Global Phase-out of Gasoline Cars in the Coming Years

By Snehal Singh, 24 February, 2023

A law was approved of by European Union, that will ban the sale of combustion engine cars in its member states from 2035. The new bill sets a first deadline regarding the sales of gasoline-powered cars, as per the reports.

Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, for these countries the new bill sets the first above mentioned deadline. The current governments of the countries are against this ban questioning the the timeline to phase-out that Scientists have already said necessary.

Some other European countries have already accepted the phase-out of gasoline cars. Between 2029 and 2030, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia and Netherlands all are looking to end the sale of gas-powered cars. But the case in Norway is different. Norway is the only country in the world where 80 percent of new cars sold are fully electric and 100 percent are supposed to be in 2025.

In California the phase-out date for the new sales of these vehicles is already set, and also for 2035. Again, 17 states have already tied their vehicles standards to California’s under the Federal Clean Air Act, most them now want to be out. These stats include, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and Delaware. According to the reports, hybrids were initially supposed to phased out as well in California. But some advanced hybrids with large battery power will now be allowed. The nations treating hybrids favourably in their phase-outs are Canada, Slovenia, Singapore and Japan.

Cumulative Carbon Footprint for Swedish Passenger Car Travel
The image shows cumulative carbon footprint for swedish passenger car travel (2030-2060)

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