China To Achieve Its Target In The Wind And Solar Energy By 2025

By Anshula Mandaokar, 09 August, 2023

China is enhancing its position in renewable power by making the country's place in the top globally in 2023. The country hopes to improve its position in its own energy targets.

According to the information given by Global Energy Monitor, by doubling its capacity, China expects to generate 1200 gigawatts of wind and solar energy by the end of 2023 to achieve its 2030 goal in the same segment in five years. Global Energy Monitor is an NGO that tracks the operation of utility-scale wind and solar farms as future targets of China. The source adds that China's utility-scale solar capacity has achieved 228 gigawatts in the first quarter of 2023. The achieved goal is even more than the rest of the world could achieve. The power installations are in the north and northwest provinces of China.

China has more solar farms under construction that could boost up to 379 gigawatts, expected to triple the United States' capacity and double in Europe's case. China's onshore and offshore wind capacity is more than 310 gigawatts. The level of wind energy is more than that of the 2017 level and almost equal to the level of the following seven countries combined. The sources said the country's renewable energy growth is due to the incentives and regulations of the country, such as China in 2020 has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060. Also, China aims to add up to 371 gigawatts in wind capacity before 2025, which will enhance the global wind fleet by almost half.

China To Achieve Its Target In The Wind And Solar Energy By 2025

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