Budget Friendly Gaming Controllers in the Market 2023

By Aarti Dhapte, 13 April, 2023

In the last few decades, PC games have come a long way. Most titles are framed to be played with a keyboard and mouse. Also, some of the ported console games and racing stimulators can be enjoyed using a controller. Some of the best gamepads with different price segments are discussed here.

Redgear Pro Wireless gamepad features wireless connectivity up to 10 meters with a battery life that lasts up to ten hours upon a single charge. It even comes with illuminated keys, and a turbo mode allows players to shoot weapons in bursts.

With a tight budget, the RPM Euro Games controller is the best choice. The gamepad comes with a long wire and also has dual vibration motors. It is budget-friendly, which makes it the most rated.

PowerA Enhanced Wired gaming controller is another gamepad on the list. Xbox officially licenses it. The Power A Enhanced wired gaming controller has dual vibration motors, two mappable buttons, and a 3-meter-long USB cable. It is almost similar to the official Xbox controller and comes with a share button; a quick response headset dial with volume control, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Microsoft Xbox X/S wireless controller offers a hybrid D-pad with textured grips over the bumpers and back case. It contains a 3.5m headphone hack and can switch between devices like Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

Sony DualSense wireless controller ranks as one of the best gamepads for PC. It contains a built-in microphone, speakers, and a headset jack. This wireless controller also features a motion sensor that can support the titles.

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