Metaverse to Create Strong Economy in 2023 and Ahead

By Indu Tyagi Ketan, 08 February, 2023

Meta is ruling the social media platform with Facebook and Instagram taking the lead. With Meta releasing many tools and features over all these years, advertisers have more resources to scale up their campaigns even faster.

Since Meta dominates machine learning, launching automated campaign types have become more efficient. Thus, advertisers have more options to manage these elements in campaigns.

The reports have revealed the financial statements of the company, stating the billions of dollars had sunk into the project already- the project of Zuckerberg taking the potential of metaverse seriously. According to the surveys, gaming and e-commerce will attract largest segments with $163 billion and $201 billion respectively in terms of revenue by 2030. Also, by the end of the decade, the metaverse’s reach is expected to be 700 million people globally. And the highest penetration rate is anticipated from South Korea.

Meta s Market Value
The image shows Meta's market value in 2022-2023

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