Social Media Marketing In The Digitalization Of Tourism Industry

By Aarti Dhapte, 03 July, 2023

Social media marketing is rapidly attaining momentum in different sectors of the economy in a country, travel and tourism being one. According to some trusted reports, the online travel market revenue share will be 69 percent in 2023. It is avidly progressing with creating different strategies like brand awareness, sustainable travel, and business websites, among others, since tourism is a highly competitive zone. Digitalization of travel and tourism businesses accounts for one-third of the votes from the survey conducted by a company in 2023.

The inclusion of social media marketing in the travel and tourism sector is due to social sharing that leads to more audience views. The real-life experience of the travelers helps the interested audience to get an idea of the places and enables them to reach different tourism companies arranging the travel packages. As per some reports, social media involvement in the tourism industry is a two-way communication between the audiences and agencies and again, audiences (travelers) to audiences. Social media sharing has led to the growth of the online travel market leading to online services for travel. Based on a survey, the worldwide revenue from travel apps is expected to reach almost USD 400 million in 2023. 

Two leading travel agencies, Booking, and Expedia, have accounted for more than 40 percent of the company's marketing expenses in 2022. Thus, marketing and advertising through online portals and social media take the tourism sector to the next level with added benefits for the segments related to travel and tourism. 

Social Media Marketing In The Digitalization Of Tourism Industry

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