Stellantis Launches New Feature of Charging for Electric Vehicle Users in 2023

By Shubham Munde, 13 July, 2023

Stellantis launches Free2move Charge to ease all-electric vehicle (EV) users' needs by seamlessly charging the EVs and proper energy management, thus creating a whole ecosystem that will help the electric vehicle customers' requirements at home and in business. The company launched the latest technical feature, including a well-defined routed-planning app and toolkit, in June 2023.

The newest feature on charging will be handled by the new Stellantis Charging & Energy business unit of the company, whose focus will be more on the charging software, hardware, and other services. According to the company's senior vice president of the charging & energy business unit, as the EV market witnesses customers adopting electric vehicles in full swing, the company should also be attentive to customers' needs. He added that the Free2move Charge feature is the first product to define the company's aim of providing its customers with sustainability and mobility access. The newly launched unit will also give access to the "go pillars," which refers to unhindered freedom for the public charging points in the most extensive network in partnership with North America and Europe. Later this can be extended to other different regions as well.

The app developed regarding Free2move Charge will enact as the center point for charging, paying, and navigating to it. Also, the app will provide reservations, plug and charge support, and a loyalty program shortly. The company is hopeful of producing networks with 600,000 charge connectors by 2024.

Stellantis Launches New Feature of Charging for Electric Vehicle Users in 2023

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