Netflix for the World’s Most Downstream Internet Traffic in 2022-2023

By Garvit Vyas, 08 March, 2023

Sandvine revealed that web applications are responsible for the world's most downstream internet traffic. Netflix, with its popularity, accounts for the most megabytes with 14.9 percent. According to the reports, there were 1.3 billion online video subscriptions towards the end of 2021. It accounts for 17 percent of all online video subscriptions worldwide.

In the second quarter of 2022, Netflix will have approximately 220 million global paid memberships. It is also the most significant premium video-on-demand service worldwide. Netflix claimed in 2022 that half of its subscribers watch the OTT platform on a mobile phone.

Reports have revealed that Netflix is responsible for 15 percent of global internet traffic, and its recommendation engine is worth $1 billion annually. According to David Wells, Netflix's CFO, the company is not opposed to appending $20 million per hour of original content. With 220 million subscriptions worldwide, Netflix commands 16.9 percent of the global digital streaming market.

As per the studies, 17 percent of streaming service subscriptions belong to Netflix, but a third of people have a Netflix subscription. And reports also support that worldwide anyone having one or more subscription services, 30 percent of those individuals subscribe to Netflix.

In the first half of 2022, Netflix had 9.39 percent of all downstream traffic volume.

Netflix Passes 200 Million Subscribers
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