Most Popular Super Apps in the World

By Aarti Dhapte, 24 February, 2023

Digitalization in every sector of life has made us habituated to use applications for satisfying our souls to their specific purposes. Over the time people have demanded all-in-one app called Super app, which would fulfil any kind of need through an app. From making payments to ordering food online anywhere.

By the collaboration of technology partners and entrepreneurs launched solutions that is Super-Apps. According to the reports, the Super-apps was first introduced in Southeast Asia and other countries then-after.

As per the research, Super app is a platform that provides solutions with some modifications that meet to the multiple requirements of the customers. Initially introduced by China, with the messaging app WeChat that turned into multipurpose app for various services. Initially the app was only for messaging. Thereafter, many multi-service platforms tried their hands on projects of Super apps. And gradually many such apps are being launched.

There are many reasons why the apps are called Super apps and rising with success. Inclusivity, the user of any age and kind could understand and utilize the app easily. Regardless of any background, age, gender and technical understanding must be easy to access for everyone. Next comes, data security, since online financial services are an easy way to go cashless but E-financial loss are also being faced by users due to malicious hackers. From the point of view of data safety, these apps provide security.  With everything in one app, there is no ned to log in in different platforms to avail services. Thus, reduction in hassle is another reason to Super apps gaining popularity.

The Super Apps are gaining more success due to good convenience, homogenous markets platform with multiple sectors of business into one app, and unbanked people( reports says, 73 percent of the Southeast Asia population is unbanked).

Some of the successful Super apps are Rappi, Careem, Snapp, Grab, Hugo, and Yandex Go.

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