Dilemma Between Environment Protection and Economy for the United States Creates Confusion

By Anshula Mandaokar, 24 August, 2023

The United States has devised six proposals explicitly designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions in 2023 that are responsible for climate change. The US people have been battling whether to prioritize the environment or the economy over the last few decades.

A recent survey shows people have chosen an environment dating to the 80s and 90s nationally. Still, this scenario took another shape as the new age began in the nation. However, the support for the environment comes forward with options like 59 percent of people supporting the setup of electric vehicle stations in the United States and some 89 percent supporting providing tax credits to Americans who would install clean energy systems at their homes, among others. Also, to provide tax credits to the Americans who buy electric vehicles and tax incentives to the businesses to promote their solar, wind, and nuclear power with a support of 61 and 75 percent, respectively.

Most Americans view tax incentives or credits as the effective ones to promote green energy, while less supportive of the government policies standards on emissions and the policies that aim to promote the usage of electric vehicles. According to Americans, the risk to the economy and deficit to limit greenhouse gas emissions is 43 percent. In comparison, the environmental threat is 53 percent, upon the country not passing certain proposals to save the environment from greenhouse gases. Sources say Americans have always prioritized the environment but not in times of weak economic conditions in the country. The US is facing a shaky economy due to high inflation and gas prices, and the government is unlikely to favor environmental protection over the economy.

Dilemma Between Environment Protection and Economy for the United States Creates Confusion

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