LinkedIn: Most Followed Influencers Worldwide

By Aarti Dhapte, 17 February, 2023

LinkedIn is the biggest platform to seek great job opportunities that work through mobile apps and websites. People who are referents in a field are mostly on LinkedIn. There is always a varied range of individuals who promote, hire, seek a job, and influence.

There are many influencers on LinkedIn, some of whom are pretty famous. Neil Patel, regarded as one of the top influencers on LinkedIn, ranks one in the chart. Patel is one of the well-known b2b influencers with 456000 followers having much knowledge about web marketing. His concern mainly focuses on social media, SEO, traffic, and digital marketing.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, is among the top influencers. With more than19 770 000 subscribers, Branson mostly talks about entrepreneurship, traveling, and dyslexic thinking.

Then comes Bill Gates, who has followers over 35 948,000 subscribers, and posts related to the power of news and books. His posts mainly focus on climate change, innovation, healthcare, and books.

Hunter Walk is an international author and speaker regarded as a macro-influencer with followers of over 893,000. He mainly focuses his area on topics like start-ups and technology.

Liz Ryan, well-known as the author and speaker, is the founder of the human workplace. With more than 3,130,000 followers on her LinkedIn account, she posts regularly about human resources. Her focus is always recruiting, leadership, career advice, and consultancy.

The author from Massachusetts, Daniel Goleman, has a great community of more than 5,711,000 followers on LinkedIn. Goleman mainly talks about emotional intelligence and conscious leadership.

Regarding expert advice and motivation, LinkedIn is the best place, with over 400 million professionals sharing their stories, experiences, and lessons.

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