could be subject to strict legal boundaries. Thus, the policy drafted is being criticized for its apparent loopholes.

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